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Welcome to my guestbook. Please be polite and constructive when you sign this. Be warned that it is strictly against myOtaku.com's policy to sign guestbooks for the sole purpose of promoting your own site.

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sempai cat (07/21/04)

nice site ya got i'll add you as a friend. ja ne!
Xx~sempai cat~xX

Suterusu Ryu (07/21/04)

Breath taking site you have here, keep up the good work

Spike Bebop 1991 (07/19/04)

HI! Can I join the FMA club? The one reason why I liike the show-

*shuffles papers* um...AHA! *pulls out sheet*

THe one reason why I like Full Metal Alchemist is because it is funny, but also in a way, touching...how two sons will risk it all, their life, their body (in Al's case) and their limbs (in Ed's case) for their mother. It's cool.

Phoenixblade (07/18/04)

Hey! Thanks for signing my guestbook! ^__^ I'm sorry to say I've never watched Gundam, but I want to! I've heard a lot about it and people say it's good! ^__^ You're a YYH fan!?!?! I'm kinda obsessed with YYH if you couldn't tell.^__^;
Yes, that episode rocked! The look on Hiei's face when Yusuke started beating up the now alive and standing Kuwabara was hillarious!
It's so sweet that Hiei saved Yukina. I wish I had a brother like that...not that I don't like my brother or anything, it's just that Hiei is so cool! He'd be my favorite character if Kurama didn't exsist...
Yay! Jin and company saved team Urameshi! I knew they'd play some big part towards the end.
Did you notice that Shizuru cried more for Sakiyo than for Kuwabara? It's kinda sad if you rank an insane, muderous, suicidal, ego-maniac gambler that was gonna destroy the world as we know it above you own brother.
Kurama was so funny in that episode! He made the ^__^ face, I think, three times! And he and everyone else sweatdropped about three times too.
But, there is one problum...YYH IS ALMOST OVER!!!! WHAAAAAAA!!!...at least I think it's almost over. I mean, it looks like a pretty good ending spot to me...I know it goes on for longer in the manga, but anime's don't usually extend as long as the whole manga.
...Wow, this is getting long. Well, I'll add you on a a friend 'cause I like your site. ^__^
...Okay, I'll shut up now.


Purgatory (07/17/04)

Sorry I didn't sign sooner!! Makes me feel bad for not doing it....;_- I really LOVE the colors of your site!! Realy cool!! I also am a huge Duo fan!! Duo roxs!! I'll add you too and hope to see you around!!

chie (07/14/04)

Hey! ^.^ Thanks for signing my gbook and adding me as a friend! I really appreciate it, and I'll be adding you too. Oh, and you didn't have to apologize, I haven't been to your site too, so I guess we're even. ^_^;;

Anyway, your site looks great! I love the blue-ness. Hehe. Very nice color scheme. And, um, can I join the FMA fan club too? Let me see here, the reason I simply adore FMA is, well, because it's one of the best shows on Earth! ^.^ It's so amazing! FMA has the most awesome, and unique for that matter, plotline, characters, story in general, and did I mention the story? ^_^ Every bit of it screams cool, fantastic and touching all at the same time! (Oops... I think I got carried away... Hehe. ^_^;;)

Okay, well, this got long. Take care! ^.^ And I'll see you around!

50 cent (07/13/04)

Hey just returnin the favor. L8r

rain shower (07/13/04)

Hi! Dude, FMA rocks!! GREAT colors!! The site itself is really interesting!! And just to be curious, did you get that picture on your avatar from Fullalchemist.com? Just wondering! ^_^ Anyways, REAL great site. And uh... may I join the FMA? Why? Because IT FRIGGIN' ROCKS!! Ed does too! Awesome plot and character designs! Ed's real cool and it has very unique villians!! O.o;; Well um... have a nice day! ^^

Keiji (07/10/04)

Hey! You know who it is. Just sayin i really like your wallpapers and your site. Love ya sis.

Vash is cute (07/06/04)

totally awesome site. well im adding you as one of my friends. i hope you add me as one of yours. peace out and remember love and peace.n_n

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