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Friday, May 18, 2007

Let the sun shine. Let the sun shine in.
Why hello again my wonderful friends! Tis been a very adventurous week and a half or so. I have been in such a good mood lately it's not even funny. Let's see...where shall we start off? I guess we can start with how i've been expanding my horizons lately.

My friend is a composition major. What does that mean, it means she writes music. She's also an organ major so most of the music she writes is for the organ. Anyways, she wrote a series of songs in lament for her grandmother's funeral, and I had the pleasure of going to see it performed. I've had the chance to hear bits and parts of it, but all together it sounded simply amazing. I really enjoyed it, and I also got to hear some other amazing stuff from other majors during the concert. Afterwords, my other friend was having her dance final, so I went and watched her dance recitial. Her dance was a hip hop/pop routine, but there was tap and ballette and modern stuff as well. So yeah, really expanding my horizons in the fine arts field.

The other day I got to have lunch with none other then MOLLY!!! We went to eat at a resturant and then went to the library and to the art museum. Haha once again, expanding my horizons in the fine arts area. There was some really gorgous works of glass blown art on disply. Just thinking about how they make them just boggles my mind. They were all soo pretty! We also did this scavenger hunt thing. I hope one of us wins the $1000. hehe I always have lots of fun with Molly. You should all be jealous. lol.

Well my graduation went off without a hitch. It was pretty interesting. It was really hot because the air conditioner in the building was broken so we where really sweating but luckily it didn't last too long. I am soo full of cake and sweets and sandwhiches. I don't want to eat anotheer sandwhich for like another week or so. Mind you they were good sandwhiches, but still. Enough is enough. I have just tomarrow left for my clinical and then i get a two week break! yay! I'm really excited, I almost have all of my compentencies done. Just 5 more! Yay! Then I'll be able to go to Heart cath and MRI.

Anyways, now I think it's time for "Nami-chan Recomends" where i recomend a new anime series for you all to watch. First off, let's start with a series that gets you excited about classical music, Nodame Cantabile. This show is about a musical college and the students who go there. It mostly centers around Shinichi Chiaki who dreams of being a world-famous conductor. Only one problem...he's afraid of flying so he's stuck in Japan. He then meets Noda Megumi (Nodame for short) who then instigates a wierd series of events that help him on the path to his dream. The soundtrack to this show is absolutely gorgous. Since this is a music based show, there's a lot of classical music. I like how when they perform a song, it pops up a little thing saying the title and the composer. A little added feature I just adore. This series is currently available in manga form here in the U.S. and currently has up to 9 vols released. Nami-chan Recomends it!!!

haha on a side note, in abscenes of there being a Gundam SEED box set...I have found my new Gundam in the form of a show called Heroic Age. I've only seen about 3 episodes but I just love it already. I just know this show is going to get me through my Gundam deprevities. and get me through this summer semester. haha.

Anyways, I think i've written enough. I hope everyone has a wonderfull weekend!!! take care!!!

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