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Result Posted on 07/13/05:
most annoying quiz EVER!!!!!!!


Longest Survey. You don't know how long this is.

Created by feelinggeeky and taken 320 times on bzoink!

Let's start with random questions, okay?random is good
What do you want to major in?huh?
What do you want to minor in?what?
What college do you plan on going to?when?...i did say random is good
Are you grades good?yes
Best grade?A*
Worst grade?e
Specifics?hello? doorbell?
Is everbody in?in what?
Do you like school?NO
Why do you like it?I DUN
Why do you not like it?its fricking screwed!!!!!!!!!!
What teachers from school do you like?Mrs.Saltmarsh (art)
What teachers from school do you not like?to many to name
Do you like reading?yes
What's the book you're reading now?well not RIGHT now but the saga of darren shan
What book do you plan on reading next?harry potter and the half blood prince
Do you like music?yes
What genre would you say you listen to?rock
What bands/people do you listen to?Linkin Park, good charlotte etc....
Any random people do you listen to?The exies Hoobastank the used
Hello, I love you.feelings not mutual
Do you play an instrument?yes
What is it?keyboard
Do your parents make you?yeah....used to until i quit
Why do you do it?i dun anymore
Are you in the guinness book of world records?no....;-_-
If you are, what for?NOT
Do you talk on the phone a lot?my friend phones me and talks i just say yeah or nah occasianly
Why do you/don't you?cos i'm bored
What songs do you listen to?linkin park
Any particulars?numb, easier to run, forgotten, breaking the habit
If a song title were to describe you, what would it be?Somewhere i belong
Do you like movies?yeah
What kind of movies?all types
What was the last movie you saw in a theater?dunno
What was the first you saw in a theater?dunno!
What was the last one you saw (renting and theater)?DON'T KNOW
What are you doing right now?answering this question duh!
What are you listening to right now?nothing its 1:38 AM
What are you eating?same as above
What was the last thing you ate?my mothers horrible cooking
What was the last thing you said to anyone?whatever
What are you wearing right now?clothes
What's in your closet?clothes and video tapes of beyblade ^_^
What's the one piece of clothing you can't live without (closet wise)?my brothers old jumper/jacket its like a comfort to me
Anything to throw out?lots
Is it messy?very
What's in your drawers?CLOTHES
One piece of clothing you can't live without (drawer wise)?f*ck off
Anything to throw out?same as above
Is it messy?same as above
What's a guilty pleasure you have?huh?
Do you procrastinate?sometimes
What do you mostly procrastinate on?going to school and my mothers cooking
Who's your dream celebrity?dunno
Anyone Else?oh shhh
Do you have a boy/girlfriend?no
Have you ever head one?head one?????????? what!?!!!!!!!!
Have you ever gone on a date?no comment jack ass
Do you want to right now?no
Do you plan on getting a boy/girlfriend, or more boy/girlfriends?do you ever shut up
Do you enjoy the holidays?immensly
Do you have a money budget?no.....
Are you drug free?yes
Have you ever had drugs?no...well coffee but not those type of drugs
Do you plan on taking drugs?no
Do you want to take drugs?no
Have you friends taken drugs?yes and their idiots for it!!!!!!!!!!!!
Do you have an allowance?kinda
Per week? Month? Etc?it goes into college fund.........fun eh?!
How Much?bout a tenner a week
You have to pay for what?dunno
Any after school activites?nope
Specify the activities.NONE.......specific enough?!
What are your pet peeves?shut up!
Who's your best friend?Angharad/ Kim
Who's your worst friend?dunno
Who's your shyest friend?ruth
Who's your most outgoing friend?dunno
Who's your most annoying friend?fu*k off
Do you consider yourself popular?meh
Do you consider yourself a loner?yes
Do you know what your I.Q. is?yes do U?!
Do you have a website?yes
What's the URL?fu*k off!!!!!!!!!!
What type is it?same as above
Why do you do it?do WHAT?!
Favorites! Yay!oh unrivalled joy *rolls eyes*
Band?linkin park
Song?easier to run
Clothing brand?dunno
Shoe brand?DUNNO probably nike
Color of nail polish?dark blue very dark
Comic strip?dunno
Cartoon character?DUNNO if you said anime character then it'd be kai off beyblade!!!!!!!
Pair of shoes?wtf?!
School subject?art
Magazine?plz go away now
Pizza topping?cheese
Phrase, saying, or quote?Sorry my give a damn is busted
Candy?strawberry bon bons
Time of the day?dunno
Place?shut up
TV show?beyblade
TV channel?toonami
Sport to watch?none
Least favorites now!oh f*ck off!
Clothing brand?you!
Shoe brand?you
Color of nail polish?sorry
Comic strip?worth
Cartoon character?my
Pair of shoes?time
School subject?which
Pizza topping?to
Phrase, saying, or quote?has
Time of the day?totally
TV show?wasted
TV channel?so
Sport to watch?f*ck
You\'re getting close to the end!GOOD!
Any last words?F*CK YOU
See you later!you
I'll talk to you later!die!!!!!!!!!!!
Hope you have a great day!oh thanks
Oh, wait!what?
Guess what?you're stupid? too late i already knew
I am almost done with this survey!jeez
Now I am finally done!GOOD
Bye!GOOD RIDDANCE!!!!!!!!!!!!

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Result Posted on 07/13/05:
dunno but my neck really hurts...

Quiz You Gotsta Take (Long - 200+)

Created by kaylor and taken 386 times on bzoink!

