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Tuesday, February 20, 2007

I'm back.
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Sunday, October 8, 2006

Drunk People can be SOO MUCH FUN!!!!
Hello All! Long time no see eh? What's it been....about 2 months or so I think. Haha, I guess I'm still just as busy as always, but I think I've honestly lost interest in this site. I don't know what it is, it might just be the fact that i don't really have time to update but yeah....

So yes, I have lots of happy news! First off, I got a job at the hospital! That's right, I can now quit my job in the bakery. (but you can still call me cookielady, haha!). I start my new job on Tuesday for orientation, and then let the fun begin!! Tomarrow, after clinical class, me and my friend are going to go shopping for some really cute scrubs. haha. Now i won't have to wear that dark blue color all the time! Yay!! And I'll actually get paid for being there! Yay again!

So this past three weeks i've been down in surgery, and I have to say, I really enjoyed my time down there. Watching the surgeries was really interesting, and all of the staff was really helpfull, and didn't get mad when i asked them a question about something. Of course, there are always those bitchy doctors, but mostly their PA's are really nice. One was nice enough to explain a bit about something they where about to do. All and all, I really enjoyed it! I wish i could stay down there, really! But alas, I'm back upstairs this week, and then the next couple weeks i'm at the VA. At least I'll be there with one of my classmates from my hosptial, we'll have lots of fun together! And it's almost Fall Break! YAY!

So yeah, between work and school my time is mostly filled up, but i still get to do some fun things. Haha, oh wow, last night we had a welcoming party for my friend's boyfriend's friend, who's also a guy i've known from high school, and i don't think i've been to a more hilarious party. I laughed soo hard. See, I'm one of those people who watches everyone else get drunk, but don't get drunk myself. And let me tell you, this is the best way to have fun, because it's soo funny to listen to what people say when they're drunk! OMG!! Another one of the guys that live in the house, totally became a philosopher!! IT was sooo friggen funny. And then he somehow came to the conclusion that he could hold his body weight up with two segements of his fingers, and so he practiced doing that, and then trying with only one segment but that didn't work, and then my friend's boyfriend tried it, and couldn't do it and almost fell down the stairs. And then, just some of the things that where said where too funny. After giving him a pencil because he wanted to write something a couple of mins later he was still carrying it, and then said "where'd this pencil come from?" OH gosh, it was such a great evening, I didn't want to leave! Haha, I can't wait till next weekend. lol

Well, I think that's it for this month, lol. I hope you guys have a great week ahead! *hugs* I miss you guys!!

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Saturday, August 26, 2006

WARNING: This post is not for the faint of heart.
Okay, let's get the happy stuff out of the way first. I promised to tell you all about my "hot date" so here i go. So, after asking the guy if he wanted to see a movie with me, he said his youth group was going to a local sports complext that weekend, and said i could come along. Okay, I thought, it's always nice to have a first day be a group one. So i arrive at the sports complex at the time he said, and I wait.....and wait....and wait... I was about to just give up and leave when i finally saw him pull in to the parking lot. Apparently he just got of work, and was only dressed in an undershirt-ish t-shirt, and the work pants. So we went in and met his group of friends. Let me say in one word....ackward....The group of friends had been there for 2 hours already, and where ready to leave. We convinved them to do the go-karts, so while in line for the go-karts we chatted a little. Nothing too big or spacticalar. After that, we decided to get something to eat. Problem? The group pretty much split up because one girl didn't like how one guy who really wasn't invited was hitting on her, so it ended up being me, the guy, the guy's brother, and the brother's friend at the eating place. Sounds good right? Guess again. Apparently this place is where their dad works, and so the brother proceded to hit on the waitresses. When asked her age, my guy replied, "Oh she's closer to me." Yeah...so we had ice cream and that was it. Pretty interesting wouldn't you say? I had fun, but yeah you could think of it as a one night fling.

