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Tuesday, May 23, 2006


hi i guess i realy dont have a lot to say sorry, and sorry i have not bin comeing to your sites i will try to later to day peace on friends

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Friday, May 19, 2006

ok well i guess i realy dont have much 2 say be cuss i cant remeber the week, ok well on Monday went to the mall got dress's 4 the wedding and than we went home, the next day did work got my sisters wedding dress and than went to walmarte, next day did work than the washer, dryer, and frige, came, and yeasterday did work and thats about it, sorry i have not came to meny sites this week its bin a busy week, well its 6:00 right now and i got to go 2 work, peace on
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Saturday, May 13, 2006

=^-^= this thangs longer than the post.
hi. you dont have 2 tell me what you think of the music its just something thats there. have a nice day friends.
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Monday, May 8, 2006

ok i no you probly hate it wen i do this but i am puting a nother song on here and i wood like you to tell me what you think of it thanks. theres going to be a lot of work 4 me this week i dont no if i cant get on much this week but i am going to try to cuss i like reading you alls post its fun i no mine are probly boring. so any way yeasterday we got my mom a mothers day gift me and my sisters went to wallmart and my mom & dad went to sears so we didnt have a car we as in me my 3 sister was siting more like standing in front of walmaret eating nach sorry i didnt no who to spell it any way it was fun i no it probly sounds boring but it realy was fun. so any way naruto was so good saturday night!!! to bad i didnt get to watch all of it lol i guess i will see it next week. ok so my mom an dad want all the jonk food it the house out no more thay said so we where like 0_o what did you just say lol. sorry i guess i am a littl hipper right now so any way i think The Eternal Flame is mad at me but i am not shur. ok now 4 the bigest news of my life witch is pritty sad my 17 year old sister is geting marryed 2 her boyfriend you now the one who stayed over evry weekend. well yeasterday went pritty good my sister told my m & d that she was geting marryed i know on saturday night. after she told tham i went to work than came home helped my dad ripe the wall out went to town with my 2 sister we speent 3:00 hr there and my other sister went to her well more than just a boyfriends house than wen we got home we helped rerange the kichin and than i got on the coputer. well i have to go now so peace on.
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Thursday, May 4, 2006

sorry i might not get to all your sites to day i got to do school work and my internets not working. yeasterday we had 2 do a lot of work. my mom and sister got in to a fight at brakfast and lunch. sorry my last post was so long. yeah well 2 ppl aks what kind of snake it was and i realy have no clue i tryed not to go next to it. well the song above is bye Rex tell me what you think of it i cant get the FMA video downloded so i just put the song that was on it on here.
thats it 4 now peace on my friends

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Monday, May 1, 2006

to all my friends thank 4 Comments i have bin geting on all my post
Well on Monday we went to the mall i spent 101$ at the mall my sister spent 250$ my other sister spent 70$ there and my other sister 75$, well it was a lot of fun, we dont go to the mall that much. on Tuesday wen we wer working out side we seen a snake but mom and dad still mad us work right next to it but oh well it was just me my mom dad and sister out there working my other sister was at school, and my other sister was some where i dont realy she dont like me so we dont talk much. after the work we as in me my 3 sisters and my sisters boyfriend went to town first we went to his home his brother has this realy cute kittin i cant spell the kittins name but its a awesome name. on Wendesday well Wendesdays trish day here and we did some work ok we did a lot of work not much after that went on a run. and on Tursday well did work went home did home work than worked out side than my sisters boyfriend came over i am starting to get use to him comeing over all the time but it still gets annoying so any way i went to towe with to of my sisters and my mom it was pritty fun but we had my sisters car so she keep yelling at us saying turn the music down roll the widows up stop that and she put the music on a realy slow song but mom made here change it yay 4 the ppl in the back lol.on Friday we did work than school after the we panited the swing set than me and my sister want 4 a wallk and my sister and her boyfriend all most ran us over with there truck wen we where wallking. oh yay we all so seen 13 full beer can along are dirt rode. on Saturday we did work i cleaned my room with no help from my sister thank you so any way after that we went to town than we got home me and my sister want 4 a walk down the beer rode agine lol i am just kiding wen we got back we made smothes than we painted and than we watched naruto.it stormed that night. on sunday i got to sleep in till 9:00AM it was cool so after that i didn work i was going to post yeasterday but my coputer was not working right becuss the storm but my moms coputer was working thats why i got to go to some of you sites yeasterday. well after it stoped raining me and my sis went 4 a walk than wen we got home we mad a milkshake 4 our littl brother oh a littl tip 4 you guy dont burn cermel and if you do its not a good idea 2 stik it in the freezer lol. so its monday right now and i no its kind of late but o well my 2 sisters are out side working right now and my sisters bf is sleeping and my other sister is looking 4 somthing to eta i think i will go and join her but first some stuf that i didint no where to put lol well i made a dvd of are family and my sisters boyfriend was in it i put a song on it called out in the parking lot it was prittly cool i wood showe you but seems it had my holl family in it i dont think thats a good idea. i got banded from gaia and i dont no why but it stinks my internet has not realy worked this week just thoght i wood let you no. i all so made a fma video that i realy want to showe you if i get the time to uplode it. and yes one of the flowers did die the one in the middle of the garden right in the middle. so if ya have ayn other Questions just ask me i will answer than in the next post