Just About You::
What's your name?Jaime Lee
Any nicknames?D.P, H, Hiwatari, Kai
How old are you?15
Forget your real age - Characteristically how old would you say you are?varies
Are you male or female?female
What do you look like (Yes I know you have 2 arms and legs)?thats discrimaination...what if i didn't?! but i have paleskin blue eyes and brown hair
What do you do for a living?be bored offa my ass in school
Would you rather be doing something else?DEFINATLEY
Do you have any siblings? If so how many and how old are they?a brother whos 24 and a sister whos 21
Tell me one thing about yourself no one else knows:if i tell you then others will know....ok err...i actuallyown make up....lol
Still About You Just A Little More Random::
Are you a part of any other site aside from GJ? Which one/s?otaku, what the hell is GJ?, fanfiction. fictionpress, amvsite, music video site, and fanartcentral
Have you ever done anything someone else would call crazy?yes
You mentioned how you look above...would you say it suits you?baggy trousers or gypsy type skirts and stuff......uh blue, red, black i don'tbloody know
What characteristic would you say is uniquely you?yes
What can you do physically that you believe makes you stand out?dunno...i like my eyes lol.....-_-;
What is the one thing about yourself that you are most critical of?dunno probably my art work
What is the one thing about yourself that you are most proud of?appearence wise: my paleskin and eyes, plus my small feet lol....but i wouldn'tsay proud and also i am my own person
What would you say is your greatest accomplishment?er...........i dunno
Describe your personality in 5 words only::sarcastic,loyal, loner (yay me), protective and secretive
Look at yourself from a friends perspective. Describe in 5 words::loyal, funny, sarcastic, protective, weird and impatient (unless u're kim of course lol)
Is there anything you would change about yourself? What is it?my lack of trust and hiding behind fake smiles.....but no one really notices their fake
What would you never change about yourself? Why?that i am my own person, i'm proud that i am different
Are you a good friend? In what way do you think so?i hope so, i never tell deeply trusted secrets and will listen.
Do you believe in second chances?yes
Who do you look up to most?erm....dunno
Are you an extrovert or an introvert?dunno...introvert but can be different with friends
Do you enjoy being the center of attention or do you prefer to blend in?blend
You go somewhere and know no one, do you mingle or wait to be approached?wait to be approached, i can just lean against the wall (lol)
What do you think is completely unforgivable?a couple of things but i'm not putting them down.....like rape is one of them
Have you done anythingbe more specific
Wierd Info-Share::
Are you superstitious?kinda
Can you do anything wierd with any of your body parts?double jointed thumbs, lay my hand flat on the same shoulder (same side) and other stuff
Have you ever skinny dipped with the opposite sex?no
If you were an animal what would you be?phoenix
Could this animal be tamed (aka: Can YOU be tamed)?no
You are laying in bed, what is on your right-hand side? Whats on your left?right- the rest of my room left-the wall
What is the first thing you do when you get up in the morning?wish i could go back to sleep
What are your top 5 peeves?dunno
What are your top 5 fetishes?dunno
How long does it take you to get out of the shower/bathroom?dunno, if i'm getting ready for school 5mins otherwise from 30+ mins
Are you high maintenance or low maintenance?no idea
How long would you say it takes you to get ready for a date?dunno
Have you ever sunbathed nude?no
Are your nails real or fake?real and short
What is the last thing you will share with anyone?dunno for all i know my dying words could be blast that monkey fungus!!!!!!
What is your beauty regime (aka: What is your beauty routine)?wash face, brush teeth, brush hair, check in mirror, finished
What do you do to pamper yourself?have a bubble bath...i dunno
What is your favorite scent?jasmine
Are you a neat-freak or anot a neat freak, no way!
Regardless of your gender which are you most comfortable with?i'm comfortable around adam but i'm also comfortable around the rest of the gang, so i dunno
What will you most likely compliment the opposite sex for?not being girly, i hat that
Would you rather be on time lookingi'd rather be late just to piss people off
What undergarment do you put on first?PERVERT!!!!!!!!!!!
Is it what goes off first as well?you are screwed in the head!
You don't love either, but who would you marry your friend or your lover?ok so you have a LOVEr you don't LOVE??????!!!!!!! neither jackass
What is the sexiest attribute a guy can have?uhh......nice eyes and smile??????? dunno
What scent (on a guy) can drive you absolutely wild?*raises eyebrow*
Do you shower or bathe?bathe the shower is broken -_-; otherwise shower
How long do you tie up the shower/bathroom for?30+ mins
What is your post-shower/bath routine?i dunno
Have you ever pee'd in the shower? ewww what the heck do you think toilets are for?????!!!!!!!
Have you ever worn anything two times in a row?yeah, my coat XP
You just showered and realize you have no clean underwear, what do you do?proabaly think why the hell is there no clean underwear!!!!! moron!!!!!!
What is a hygienelol what you dun know?!
Do you bite your nails?.................yes
What is your most attractive attribute?dunno<<
What body part would you say people notice first about you?dunno
Would you change anything about your body? What?yes not telling
Is there anything you are most associated with (Smelling great-etc...)?dunno!!!!!!!! my hair is soft! lol
What's in your bag/purse?money -_-;
What do you NOT leave home without?my body! XP
Bring On The Grub (Food)::
How many kinds of cereal are there in your pantry?if by pantry you mean cupboard (lol) then 4-5
Describe the perfect sandwich::2 buttered pieaces of bread with something edible in the middle -_-;
What is the last thing you would eat no matter how hungry you were?mothers cooking
Do you watch how you eat when you are around people or could you care less?i don't like people watching me eat
What is the last thing you ate?unfourtunatley my mothers cooking >.<"
What is your favorite alcoholic beverage?vodka and budweiser
If you could have anything to drink right now what would it be?water, we have none right now sssoooo thirsty!!!!!!!!!!!
Create the ultimate dish, what is it, and who would you make it for?what dish as in dish or dish as in food?????????
The dishes are dirty - Who does them?mam or dishwasher.....most likely me
What was wierdest food combo you have eaten?errr chips and ice cream
Do you have any wierd cravings?yes
What is your favorite candy?dun reallylike candy but strawberry bon bons
You have only one candy/chocolate left...who do you give it to?me! lol nah i dunno
Miscellaneous - Isn't This Fun::
Are you a heavy sleeper or a light one?heavy
Which do you prefer: Night or day?night
You just got home from work/school - What do you do?collapse on a chair
What is your favorite quote? Why?sorry my give a damn is busted ...and just beacuse
What is your favorite smell (rain,grass,gasoline,lighter fluid)?rain
Choose one sense (touch,sight,taste,hearing,smell):: Why?sight, so i can see what i'm drawing and colours
What is your most cherished childhood memory?my nanny lil
What was your favorite stuffed animal as a child?my knitted snowman from my nanny lil and my baby clown lol
Who was your best childhood friend - Are you still friends today?Angharad and yes
Where would you be if you weren't where you are right now?I dunno
What country would you love to revisit?Russia or Japan
Which could you live without::Emotion or Intelligence?thats a tough one....intelligence
If you had to sell one, which would it be your body or your soul?another hard one.....body probably
What is your signature cuss word?fricking.
What in your opinion was the ultimate cartoon growing up?..is that a cuss word? lol
What don't they air anymore and you think they should bring back?Inuyasha and other anime...bring it back cos it ROCKS
Who is your favorite person?dunno
Who is your least favorite?dunno
Choose 5 friends to take with you to a deserted island:: Who are they?None, its deserted meaning no shelter and stuff so why would i want my friends to go?!
Which breakfast cereal are you?dunno but i like cheerios!! ^_^
If you weren't doing this what would you be doing instead?sleeping or writing my story...its 12:48AM
This Or That::
Sunrise or Sunset?sunset
Loving or Being IN love?IN love
Intelligence or Humor?humor
Funny & Plain or Exciting & Superficial?errrrrr i hat superfical so funny and plain
Going to bed late or Sleeping in late?sleeping in late
Eggs:: Runny or Scrambled?scrambled
Potato chips or Corn chips?potato
A long hug or A short kiss?long hug
Comfortable or Sexy?comfortable
Romance:: Exhilerating & Short or Long-lived & 'Dependable'?whats meant by "dependable"???!!!
Just For The Heck Of It::
Which element would you say describes you (fire,water,air,earth)?fire
Would you say your birth sign suits you? Why? If not which does? Why?cancer.....i have no idea its a crab....-_-;
Who is your favorite online buddy (choose 5 maximum)::Kim, Angharad and natalie in that order (lol)
Pick a salad dressing that justdunno
What was the last dream you are annoyed you didnt get to finish?the one i had last night
Let's Talk About Love::
Do you know the difference between loving someone and being in love?yeah..........
*See previous question* Do you believe there really is a difference?yeah like you love ur mother but ur not IN love are you?!
Have you ever been in love? What does it feel like to you?no
Has your perspective on love changed over the years?yes
Do you fall in love easily?no
Would you say you guard your heart?kinda yeah
So tell me...are you loveable?totally (lol) if you know me that is
Briefly - What do you want out of a relationship?if its bad
Briefly - What do YOU bring into a relationship?dunno
Do you believe there is a difference between fate and destiny?yes
*See previous question* Do you believe you are in charge of either of them?yes if you try
Do you know who you want? If so who is it?no
Can you see yourself with this person in 5 years?n/a
Could you see yourself settling down with this person?N/A
Do you believe in 'soul-mates'?yes
Is this person yours (Your soul-mate)?N/A!!!!!!!!!!
In 10 words:: How do you feel about this person?dunno, dunno, dunnno, dunno, dunno, dunno, dunno. dunno. dunno. N/A
What would you most likely say when you see him - I want you or I love you?i love you and your discriminating by saying him
When Was The Last Time You::
Had a meaningful conversation? With whom?Adam, bout 5 days ago
Feel like you learned something from someone?Myself, today
Told someone you loved them (non-family members)?............dun think i have.........
You laughed at something until your sides ached?today
You fought with someone? About what?today
You actually took the time to write something to someone and send it?today (which is the 13th july 05 btw)
Heard a song that actually spoke to you?today
Showed someone how you truly feel and felt words werent needed?dunno
You hugged someone for absolutely no reason?2 days ago
You told someone you were sorry and meant it?today i think
You did something humiliating?2 night ago
You did something mean?today
Someone called you just to saytoday
You let someone see you at your worst and felt fine with it?today
You saidsaid what?????
You did something just for the heck of it?today
Let yourself cry?about 2 days ago
Told someone you appreciated them?not sure
You met someone and felt it was the best thing that ever happened to you?a while ago *secretive smile*
You saidsaid what?!!!!!
You fell in love?haven't
Enjoyed your own company?today
Read a good book? What book was it?today, saga of darren shan
Watched a really good movie? What movie was it?dunno
Danced as if no one were watching?yesterday and they weren't lol
Finish This Sentence::
I want::a drink
I wish that::my neck would stop hurting
The one thing that bothers me::is that no one is honest anymore
I think::therefore i'm dangerous
_______makes me laugh::My sisters turn signals
I am in love with::err...anime? santa? marko *polo* sorry couldn'tresis...kinda f*cked up the sentance
I love::chocolate
You can't define::the undefinable
The only way to succeed is::to plant a sunflower upside down
Emotions are::emotional (lol)
Hallmark cards are::full of evil little bunnies that will kill you! muahahhahahaha
Karma is::something that shouldn't have sitra added on the end
Home is where::dorothy should stay if she says that saying one more time, toto will be in somewhere else!!!!!!!
I regret::stuff
Tomorrow I will::moo like a cow (probably will too lol)
_______pisses me off::Mam
Now For Some Music::
Write the first sentence of a song that describes your life::I'm tired of being who you want me to be
What song do you swear was written about your life? so far away by staind
What song do you believe will be played at your wedding?dunno, sorry
What song describes you when you are upset?Pfft...easier to run, papercut, forgotten, pushing me away, in the end, basicallyany Linkin Park song (who totally rock)
What song would you not be caught dead listening to?any britenyspears song and Milkshake by Kellis
Write the last sentence of the song that describes your relationships::Now i see you're testing mepushes me away
More on YOU::
What dessert are you?errr...i dunno but ice cream is yummy (lol)
Would you rather tell someone how you feel or show them?dunno as long as they know
Someone kneels before you - What do you say?no i'm not knighting you (lol)
Do you have any unfinished business with anyone?kinda
What do you want to remembered by?being a good friend
You overhear a friend talking about you - What is she/he saying?no idea but i don't like backstabbing
Are you straight-forward or do you beat around the bush?Both but can be mega blunt hehehe ^_^;
What is friendship?its trust and feeling right with people who understand you
This quiz is over::
React::: How do you feel?relived, my neck hurts
Would you subject others to this quiz?dunno
If so why? If not then why not?um, its a pain in the ass sometimes

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Result Posted on 07/13/05:
i really dunno.....-_-;

Bored? Extremely Long Survey.....but you will learn more about yourself,and so will others.