So, I was going to continue to write about my hospital experience this week, but since it's storming and the light keeps flickering, I better end it at that. I hope everyone enjoyed my story. Haha, laugh if you want to, I definately won't be affend. Hell, I'll even laugh with you.

I Hope everyone has a safe and fun weekend! *huggles* Take care!!!!

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Sunday, August 13, 2006

Guess this song?
I wanted your love, but look what it's done to me. All my dreams have come to nothing who would have believed. All the laughter that we shared would be a memory. I cannot count the tears you've cost me. If I could have seen. And do you ever think of me. And how we used to be?

Oh, I know you're somewhere else right now and loving someone else no doubt. Well I'm one for sorrow. Ain't it too too bad. Are you breaking someone else's heart 'cos you're taking my love where you are. Well I'm one for sorrow. Ain't it too to bad about us.

I wanted your love, but i got uncertainty. I tried so hard to understand you. All the good it did me. Now the places we know remind me of how we where. Everything is just the same but all I feel is hurt. And do you ever think of me and how we used to be?

So yeah, I have a lot to tell you guys. I finally did it. I asked the guy at work out. I'll elaborate on it next post, and I'll also try to upload this song so you can hear it. ^_^ I hope everyone's having a wonderful weekend! Take care!

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Monday, July 17, 2006

I've loved you since 12,000 years ago...
Hey everyone! *hugs* Long time no see eh? First off, I want to thank everyone who commented on the last post. *hugs again* Thanks for taking your time to comment. Let's just say, I was doing a little research about myself. It all started when my manager was saying how I was always "cute and bubbly" so it got me to wondering, what do other people really think of me? Is the person I want to be what they see in their eyes? So yeah, thanks again for commenting!

Let's see...I've been busy as usual. Good news is that it's only 3 more weeks until the end of Summer semester! Let me tell ya, it's been one busy summer. School is going okay so far, though i did have a rough day the other day, which caused me not to get the grade i should have gotten on one of our "pop quizes". I totally blanked out, and ended up missing 3, which brought the grade to an 88, and a 92 average for the semester....I got a 96 last semester. Oh well, i guess i'll just not have to slack off when it comes to studying for the final. My clinical rotations have been pretty good this semester! I feel like I really know what I'm doing, and that I have a good handle on things. This week, I come in 30 mins earlier so I can do some more transporting patients. If anything it's what I need to work on the most probably. It's hard to steer a cart and push the IV at the same time by yourself! You don't relize how hard it is until you actually do it. But since it's almost the end of the semester, that means it's closer to the time when I can apply for a student tech job and finally get out of the stupid bakery. I had my 2 year review the other day, and they basically said I "needed improvement". Whatever, I'm the 3rd in my department, and i'm faster then anyone at what i do. I think they just didn't want to say i was good so they wouldn't have to give me another raise, I'm already at the cap of the payscale for my department. Oh well...*sighs*

Other then school and work, I've been trying to work on my new year's resolution *wink* and also spend time with my friends who are here only during the summer. It's really hard to find time to do stuff when they work 40 hours, and i go to school for practically 40 hours and work on top of that. I'm trying to do at least something with everyone this week before they start heading back....can you believe it's almost August?!?

So a friend of mine is going to Japan in a couple of weeks, and asked me if I wanted to give him some money so he could buy something for me there.....only problem...I can't think of anything!!! I know i've said before "if i only lived in japan, i could get this!" but now i can not remember what the "this" was!!! The only thing i could possibly think of is the School Rumble PS2 game....just because School Rumble is just that awesome. But then, I'd have to mod my PS2 to be able to play it. Not to mention i have no idea what the exchange rate is or how much it'd cost. So, if you guys have ANY idea on what cool things i could get from Japan for less then $20, please let me know! As it stands, I can't think of anything. haha.

I hope everyone has a very safe, and fun week ahead! *hugs everyone* Thanks for reading! You guys are awesome! (P. S. Do you like the (working) theme?)