peace on my friends

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Saturday, April 22, 2006

well on monday i played basball with my family and my sisters boyfriend it was fun. be 4 sunday we didnt play 4 tow years. on the 18 i did a lot of out side work it was hared i helped my dad fix the pool. my mom and dad said that seen 1 of are cats stand on the rim of the pool look in and jumps and swimmed arond than got out thay said thay have never hered of a cat goin that it was kind of funny. i stayed up to 11:30 that night i was tired in the morning. on the 19th i didnt some work. my mom waterd the flowers with wid killer she thoght it was water its kind of funny. mom dad and my sister went to town. my sister boght some realy realy short shorts i can belive mom let her get. well the 20th it was fun we played out side and stuf. so yeasterday i played on the computer did school it raind most the day. to day theres some kind of ham jam thang that gos on in are towe its kind of cool but i dont no if i am going to go or not. so i might not get to go to meny ppls site well have to go to work. sorry i am not to good with spelling. peace on
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Tuesday, April 18, 2006

i am triying this 4 a friend.

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Monday, April 17, 2006

hey whats up? my sisters brithday was on the 13th i helped my mom make her birthday cake it was fun she got a boombox and a camara. that night we watch some moives it was cool my sisters boyfriends was there 2. the next day we did a lot of work but after that arond 5:00 we put a tarp in the yared put water and sope on it and used it as a slid it was so fun at first it was kind of pian full cuss we was sliping not sliding lol but after a littl bitt we got the hang of it i did some traceing that night but it wasint very good. on saturday we did a lot of work and it was so pianfull from sildin the day be 4. we had easter diner on that night. naruto was awesome. on sunday i slep in late dont remeber how late. um worked on thr pool played bassball with some ppl from church. got home at dinner at my grandmother house. went back home watch a movie. sorry abote the spelling i had like 1min 2 right it. i have bin realy bisy. peace on.
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Sunday, April 9, 2006

sorry i didnt come to your site yeaster day my friends
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i hope you all had a good day yeaserday. sorry i didnt get to go to ppls site yeasterday my internet was not working it still isint well this is the thered time i have done this post i am geting tired of righting lol. yeaseterday well why not you tell me how you think it was i droped somehting in the oven and it all most got on fire but my mom got it out be 4 it did my sisters boyfriends was over so yeah um let me see my mom dad and sister leaft last night 4 like 1hr so it was just me and my sister we had no work yeasterday YAY 4 us!!!! so i guess yeaserday was ok. yeasterday 1 of my friends who commented aksed if it was a good thang that my sisters boyfriend comes over evry week end and stays the night and i realy dont no some time's its fun but not most the time thay are all way kissing and i dont get to spend ant time with my sister but its good 2 see her happy the wired part of him comeing up is that he is 9teen and ha stays in the room right next to us its kind of freky. so any way if you have a user on gaia can you pm me my Private Messaging is not working on here my user name is J28 thank.oh the pic's are just somthing i didn a few days ago well hope ya all have a good day peace on.

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