Created by xxmagicalnightmarexx and taken 1162 times on bzoink!

Actual First NameJaime Lee
Name you go byD.P
Age you are15
Age you wish you werevaries
Age you never wanna be again14....i was 14 for way to long
Where do you live?South Wales
How long have you live there?forever
Do you like it there?Meh
If you could move anywhere, you would....Move to Russia or Japan
How many friends do you have?lots but have around 5 very speacil ones
Do you get along with your friends?duh!
Would they do anything for you?i dun know ask them
Are they really your friends?yeah some (lol)
Do you have any best friends?yeah but i dun like the term "best friends"
Would you trust your best friend with anything?yeah.......
Do you have a family?nice of you to consider that, most people don't but yes
What does your family include?Just my inner family, dad mam brother and sister
Do you tell them things?i talk to my sister the most, adore my brother (lol) and well then theres the rents....
Do they understand you?no
Do they really know who you are?not by a long shot
Do you have any pets?yes
Why?i love animals, they are more decent then humans anyway
What type?a dog, 2 fish and a porrot
Do you love your pets?yes
Do you like video games?yes
Whats your fav. system?ohhhh um, ps2 xbox and gamecube probably
What's your fav. game on that system?um ps2=POP:WW, Xbox=fable, gamecube=legend of zelda:OOT
Who is your fav. character?Uh, link....
Do you want a game?yes gimme!!!!
Do you read?yes
What type of books?mainly fantasy but all types
How often do you read?alot
How thick our your type of books?very
Is the computer your life?no
How much are you on the computer?quite a bit
For what periods of time?isn't this similar to the above question?!
Do you have aim, yahoo, or anything else?uh......i have crappy AOL which i hate but i have MSN too
Do you wanna say your s/n?yes but typing it down is a completely different matter
Do you have a online journal?yes
What website is it on?otaku
Do your friends know about it?yes some
Why do/don't you tell them?becasue they are on it or because they won't understand XP
Do you know what role-playing is?yes
Have you ever role-played?yes
What character did you role-play as?not telling
Do you still role-play?kinda
What's your fav. animal?phoenix
Do you like mystical animals?yes what do you think a phoenix is?!
What's your fav?PHOENIX!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Are you sick of this survey?yes
Do you cry knowing it's not near done?you are a freak..........and i mean that badly
This or that?
i have to ask...pepsi or coke?coke...diet cos regular makes me hyper
cat or dogdog
dragon or unicorndragon
book or video gameboth
blue or blackblue
pink or greenGREEN hate pink
silver or orangesilver
icing or ice cream..........both
yahoo or aolyahoo i hate aol its shit
mom or dadat this moment in time dad, i'm in a bad mood with my mam other wise i wouldn't choose
bro or sis.....you can'tmake me choose on that
writing or typingtyping
best friend or boy/girl friendbest friend
fingers or toesi like both (lol) fingers to draw with ^-^
teacher or principalteacher
baby girl or boyboy
you or him/herhim/her
telephone or celltelephone
im or txtim
food or gameswhat kind of games????? probably food XD
enemies or jerksenemies
France or germanyfrance
disney or warner brothersdisney (sorry i pratically grew up on disney lol)
bark or meowmeow
chick or girlgirl
guy or dudedude
thump or pinchthump
pinkie or thumb thumb
hair or eyeseyes
tv or psptv
ds or pspno idea
Gamecube or Playstation 2dunno
Xbox or Playstation 2dunno
Gamecube or Xboxdunno
blood or sunblood
death or lifedeath
monkey or penguinpenguin
stick people or sharksstick people
5 or 95
1 or 1010
money or friendsfriends
sun or rainrain
lightning or thunderboth
wind or snowsnow
cousin or unclecousin
grandma or grandpaboth
tired or boredboth
Are you this or that?
Tall or shorttallish
fat or skinnyskinny
blonde or brownbrown
white or AAwhite
racist or lovingloving
belimic or normalnormal....belimic???????
blue eyed or green eyedblue eyed
brown eyed or hazel eyedneither
20/20 or glasses/contactsglasses/contacts for a very short time otherwise 20/20
happy or sadsad
hyper or depresseddepressed
terrified or stablestable
boy or girlgirl
gay or straightstraight
bi or straightstraight
nosiey or satisfiedsatisfied
bad or gooddunno both XP
mad or gladnice rhyme....mad
Goodie-goodie or bitchbitch
Lovenot in love
is it a him or her?would be a him
Do you love them?n/a
Do you hate them?n/a
Do you hold hands?n/a but i would hold hands
Do you kiss?n/a
Have you made-out?n/a
Tongue?eww n/a
Do you those of you who have don't have "friends" hate me?makes no sense
Can you not hate meh? i don't have one eitheryeah whatever
random things
Name a personAdam
How do you know them?yes
Are you close to them?dunno
Do you cook?kinda
Are you good at it?yeah lol
Have you ever loved someone without knowing them?no......*raises eyebrow*
Do you hate the opposite sex?no, but i sometimes dilike a certain person of the opposiste sex
Have you ever.....
Done drugs?no
Gone to jail?no,i'm 15
Felt like being suicidal?kinda
Cut yourself?on accident
hated yourself?yes
Hurt someone physically?yes
been hurt by someone?yes
smoked?tried it once it was gross
yelled at someone and regretted it?yes
felt like dying?yes
met someone online and then inperson?i've met someone on line hi kim! (lol)
cryed for more than an hour?dunno might have
poked someone for the hell of it?YES!!!!
got poked by someone?yes.....
betrayed a friend?no
betrayed your conscious?yeah
been unconscious?no
driven drunk?no
kissed your friends "friend"no
kissed a relative?on the cheek like hi how are you but not in KISS kiss
had a funeral for a pet?yes
barked like a dog?yes
meowed like a cat?yes
made monkey noises?yes
believed in superstition?kinda
done the funky chicken?no
electric slide?urrrr yes and it was on accident
cha-cha slide?yes
biten someone?yes lol
trusted someone and then regretted it?YES
asked the opposite sex out?no
been out with the opposite sex?no comment nosey!!!!
felt like killing someone?yes
yelled at your parents for a stupid reason?yes
been yelled at for a stupid reason?YES!!!!!!!!
gone for more than 5 days without a shower?eeeeewwwwwwwwwwwww no
acted like someone else?as an impersination
feltlike you were gothic?kinda
cryed for no reason?yes strangely enough......
hated your friend but never said anything?yes........it was like a 5 second thing
been cussed out?no one can beat me in a swearing war um....is that the right answer?!
cussed somebody out?uh.....been sorwed out?????? wtf?!!!!
cussed at all?yes all the f*cking time muahhahaha
truly hated someone?yes
believed you could fly?when i was 6 and i had a stupid dream about peter pan lol
been in a hospital?yes
had surgery?no
broken something?not a bone but as in a statue yes
lied?white lie
cheated?no...maybe on a test....^_^;
had more than one "friend" at a time?whats with the speech marks?????
ignored someone?yes
screamed?yes who hasn't.....you know except for mutes and stuff.....-_-;
attacked someone?yes
stalked someone?no
been jealous of someone?kinda
been afraid of the dark?when i was younger but i love it now
watched a scary movie?yes
scared someone?yes muhahaha
had braces?yes but no longer!!!!!!!!! i am free!!!!!!
had anything but your ears pierced?no but i want my eyebrow done
cracked you knuckles/neck?yes
stayed up all night?yes
been bitten by an animal?yes

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Result Posted on 07/13/05:
My most hated quiz yet, the maker of it really pissed me off, plus i was in a badmood while i took it


Created by Rachuli and taken 77 times on bzoink!