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Wednesday, June 7, 2006

Itsudemo Anata Wo Shinijiteriu Kara.
Hello. My name is duorocks17, though most people call me Duo or Nami. I know I don't come around too often, but I know you all understand and all that stuff. Well, This time, I have a request. This request is for everyone who visits this site. I know i don't know some of you as well as I would like to, but I'm sure you can all accomidate to this selfish request of mine. NOw, by this time, I'm sure all of you are wondering what this request is, well here goes. "Please say 5 things that when you think of me pop into your mind. If you want to list more you can. I'm not looking for anime series or anything like that, I'm looking for personality traits, like confident, shy, those kinda things. I know this is going to be a little difficult, but please be honest. I want to know the truth. I'll explain why after all of this is done with. I apprciate all of your help on this matter, and once again, I'm sorry I haven't been around lately. Thank you for your help, and friendship over these past two and whatever years.


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Monday, April 3, 2006

There is no reverse in life, there is only drive.

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Sunday, March 12, 2006

Kansas is the greatest place on Earth!

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Saturday, February 4, 2006

*hugs everyone and passes out cookies*
Hey everyone! Long long time no see! Sorry I've been away for so long, I've been incredibly busy ever since school started up again. This semester proves to involve more studying time then i forsaw....darn. Well, I'll try to recap everything that's been going on, and then I have a question for everyone that you can either answer or ignore.

Okay, first off, School is going well so far. I've Aced my first 2 physics test, got a 100 on my first checkoff, but got a 88 on my first positioning test, which really isn't all that bad, but is a low B on our scale. I've started Clinicals, and it isn't all that bad, yet. We only go once a week (my day is friday) but in two more semesters we go 4 days a week! It's a shift of 7:30-3. but i have to like wake up at 6 to get ready and drive all the way there. Also, I'm taking an organ class this semester, but that's more fun then anything else. So far, the semester has been good, and it's already mid-term time for the faith and society class. yay! Time sure goes by fast.

I have currently gotten myself addicted to Star Ocean 3. I seriously can NOT stop playing this game. It's really good! Hehe, my msn thingy right now says, "Is it wrong I'd rather play Star Ocean then study?" which is really, haha, what i've been doing lately. Playing and not studying. But hey, I'm about 1/4 way into the game! (it's an 80 + hour game, and I'm sitting at 30 hours.) I came soo close to unlocking the bonus features, but my characters need to level up more before i can beat the boss. It's really annoying!

Okay, now, for my New Year's resolution, i decided that not only was I going to find myself a boyfriend, I also decided that I would spend more time going out with people and such. Which, I have thus far done. Most are people I work with. Like, for example, I went out with a few of them for Chris's, the Chinese Kitchen guy's, birthday, and it was fun. Now, Monday nights there is Cosmic bowling for $5 at a local bowling alley. Lately, me and two other guys, one my age, and the other older, i'd say like 30 or something have started to do this. Now, here's my REAL problem. I kinda thing the 30 year old guy likes me, but i can't tell for sure, and if he does, well, that's just wrong, becuase i don't like him like that, and that's just way to much older then me you know? Now, another group of my friends (people around my age) my friend Kim is trying to set me up with one of her guy friends, and I met him tonight, and he seems nice. I really like hanging out with this group, because they're a great bunch of people, and i just really have an enjoyable time doing things with them. Now, they'res times that both groups want to do something at the same time, and i end up choosing the second group, because frankly, I just feel more comfortable around them. Is that wrong? I feel like i'm kinda letting the other group down, but i don't want to be hit on by an older guy you know? Is there any way to really tell? Please give me your thoughts on this guys, I could really use the advice. esp, you boys out there! What would you do if you liked a girl? (hehe this will also help me with the younger guy i mentioned). Any thoughts would be greatly appricated!

Well, now that i've spoiled your good mood, I hope that you all have a wondefull weekend inspite of my personal deliema. Take care everyone! *hugs*

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Saturday, December 31, 2005

Happy New Year Everyone!!!

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