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Monday, April 2, 2007

What would you do if you were sent to another world where no one understood your language and even your face changed features? BURN IT ALL TO HELL!!!!
Why hello my adorable children! Nami-sempai is back for another round of ruefull misgivings about the mavolous revalations of life and in a contextual manner exploit all that she can out of the past few weeks of her life. Now, I'm sure some of you have no idea what I just said and frankly I myself don't either. APRIL FOOL'S! haha. No really, I have come to the conclusion that I will lead no real life until I graduate, which, for all timekeeper's sake, is in approx. 3 months, technically speaking that is. In all truth of the matter, my graduation is May 12. But yes, I spend way to much time at the hospital.

I've had a really interesting couple of weeks at the hospital though. For my school/clinical part I am down in surgery, so I got to see some very interesting stuff. Some things I saw where: what your lung looks like, the heart of a very large/ fat person/ a uterus and even an overy, as well as some lymph nodes, and the stuff that's inbetween your spine bones (intervertebral disk). So yeah, it's been pretty interesting, and I've gotten to do most of the cases. I even did an arteriogram today (where they inject the dye into an artery, and then we follow it with the x-rays). I like being down in surgery, but this is my last week down there, next week I'm back upstairs taking regular x-rays. Also, this week i figured out I'll be at the hospital for over 62 hours, including work and school. I think i can make it somehow.

Ummm...let's see what else has been going on...not much really. My baby cousin got baptised last weekend. The kid is growing so fast! And this weekend is Easter so i'll get to see all my little cousins again, AND it also means I can eat fast food again! yay!!! I am Arby's deprived lol.

Well, I think i better be a good student, and stop having my senioritis and actually study. My test this week is over all the arteries and veins in the body.....i really have to study for this one. Wish me luck! haha.

I hope that you all had a good weekend, and have a great Easter!!! Love ya!!!

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