Name:Jaime Lee
Date of birth:11th July 1990
Nickname:H, Kai D.P Hiwatari...........happy yet?
E-mail address:why should i tell u
Primary phone number:f*ck off
Favorite food:peach
Favorite animal:phoenix
Favorite store:art store or waterstones
Favorite web-site:fanfic and fanart.theotaku and y!hosting
Favorite subject:art
Favorite movie:dunno
Favorite book:dunno 2 many
Favorite video game:Legend of zelda:: OOT and stuff
Favorite movie genre:fantasy um does anime count?
Favorite book genre:fantasy
Favorite video game genre:fantasy
Favorite time of day:when its almost night lol
Favorite season of the year:winter
Favorite weather:storms/rain/snow
Favorite number:dun have one really but 5
Favorite song:easier to run
Favorite artist:as in music? linkin park as in artist: van gough (sp?)
Favorite type of music:rock-angsty
Favorite color:blue
Favorite texture:urrrr silk?
Favorite fruit:peach
Favorite vegetable:carrot
Favorite soda:uh dunno
Favorite car:prefer motorbikes
Favorite comic book:dunno MANGA rocks though
Favorite TV show:beyblade
Favorite day of the year:errrrr sometime in winter
Favorite smell:jasmine
Favorite actor:orlando bloom
Favorite actress:er.....angelina jolie
Favorite person:kai hiwatari lol
Preferences (Add a reason)
A dog or a cat?dog, don'tlike cats when they have grown up
Night-time or day-time?night more peaceful and peopleleaveyou alone
Hot or cold?cold i hate the heat
Moist or dry?moist air, fresher
Bright or dark?dark, doesn'thurt your eyes
Tall or short?tall, can see other peoples heads in cinema
Fat or slim?slim, not as affected by heat as the other option btw i hate the word fat
Up or down?wtf? u have confused me
Left or right?right no reason
Silent or noisy?silent, i hate my mother right now so the less of her voice the better
Soft or rough? (To the touch)soft u r an arsehole
Talkative or quiet?quiet, i hate u people
Stupid or smart?smart moron
Boring or outgoing?outgoing jeez why would i pick boring?!
To control or be controlled?contriol i dun wanna be controlled i hate it when peoplethink they can have a say in my i repeat MY life
Money or love?love if u need a reason fot that then u r a twonk
Help or no help?no help i CAN do it on my own
To read or to hear?read, not telling u
To experience or be told about?experiance, just beacause i'd rather
What do you think of when you see? (Add a reason)
Pencil and eraser:drawing, i like to draw
Banana:a banana duh!
Broken window:a ball smashing through it cos it always happens at my school
Unopened book:an unopened book duh!
Blood:pain, no reason
Intermittent lights:dunno, i'm not gonna type down anymore reasons if i dun feel like it
A glass of milk:angharad my friend who is very cat like lol
Someone sleeping:i'm tired
Someone reading:i can read
A crappy drawing:pfft! thats shit
A creepy drawing:if its a good creepy drawing then probably thats a good creepy drawing
What would you say and do if....(Add a reason)
You’re at the movies and the people next to you won’t shut up?hit then in the face and tell them to shut the f*ck up
You’re at a fancy restaurant and they never serve you what you ordered?shout GIVE ME MY DANG FOOD
You want to watch something on TV, but fall asleep and nobody wakes you up?shrug it off after muttering undermy breath
You see a bird hit a window?laugh.....um...yeah
You’re riding the bus and the person next to you falls asleep on your shoulglower at them
You’re riding an elevator and there’s a blackout?think of great i'm stuck in a place that smells like piss
You have nothing to wear and no time to wash your clothes?well theres notmuch i can do, probably wear my sisters clothes
Someone makes fun of you?puck them and say something sarcastic *believe me i am in the f*cking mood right now*
Someone hits you for no reason?hit them back stupid f*ckers
You see people making fun of someone you know?walk up to them and say sarcastic stuff to leave them speachless leaving a threat or two behind
You’re walking on the street and a tourist asks you for directions?probably give directions
You’re starving and nobody will make dinner?thank the lord cos no one here can cook
You’ve fallen asleep and wake up ten minutes before the bus arrives?go to the bus stop duh
Someone you like is kissing his/her boy/girlfriend?good for them like i reallycare.....like i said i onlyadd reasons if i can give a shit
Some more about you...(Add a reason)
Do you consider yourself physically attractive?dunno
If you could switch bodies with someone else, who would it be?dunno
Do you believe in love at first sight?no cos sinse its first SIGHT its baised off appearence
Have you ever done drugs, if not are you planning to?no
Do you have any goals in life?yes
If you could live anywhere, where would you live?russia or japan
Do you think that knowledge gives you power to do anything?almost
Have you ever had sex, if not are you planning to?f*ck off pervert
Have you ever consumed alcoholic beverages, if not are you planning to?just say drink like everyone else dickweed and yes i have
Are you tired of answering questions?no, but tired of answering your retarded questions YES
Would you write a quiz as long as the one you’re currently taking?only to piss you off XP
Let's go on...
Religion....(Add a reason)
Do you believe in god?no i'm am atheist
Do you believe in the theory of evolution?dunno notmy job to find out cos i won'tget paid for it
Give us a brief description of your beliefs…f*ck off..........brief enough?
Do you think that religion is an important aspect of everyday life?to some, to me no
Social life...(Add a reason)
Would you ever kill someone?yes if the purpose and reason is great enough
Are you a person who holds grudges?notreally though i may never forgivemyself for taking this quiz
Do you have any enemies?yes
Do you befriend people easily?no
Do you judge people before getting to know them?yes and no
Do you hold something against society?yes
Do you blame your problems on society?no
Can you communicate with people easily?no, my phone is screwed lol
Best Friend.....(Add a reason)
Who is your best girl-friend?Angharad/ Kim
Who is your best boy-friend?adam
Who’s your best friend over-all?angharad/kim
Do you truly believe in the BFF bullshit?no
Do you think that friends are recyclable?no
Can best friends become lovers?yes
Races...(Add a reason)that isn't in a question form
Do you consider yourself racist?no
What do you think of Middle Easterns?nothing wrong with em
What do you think of Black Africans?same as above
What do you think of Hispanics?same as above
What do you think of Asians?same as above
What do you think of White-Americans?same as above
What do you think of Europeans?same as above
What do you think of African-Americans?same as above
What do you think of foreigners over-all?same as above
What do you think of islanders?same as above
Miscellaneous (Add a reason)
Is there love without sex?yes and screw you cos i'm not writing no reasons
What do you think should be done to the millions of people who are HIV+?they should be helped in every way possible
Do you agree with abortion?i don'tlikeitbut people have a right to their own views
Do you agree with gay-marriage?totally love is love no matter what folm it is
Do you see homosexuals as people?yes, why wouldn't i?
Would you ever have sexual intercourse with someone of the same gender as uno
Would you ever have sex with another couple?eww no
Wasn’t the quiz fun?F*CK NO
Part II (Tragedy) (Add a freaking reason)
What is the ideal job for you, or what do you want to be?artist, kinda self explanatory
Do you consider yourself just plain old lazy or not challenged enough?not challenged enough i like adventure
If the government were to draft all men + women,and u'r 18 what would u dohuh?
Would you ever sell your body just to earn a few extra bucks?no gross
Would you ever work on X-rated movies?no eww
Do you consider yourself a pervert?no i consider you one
Do you think today’s world is the ideal place to live?hell no
Do you think that you can earn a person’s trust once you’ve lied to him/heryes but only after telling them and being truelyforgiven
What’s worse, shoplifting or smoking?smoking
Do you think that “survival of the fittest” will ever apply to human beingsnot really
I you could re-live any moment of your life, would you fix anything?yes
even though you know it would change your future?.........yes
Have you ever been in a car accident?no almost though
Have you ever seen a dead body?on t.v
Would you follow a friend’s wishes even though they go against your own?depends on the situation
Is suicide a true means of escape?no, but some people think so and i respect that
Do you enjoy making people suffer?to some extent
Have you ever tried to commit suicide?no
Have you ever thought of commiting suicide?yes but not in a suicidal way and it DOES make sense thinking about it in a non suicidal way
Is there such a thing as long-distance love?i dunno
Do you fear death?no
What are your worst fears?not telling
Are you afraid of darkness?no
Are you afraid of water?no i love water
Are you afraid of being alone?no
Are you afraid of monsters? (sissy boy...XD)no and you're a dickhead
Are you afraid of psychos?no
Are you afraid of anything?yeah
What are your major weaknesses?why do you want to know?
What are your major strengths?i don't even know myself
Have you ever been in love?no
Have you ever thought you were in love?no
Are you in love right now?no get a clue!!!!!
Do you ever pay attention during class?no
Do you ever pretend to pay attention during class?yes
Do you care about your grades at all?at this momentin time f*ck no
How are your grades? Highest: Lowest:a* =art and english E= math
Are you a dork?no
Are you a geek?no
Are you a homophobe?no
What the deuce are you?f*ck off
Are you ready to take responsibility for your own actions?yes
R u ready to stop making excuses and face the world as a mature individuali don't make excuses
Do you think of yourself as just a child?yes
Do you think that because you have reached puberty you’re mature?no
Would the gift of immortality be as wonderful as it sounds?F*CK NO
Is your life a tragedy?yeah shakepeare should right it then my dad would wear tights (lol.)
Do you think that you have suffered at fate’s hands enough already?oh bugger off
Do you think that hearing is more important that sight?no i'dprefer to be able to see
Is disappointment worse than betrayal?no because in betrayal u become dissapointed as well DUH
Is there such a thing as trust in a world where everyone lies?probably call me if you find it
What would be the idea way to kill yourself?i think you mean ideal*** and i dunno
Do you want to die?yes but not right now
What do you see everytime you close your eyes?the back of my eyelids lol
Do you think you're going insane?i am insane
Are you tired of your life?yes
Are you a communist?i dunno i kinda fogot hehehe -_-;
Would you ever go to war?no, dun think so
If you have tried to take your own life for no reason?that question makes no sense
Did you think about the people who love you?no and yes
Describe “Family love”:i wouldn't know
Describe "love" itself:Love is about knowing all the dark things about you're partner and still liking them and wanting to be there for them, love is where you can actuallyfeel aliveand be free
What do you think to be the best way to get rid of someone annoying?kill em (lol) i dunno
Describe my mood: (The author, not you...moron)f*ck you dick! you're constipated happy now?!
Any last words to the author?yeah you wasted my time so go away your quiz sucks!!!!!!
Thanks for taking our survey.

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Result Posted on 07/13/05:
um i have nothing to say but HELLO

All the information I'd need to run off and impersonate you with!

Created by Askme and taken 21 times on bzoink!

Do you think Wales should be independant even after all these years?Yes i am welsh, are you? (lol)
What's your opinion of the Ancient Romans?they are old???????????
Who do you hate the most in the world?um.....spiders?????
If you went to a French restuarant, what would you order?uh peaches?????????
If I wrote a book, would you buy it?of course, if you payme 2
Will you loan me money?i dun even know you dude
If you had twenty-four hours to live, what would you do?live it....yeah nice pun lol
How many fingers do you have?8 with 2 thumbs
Do you ever talk to yourself?yeah
What mode of transport do you most detest?bus
What do you do when someone you think is a loser comes up to you?f*ck off
How many seconds until the end of the world do you reckon there are?hapoefullyenought for me to sneeze cos i've been wanting to for ages lol
Who inherits your coin collection when you die?santa
What's your opinion of cacti?of simon?
What's your favourite children's book?the big book of books which is a book of books but its a big book cos its the big book of books

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Result Posted on 07/13/05:
ah i actually liked this one!!!!!

I have hours to spare, so I'll make a long survey.

Created by Askme and taken 16 times on bzoink!

NameRei Beez
No, your real namelol fine its Jaime Lee
Age (Don't lie!)15
Place of birth (Don't just say a hospital)Dammit...fine glamorgan hospital lol
Place of future burialcoffin
Birthday11th July 1990
How many fingers am I holding up?14
How many seconds are there in a millenium?many
Is there an annoying add at the side of the computer screen?yes that was actuallya good question lol
How many pop-ups and cookies has your computer blocked today?a hell of a lot
Can you speak Welsh?Yes i AMwelsh so i do speak welah
How about Yiddish?huh?
Have you ever tasted haggis?no and i don't want to
Do you have a pet mongoose?no shame innit
Do you know anyone called Ebenezer?lol yeah my sister lol
What are you listening to right now?the sounds of the ape (aka dad) in the kitchen shouting and the annoying phone ringing
How did you come across bzoink?no, have you ever come across a flump? i'llkeep an eye out for one though lol
Have you ever read Tuck Everlasting?no
No, I'm serious, don't.ok i promise
What about Watership Down?yes
Rabbits are evil, aren't they?OMG finally someone understands,bunnies are EVIL
Why aren't you wearing any shoes?....how did you know that?!
What colour is your hair?brown
What colour is your blood?red when i see it lol
What colour is your television guide?dunno i'll burn it later lol
Do you say Mum, Mom, Mammy, or Mother Dearest?none i say mam
Are you sure you don't speak Welsh?i DO speak welsh i AM welsh oes, jaime lee ydw fi
Do you gatecrash weddings?lol yeah...
How 'bout funerals?lol its a drag though
Christenings/baptisms?lol do you see the look on the vicar's face?
Engagement parties?lol
Birthday parties?oh nice gift can i havee it
Baby showers?babies smell
Do you like floppy disks?no
What make is your computer?something crap no doubt
Is it one of those really old ones that everyone laughs at?nope
Do you like pie?yes kai pie
What's the time?21:40 PM
Who's that reading over your shoulder?santa
Did that send a shiver down your spine?nope
How many languages can you speak?5
How many languages do you say you speak?5
There's often quite a difference, you know.well done want a cookie?
What are you having for dinner tonight?already had it,it was crap
Who's cooking?my mother unfourtunalty
Do you smell smoke?no
Do you hate visiting the zoo?yes
How about visiting the local colonial jail?lol yes
God, they're boring, aren't they?yeah
Is mathematics a waste of time?definatly
Do you still go to school?yeah....>.<*
If so, are you planning to drop out any time soon?no, i want to go to art college
Are you ever going to run away and join the circus?not yet lol
You can make a living sewing tents, you know!cool
You could join my freakshow!really? thanks
How about it, then?fine sign me up
Anywho, are you bored yet?not really i was bored to begin with
Are you hungry?yeah
I am, so I'm going to get a sandwich. Just sit there until I get back.aye aye sir!
Okay, do you believe in God?no
Burning shrubberies?lol i don't think so
The Force?let it be with you young padawan lol
Peace?not like it exists....
love at first sight?its all about appearences if its at first sightso how can they call that love?!
Equality?same as peace it doesn't exist....
Do you believe in nothing and are just trying to justify that with science?lol u shall never know
Do you know how to use a toaster?yeah
How about a microwave?yes
Does your microwave say hello?i've never asked
Does your DVD player say hello?its a cool DVD player
Is all the glue you buy from mexico?no shock horror
Do you have the adoption hotline on your speed dial?lol nope
Ever "acciedently" dialed for emergency?if i did i probably would
Ever set your hair on fire?no.....-_-;
Ever acciedently bought the soundtrack to the ORIGINAL LOTR?lol no the harry potter one though -_-;
Oh man, that was the biggest mistake of my life!tell me about it (lol)
Do you ever download music illegally?yes
Do you burn/rip music?yes
Or should I ask: do you ever 'back up your cds'?no i burn/rip them, i'm being honest lol
Have you ever been pulled in by the police for questioning?its funny when they get confused
Ever tried to open the door of a plane while its flying?never been on a plane
Ever been in a drag race?can't drive
Ever got married again in secret?no lol
Does your other spouse know about this?*shifty eyes* hope not lol
Ever broken into someone elses locker?no they all smell
Ever forged a PE note?yes
Are you lactose-intolerant?nope
Are you absolutely sure you can't speak Welsh?i can!!!!!! oes!!! ydw!!!!!
100% sure?oes!!!!
You'd be surprised how few people speak it nowadays, you know.yeah its like its limited to the welsh -_-;
Did you know I can speak Welsh?never have guessed, kinda freaky how obsessed you are with welsh.....i can say that cos i am wesh...
Do you ever donate to websites?no but i have donated to charitys and stufflike the tsunami appeal
Do you think Rasputin is really dead and gone?maybe......
Where's Lord Lucan?he'sin the bakers shop eating like a pig, fat twonk.....
Did you see him the other day?yeah he looked dead on his feet
Do you think he really murdered that lady?yeah silly git as he is
Do you even know who Lord Lucan is?he'smy best pal (lol) besides santa of course
He'd be really old now, though, if he were alive.thats why he looked dead on his feet
Do you believe in aliens?no
What about faeries?yes
They're real, you know, I was a present from the fairies. How about you?nah i was random (lol)
Do you hate country music?yes
Do you prefer ferrets or weasels?ferrets
Mars or Earth?mars its prettyful
Should we go live on Mars?if u want u can go
Did anyone ever land on the moon?yeah
Are you claustrophobic?no
Bored yet?nope
When I said I had hours to spare, I wasn't serious.and i care because?
The cat has to be fed at five. Do you have a cat?no, say you fed it but don't (lol) i'm kidding
Whats his/her name?moomoo
Does s/he wear a bell to alert birds?nope its a chainsaw
Does your cat beat up the doberman pinchers next door?yeah, go moomoo
Has your cat saved the lives of ten children?more
Has it ever one the nobel peace prize?more then one
Does it know the cure for cancer?git won't tell
Does it prefer goose pate or red snapper for supper?he likes pencil sharpeners
Do you say lunch or dinner?dinner
Dinner or supper?dinner..........i can speak welsh ya know
Dinner, supper, or tea?dinner
Do you eat brunch?nope
Do you like horse-riding?wouldn't know
Skiing?same as above
Snow-boarding?weee its fun
F1 racing?voom!!!!
No, not the key, FORMULA 1 oh i dunno then
Extreme sports like fishing?extreme sports like fishing? lol
Have you ever shot a tree?tree murderer, HUG THE TREES lol
Does your family tree fork?wha???
Do you hate my brother's quizlet?yeah
What about his poll?shite
You prefer all my work, don't you?totally
Come on, be honest.yes!!!!!!!
Do you have grime on your keyboard?no
Look between the keys.nope still nothing cool
Do you have one of those little red laser thingies on your mouse?nope
What are you wearing?pervert
Don't worry, I'm not hitting on you.good
Are you male or female? I don't think I've asked that yet...female and you haven't
Chocolate or roses?chocolate
Wine or champagne?vodka ^-^
Luekemia or TB?neither thanks
Mozart or Chopin?um.....have you heard about that seagull that moos?
Beethoven or Bach?it was too fat and it died but came back to life
Handel or...Hilary Duff?Handel....dun even know who that is but definatley Handel
Sean Connery or Pierce Brosnan?James Bond???lol
Don't you just hate that Pierce Brosnan credit card add on tv?with all my heart lol
Do you hate that miserable excuse for a sitcom Neighbours?yeah that theme song is so tacky, i missmy shotgun....
Would you marry someone for money?nah
Would you push them down the grand-staircase?that'd be fun
After they'd changed their will to leave everything to you, of course.muahahahahhaha
Do you believe these horoscopes on bzoink are accurate?nope
Do you play the banjo?no.....
If yes, you rock.dammit
If no, welcome to the club.cool can i have a membership card????
Do you drink vodka?YEAH mmmm vodka
Potato vodka or wheat vodka?mmmm vodka
With lemon, lime and bitters, or with rasberry soda?i like vodka.......mmmm
Was your father planning to name you after a train station?no an actress and he did -_-;
Are you the youngest child?yes
The oldest?no
An unfortunate misunderstood middle child?lol thats my sorrowful sister
What do you inherit?i dunno, but i want it!!!! lol
Who are you leaving your coin collection to?no one its going to the gravewith me lol
Yeah, I know, I asked that one before on another survey.good for you
Would you jump off a building if there was a trampoline bellow?no trampolines are just waiting for the rightmoment to come alive and eat you
Can you say statistics?yes
Mathematics?i can say that
Schedule?and this
Bored yet?nope
I could do with another sandwich. Care to join me?yeah thanks
Peanut-butter or cheese?cheese
Tomato or ham?ham
Lamb or beef?neither
Baloni or salami?neither again
I don't know the difference. How about you?nope
Do you even eat meat?yeah
Have you ever beheaded a chicken?no but they still move for a whil after wards
Did it chase you all the way home?yes the EVIL chicken
When do you wake up?late
When do you go to sleep?late
Or do you not go to sleep, and just rely on coffee to keep you alive?lol nooooo not just coffee
Chocolate cake or orange jaffa?chocolate cake
Fish and chips or burger and fries?uh.....both? lol
Mouthwatering salmon or Christmas turkey?neither yuck!
Hungry yet?no XP
Muffins or cup-cakes?uh.....muffins? lol
pancakes or waffles?pancakes!!!!
Mmmm...waffles....i agree
Bass guitar or electric guitar?electric or bass....uh electric i think
Air-guitar or free-style?uh my own unique style
Speaking of which, butterfly or moth?butterfly
Not as random as you think.i know, you read my mind
Chinese or Japanese food?chinese
French or Italian?italian
Rock or Pop?rock
Celtic or Russian?yay russia
Medieval Total War or Rome Total War?uh the battle of the cows
Or the ever hilariously glitched Middle Earth Total War?YAY
Halo I or Halo II?Halo 1 and a half lol
PS2 or X-Box?um.....dunno both
Mobile or palm?Palm tree
Computer or lap-top?pal tops heat mens ....thingys up lol fine computer
iPod or MP3 player?dunno
Hungry Jacks (Burger king) or the evil Maccas?neither yuck
Saturdays or Sundays?Saturdays, cos sunday is closer to monday as in school >.<*
Bus, train, or tram?rmy birdie!!!!!lol
Plane or boat?boat
Why not walk?cos uh.....meep!
Walking is fun sometimes!to true
But only somtimes...fair enough
Meaning very rarely....lol ok ok get the picture
BORED YET?!!!!nope
Time for another sandwich if you ask me!i didn'tget my last one!!!!!
Don't you hate the frigin' "crazy frog"?Yes
Whats your current ringtone, by the way?its not the crazy froglol
Have you a polyphonic or a monophonic?um, i am a wishing well? lol
Yeah, I'm stuck with a monophonic. Doesn't that suck?muhahahahahah uh i mean poor you
I wish I was in Carrickfergus. How about you?no funnily enough but good luck with that

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Result Posted on 07/13/05:
These are strangelyaddictive, even if they are shite

Just for Fun! Very Long!

Created by thexinvisiblexgirl and taken 27 times on bzoink!

Easy Stuff
Name?Jaime Lee
Chinese horoscope?Horse
Height?5 foot something
Weight?genuinely don't know
Sexual Orientation?my what now? uh i am female....
Hair colour?brown
Eye colour? (normally?)Deep blue
Do they change?They go lighter
If yes to what colours?a lighter blue
Is your hair dyed or natural? (highlights count as dyed)natural, with natural highlights too
If dyed how?its not
any piercings?yes
if yes what?ears
want more?yes want my eyebrow
if yes what?n/a but i want some
want more?i would like some!!!!!
if yes what?a triangular one on my knee a faint faint faint one on my face and then some others.....
want more?want more scars???? well i don't mind them
do drugs?no
Self Injure?nope
If yes how? (if comfortable)n/a
do you sleep with a stuffed animal?no
Okay next : Do you have?
obsessive compulsive disorder?huh?
suicidal tendancies?no
a boyfriend?no
a girlfriend?no
a pet?yes
if yes what kind?dog, 2 fish and a parrot
divorced parents?no
your drivers license?not yet i'm only 15
if so how many?2
over 100 cds?kinda
over 100 dvds?yeah
any vinyl records?no
if yes in what range? 1-20, 21-40, 41-60 ect..none
any musical talents? (singing, instrument)um i can kina sing (when no one is around though) and can play keyboard
any artistic ability (drawing, painting, sculptures)yes all of em (lol)
a teddy bear?yes but its one of those speacil ones
any addictions?yeah
if yes what?drawing
strange abilities?yes
if yes what?double jointed thumbs and i can raise one eyebrow (lol) actually there is more but i'm not telling you! muhahahahahahah *ahem*
split personality disorder?well yes but then the other says no we'll have to have a confrence! (lol)
Have you ever?
said you loved it and meant it?whats this "it" you're talking of?
had your heart broken?kinda
forgotten your own name?lol yeah
tripped over something that has been there forever?yes
gotten lost in your house? (i have don't be shy)uh......i don't remember probably when i first moved in
had sex?no, why the heck do you want to know?!!!
if yes what kind?eww, perv!!!!
lied about your age?yes
lied about your name?kinda
given a nickname instead of your real one?No
used someone?No
been used?Yes but i found out and they payed for it XP
been stood up?no
attacked someone?*ahem* not saying
cut yourself?yes, but don't even think omg suicidecos it was an accident
lost at goldfish?at what?
cheated at a card game?no
pretended to be someone else?no except for prank phonecalls
gotten arrested?no they can't catch ne!! muhahahahha ......O.o"
snuck out of your house?yes......
snuck into someone elses?no
lit yourself on fire?Pfft! NO!
overdosed on purpose?no...do you think all of the people taking this are suicidal????
eaten so much chocolate you threw up?no i'll never throw up on chocolate..mmmm...lol
thrown up a non-natural colour?huh? i think so.....O.o;
if yes why? and what colour?yes one question to you WHAT THE HELL IS WRONG WITH YOU?!
What do you think of...
sex?its a personal thing
religion?stupid but respect peoples views
the U.S.?theres 2 sides to that....
goths?nothing wrong with them
punks?same as above
skaters?same as above
preps?same as above
censorship?they get it wrong most ofthe time
suicide?its your life do what you want but i don't like it, sometimes its the only option people feel like they have left
self injury?same as above
music?we need music
rock?bring on the rock!!!!!
metal?the music or element? (lol)
hatred?we all feel it
love?its a good thing we all need
emotions?weneed them
manners?i use em and i suppose we should use them
contriversial topics?huh?
abortion rights?once again, i don'tlike it but respect the views of others
gay marriage?totally for it, in fact i know a gay couple getting married YOU GO GUYS!!!!!
homosexuals?nothing wrong with em
bisexuals?same as above
poetry?nothing wrong with it, my friend kim is a great poet
blood?its red....O.o;
pain?can make you stronger
Whats your favorite....
drink?evian water, barley water or hot chocolate
candy?strawberry bon bons
kind of chocolate?uh dairy you know like galaxy or dairy milk
ice cream?double belgian chocolate chip by Mr.Creamy......gods its great (lol)
pizza?tomato cheese and chicken
video game?Legend of Zelda: OOT
movie?Lord of the Rings and....i forgot....
t.v. show?Beyblade
band?Linkin Park
song?Easier to Run
word?i like loads uh....."squish stars random" (lol) yeah theres more though
phrase?Sorry my give a damn is busted
quote?"Phoenix will revive. Hurt, fallen, even in despair, Burning wings flap to the sky. This is my anger, sorrow, pleasure"-Kai Hiwatari Beyblade
person?Uh Kai (lol)
place to be?Russia, Japan or on my windowcill
thing to do?draw
this or that....
sex or cuddling?cuddling
kissing or hugging?hugging
t.v. or radio?t.v
straight or bisexual?straight
bisexual or homosexual?These questions are put stupidly
red or black?Both but would wear black over red
blue or silver?Blue but love silver too
green or purple?Purple
coffee or tea?Tea
vodka or whiskey?VODKA!!!!!!!!!!!!
politics or religion?.................neither
christian or wiccan?wiccan (lol)
open or closed?huh??
in or out?what?!!!
one or two?*confused*
6 or 19?uh....
tatoo or piercing?both
magazine or newspaper?magazine (MANGA)
news or sports?uh.........dunno
comics or cartoons?ANIME and MANGA!!!!!!!!!!!!!
optimist or pesimist?both
day or night?Night
rain or sun?Rain
snow or wind?Snow!!!!!!!
fog or mist?mist
light or dark?Dark
What is your....
biggest fear?that i won'tdo anything i feel is worth wild
favorite music genre?Rock-angsty
worst habit?bite my nails
favoite thing to say?dude and .....being annoying basically
most embarassing moment?when i slipped in front of my class2feet from my chair, i wasn'teven embarresed then really
main obsession?drawing (i honestlydraw in class all the time lol)
favorite thing to do when upset?listen to Linkin Park and talk to Kim who cheers me up or eat ice cream (lol)
main thing to do when you aren't paying attention?Drawing or daydreaming
nervous habit?smoothing my right eyebrow down with my hand or twirling my loose bang of hair behind my ears
favorite messenger?huh?
favorite comic series?i don'thave one but MANGA ROCKS!
favorite author?J.K.Rowling Terry Pratchett J.R.R Tolkein and many others....
most common mood?sarcastic
Have you?
eat within the past hour?yes my mothers gruseome food that makesme feel sick
re-read any of your answers?yeah cos my spacebar is broken
ever choked on something?yes
chewed on plastic?no
smoked?tried it once, it was gross
self injured?not really
been called crazy?Yes
been stereotyped?yes i hate that
if yes as what?as many things
drank nothing but slushies for a full day?no
woken up naked or clothed when you weren't when you fell asleep?no........*raises eyebrow*
fallen in love with your best friend?no
been rejected?no
been called something that you weren't?yes
let someone take the blame for something you did?kinda
watched a silent film and made up your own dialogue?lol no but i make up my own dialogue sometimes
been on a stage.. in a play, musical ect? (even a talent show)yes.......-_-; hated it
answered so many questions in one survey before?yes XP
threatened to kill someone?yes
written a love letter?no
written a hate letter?no
kissed a stranger?no
hugged a random person?lol yes
danced alone?when i was straightening my hair ages ago (lol)
ran around in a store or a mall?yes
thrown a temper tantrum past the age of 10?yes
questioned why you took this survey??? there are so many others!yesand also questioned the maker of this survey why it sucks so much!

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Result Posted on 07/13/05:
At least the other two were midly thought provoking i think a bimbo made this one up...

Slightly long survey about yourself

Created by coolerspirit553 and taken 13 times on bzoink!

Name?Jaime Lee
Grade?year 10
Appearance?Brown hair, blue eyes, pale skin
Personality?i have one XP i'm just saying sarcastic cos i can't be bothered
Hobbies?Drawing, listening to Linkin Park, painting, japanese and russian stuff and being annoying XP
Pets?dog, 2 fish and a parrot
Close friends?Angharad, Kim, Laura and Hazel
Drink?Evian water or Hot chocolate or barley water
Place?Country wise: Russia or Japan, my place wise: my windowcill
Thing to do?draw
Person?my favourite person???? uh....dunno
Band?Linkin Park (They rock!)
Song?Easier to Run
Music genre?rock, angsty type
Do you
Lie?white lies but not really
Adjust to change easily?kinda
Like sports?yes i like some but i HATE hockey and netball
Miss somone?yes
If yes, who might this be?not saying
Like getting ready for things?no i tend to do things just before ^-^;
Like getting up early?to see the sun? yes..in general: NO
Have a boyfriend/girlfriend?no
Like surprises?kinda
Have you ever
Gotten drunk?yes
Gotten high?on sugar i have
Kissed someone?not saying
Danced obnoxiously?kinda (lol)
Made fun of someone?only when they did it to me so i was sticking up for myself
Gotten in a lot of trouble?yes
Scared someone on purpose?YES its great
Not on purpose?yes
Driven a car?yes, blame my brother
Yelled in somone's face?yes
Slapped someone?yes
Would you ever
Kiss your friend's boyfriend/girlfriend?no
Jump in a pool of slugs?.........no.........
Marry for money?no
Run around your house naked?(lol) no
With 1,000 people watching?nnnoooooo
Have sex in a police car?no
Skinny dip?no
Hit a celebrity?yes
Bark at your cat?yes(lol)
Love & Relationships
Have you ever been in love?no
If so, why do you think it was love?n/a
If not, why wasn't it?look theres a seagull CAW CAW
Have you ever been dumped?ah man the seagull moo's
Have you ever dumped someone?and its not a very good flyer
What does your ex look like?probably cos its so fat
Are you still friends with your exes?stupid seagull lose weight!
Do you find it hard to adjust after you've been in a relationship?then you could fly!!!!
Who do you like at the moment?and moo!!!! i'm thirsty....
Crush?the seagull is still mooing....
Kiss?five years later...
Concert?and its dead!(lol) what was the question?
Time you remember crying?i dunno
Present?baby ring with a northen star diamond
Band you liked?dunno
CD you bought?dunno
Haircut?dunno ...wow look a triple threat -_-;
Person you liked?here comes the seagull again
Kiss you had?Its risen from ther dead arrrggghhhh
Person you talked to?Victoria my brother's girlfriend
Person you had over?Angharad, my "sister" out of the family
Song you heard?Linkin Park and Jay-z numb/encore
Food you had?Pot noodle ^-^
Time you took a shower?today
Time you looked in the mirror?when i brushed my hair today
Game you played?um does throwing grass at your friend then running for your life count as one? ^-^;
What are you wearing?clothes duh!
What song are you listening to?Linkin Park breaking the habit
Who's thinking about you right now?how the hell should i know???
Where did you go today?stayed home from school muhahahaha
Do you love someone right now?no
Are you going to be a virgin until marriage?wtf?!
What will your honeymoon be like?jeez, i dunno what normally happens at honeymoons you twonk
Are you hungry?yes but my mothers food sucks!
Do you wish you were somewhere else?yes
3 things...
Name 3 things you like
Name 3 things you don't like
Name 3 people you couldn't live without
2Mother ^-^;
3and someone else i'm not telling XP
Name 3 things you're going to do tomorrow
Name 3 things you're thinking about
1answering this question
2and this one
3and this one XP
Name 3 things you did last December
3eat XP
Name 3 things you did last March
3drink XP
Name 3 songs you've made out to
1should we kill that seagull
2bet you were all worried about him rising from the dead
3admit it you were, not every day you hear about a zombie seagull that moo's
Name 3 things you want to eat right now
Name 3 things you used to do when you were younger
Cringe questions
Who do you want to make out with right now?this is a cringe question?!
Are you a virgin?i'm 15 and not a whore so duh!
How far have you gone with someone?these are you're definition of cringe questions
How far would you like to go?are you a bimbo?! by these questions you sound like one
What is the biggest lie you've ever told?i once said this was a good quiz XP
What are your regrets?this quiz....
What are your guilty pleasures?huh?
Pet peeves?*raises eyebrow* wheres that dang seagull gone?!
Thanks for taking the survey!Screw you
Anything you'd like to add?yeah, this was shit
Ok, bye!yeah don't call me

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Result Posted on 07/13/05:
Um this was retarded as heck!!

Longest survey ever!!

Created by Eabbott1730 and taken 14 times on bzoink!

All About you!
What is your full name?Jaime Lee Daniels
Date of birth?11th July 1990
siblings?Leanne and Gavin
nick names?Yes
What r those nick names?H...D.P....Kai....Hiwatari
Where do you live?South Wales/Tonyrefail
have u always lived there?Yes
Do u like living there?Meh...
Hair Color?Brown
Eye color?Blue
Right Handed or left?Right
Height?5 foot something
Do you have a lot of friends?Yes
Would you trust them all?.....No not fully
Do you have a "Best" friend?Yes...nice speech marks btw XP
do you have a life?.....................O.o; i think so...
How many hours to spend on the computer?um, well i talk to my mates so quite long
Wuts one thing you would change about you?I've never seen What spelt like that....um....Probably my lack of trust in people
50 cent or the game?50 Cent
Michael jackson or Bob Marley?can i choose neither? -_-;
Punk or PopPunk
Pop or RapRap
Do you listen 2 music?Yes....how else could i have answered the above?!!
Are you listenin to it now?Yes
What song r u listenin 2??Crawling by Linkin Park
What is in ur cd player rite now?It's busted but probably Jay-Z and Linkin Park
~*~Love Life~*~not very specific that question -_-;
Are you currently dating someone?No
If so who?n/a jackass
Do you love them?have you ever seen a penguin fly?
Do u really no wut love is?kinda
Wut is ur boy/girl friends name?answer my penguin question first
if u don't have one wuts ur crushes name?i don't like anyone
does ur crush no u like them?are you clueless or genuinly dense?
in the last month have u been dumped?No
in the last month have u dumped someone?No.......answer the penguins!!!!!!
Do you trust the one u care about?which is who exactly??????!!!!!!!!
in the last month have u had a fite wit the one u care about?nnnnnnnnnnoooooooooooooooo except for my sister but i'm guessing you don't mean that kind of person
on a scale of 1 to 10 how much do u care about them10.......she IS my sister
Would u die for this person?My sister? yes
Do you love someone but not sure if they love you?no.....i'm sorry but this has gone from music to love under the same title
((animals and wut not))
Do you have any pets?Yes
What kind(s)?parrot, fish and dog....and they are all alive
Cat or dog?-_-;....dog but one of my friends is a lot like a cat aren't you D.T??? XD
Fish or Cat?Fish??? i dunno, i don't like cats when they scram and crap like that but fish are boring sometimes
Favorite animal?Phoenix..........even if it is mythological
Do you like unicorns?Yes.........
Unicorns or Dragons?......uh.........dragons cos it's the welsh flag thingy
Do you smoke?No yuck!
Do you do drugs?Nag oes....figure that at muhahahha i'm going welsh on your candied arse
when was the last time u did either of the above?i tried a fag when i was 11 didn't like it, never have sinse and i've never done a drug except for coffee XP
have u drank alchohal before?Yes
Lets play some baseball
Have u kissed someone of the opposite gender?baseball?
Have u kissed someone of the same gender?no
How far have u gotten wit someone?*raises eyeborw* eww you perv
Bi or straight?straight
Gay or straight?straight
Lez or straight?straight
What grade u in?uh i'm in year 10 that will do
wut school do u attend?Tonyrefail Comprehensive
do u get shoved into lockers?nope
do u sit alone at lunch?no
wut r ur school colors?Black and green ....-_-;
school mascot?no we have an anvil........i'm deadly serious
Favorite Teacher?Mrs. Saltmarsh (art)
What grade do u wish u could go back to?Probably year 8, no coursework or mega exams....
Do you have a lot of them?yes
Do you hate any of them but pretend 2 like them?no, they all know how i feel bout them
would u change anything bout ny of ur friends?no, i accept them for who they are
would u tell them everything?no
hang out wit the most?Agharad
best smile?dunno.....Adam? His is manic XP
are u sad?indifferent
do u wear black a lot?kinda
r u happy?this contradicts the sad question huh? indifferent
bored?why else would i be taking this quiz???? YES
hate someone so much?yes
tatoos?would love one
want anything pierced?eyebrow
want a tattoo?YES!!!!!!
do u read?Yes
how many books this year have u read?countless
favorite video game?Legend of Zelda: OOT and another....POP:WW
Favorite type of music?Rock
Wut do u hate most in a person?Backstabbing
wut do u find attractive in someone?That they can be innocent, truthful and funny
would u ever change for someone?No unless i had a very bad habit
mom or dad?you can't make me choose
basketball or soccer?basketball
rain or sunrain
winter or fallwinter but i like autumn
spring or summer.......neither probably spring
black or blue?blue
yellow or orange?orange
one more Question?Jackass -_-;
Buh bye are u glad? was this one of the best surveys ever?Yes i'm glad this is over, no this survey was.....no comment XP

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Result Posted on 07/12/05:
By far the most annoying quiz so far, i swear some of the questions are made by a perv!!!!

Really Long Survey (over 200)

Created by starsbleed2nite and taken 105530 times on bzoink!

What is your name?Jaime Lee
Are you named after anyone?Yes
What's your screename?either Dreaming Phoenix or insanewelshangel
Would you name a child of yours after you?NO!!!
If you were born a member of the opposite sex what would your name be?I am not saying its terrible!
If you could switch names with a friend who would it be?....what type of question is this?!...fine....Zoe
Are there any mispronounciations/typos that ppl do w/ your name constantly?YES all the fricking time!
Would you drop your last name if you became famous?No, what a stupid question
Your gender:Female
If not, do you want to be?yes!
Birthdate:11th July 1990
Your age:15
Age you act:......um it changes all the time
Age you wish you were:...again it changes
Your height:5 foot something
Eye color:Deep Blue
Happy with it?YES
Hair color:Brunette
Happy with it?YES
Your living arrangement:*raises eyebrow* a house, wtf do u live in?!
Your family:What of them?....fine...Mam dad sister brother
Have any pets?Yeah i got a personal graveyard in my backyard...oh you meant living.....1 parrot, 2 fish and 1 dog
Whats your job?Being a smartass XP
Piercings?ears, but has considered eyebrow
Tattoos?want one but have none
Obsessions?Drawing and hot chocolate
Addictions?Hot chocolate and drawing (lol) plus fruit salads mmm...
Do you speak another language?Yes i live in Wales so DUH!!!! english, welsh.some french, japanese and some russian...thanks for asking wasn't that interesting *rolls eyes*
Have a favorite quote?uhh....sorry, my give a damn is busted
Do you have a webpage?Yes i have three
Deep Thoughts About Life and You in it
Do you live in the moment?........If i'm alive at that precise moment in time DUH
Do you consider yourself tolerant of others?sometimes, only one person has ever called me patient
Do you have any secrets?who the hell doesn't
Do you hate yourself?yeah next question...
Do you like your handwriting?yes
Do you have any bad habits?yes
What is the compliment you get from most people? ' u're weird' or 'you're not normal'
If a movie was made about your life, what would it be called?She took a stupid quiz......-_-;
What's your biggest fear?uh.....that i won't get outta this place, i want to do something interesting
Can you sing?kinda
Do you ever pretend to be someone else just to look cool?no i am who i am
Are you a loner?Yes and proud
What are your #1 priorities in life?My artwork, exploring the world, do something worthwild
If you were another person, would you be friends with you?..........what kind of question is this i don't bloody know i would be someone else!!!!
Are you a daredevil?sometimes
Is there anything you fear or hate about yourself?yes....not fear but hate
Are you passive or agressive?both
Do you have a journal?No
What is your greatest strength and weakness?strength:not letting others change me and having a way with words XP weakness: Hide behind fake smiles and bottle feelings up
If you could change one thing about yourself, what would it be?My lack of faith and trust in people
Do you think you are emotionally strong?yes and no, completely depends on the situation DUH
Is there anything you regret doing/not doing in life?yes
Do you think life has been good so far?No its been pointless and shit
What is the most important lesson you've learned from life?That people are lowlier then animals
What do you like the most about your body?um i have small feet does that count?? um i suppose my eyes
And least?uh...why do you exactly want to know anyway? probably my fingernails
Do you think you are good looking?to be honest i don't check myself out and thats a pretty stupid question
Are you confident?Not really
What is the fictional character you are most like?No idea
Are you perceived wrongly?Yes
Do You...
Smoke?No it's gross
Do drugs?No it's pointless
Read the newspaper?Yes for some reason
Pray?Pfft no
Go to church?NO
Talk to strangers who IM you?Uh....dunno
Sleep with stuffed animals?No i had a clown when i was younger....maybe thats why i'm so deranged XP
Take walks in the rain?Yes i love the rain
Talk to people even though you hate them?No, sometimes its an obligation but not by free will
Drive?Not yet
Like to drive fast?N/A
Would or Have You Ever?
Liked your voice?I think so O.o" weird question
Hurt yourself?Kinda
Been out of the country?lots of times
Eaten something that made other people sick?yes muahhaha but its not gross my mother doesn'tlike it and shes weak stomached
Been in love?No
Done drugs?No....well i've had coffee that count!? XP
Gone skinny dipping?Pfft NO
Had a medical emergency?Yes
Had surgery?No
Ran away from home?No, not yet XP
Played strip poker?No *raises eyebrow*
Gotten beaten up?No
Beaten someone up?Felt like it but no
Been picked on?Yes but i got them back XP
Been on stage?yes unfortunatly
Slept outdoors?yes
Thought about suicide?yeah but not in a suicidal way...if that makes sense
Pulled an all nighter?Yes
If yes, what is your record?about a week
Gone one day without food?yes
Talked on the phone all night?no
Slept together with the opposite sex w/o actually having sex?no
Slept all day?kinda
Killed someone?no....is this a police survey??!!
Made out with a stranger?no
Had sex with a stranger?no
Thought you're going crazy?i am crazy XP
Kissed the same sex?no
Done anything sexual with the same sex?no these questions are becoming grosser
Been betrayed?yes
Had a dream that came true?meh
Broken the law?yeah....
Met a famous person?Can't remember, dun really care
Have you ever killed an animal by accident?yes a bug
On purpose?evil spider
Told a secret you swore you wouldn't tell?no
Stolen anything?.....don't think so!
Been on radio/tv?yes
Been in a mosh-pit?no
Had a nervous breakdown?kinda
Bungee jumped?NO I HATE HEIGHTS!!!
Had a dream that kept coming back?Yes
Belive in life on other planets?No
Astrology?*blinks* my star sign is cancer....(lol) nah i kinda believe
Santa?(lol) hey i personally know him!!!
Love at first sight?not sure, if its love at first site its just the appearence innit?
Yin and yang (that good cant exist w/o bad)?Yes
Witches?be more specific
Easter bunny?all bunnies are evil
Believe its possible to remain faithful forever?for some
Believe theres a pot of gold at the end of a rainbow?HAH, no
Do you wish on stars?No but i like them
Deep Theological Questions
Do you believe in the traditional view of Heaven and Hell?NO
Do you think God has a gender?i misread that and thought it said garden! no
Do you believe in organized religion?NO
Where do you think we go when we die?as long as its not to boring....i don't know...hopefully somewhere we're all free
Do you have any gay/lesbian friends?yes
Who is your best friend?Angharad
Who's the one person that knows most about you?no one really
What's the best advice that anyone has ever given to you?it'snot your fault any of this happened, don't even think it is
Your favourite inside joke?my friend laura and eating books (lol) dun ask
Thing you're picked on most about?that i'm weird
Who's your longest known friend?Angharad
Funniest?ahhh to many but Adam/Angharad/Kim
Weirdest?Angharad/Kim XP
Friends you miss being close to the most?Shainaid
Last person you talked to online?Kim
Who do you talk to most online?Kim
Who are you on the phone with most?Angharad
Who do you trust most?Angharad/Kim
Who listens to your problems?Kim/Angharad
Who do you fight most with?Tasha, wouldn't call her a friend though
Who's the nicest?Kim
Who's the most outgoing?...Angharad
Who's the best singer?Zoe
Who's on your shit-list?Tasha, emma
Have you ever thought of having sex with a friend?no thats why they are called friends
Who's your second family?Angharad/Kim my big and little sisters
Do you always feel understood?No
Who's the loudest friend?Emily
Do you trust others easily?No
Who's house were you last at?.....errr.....charlotte's....i think
Name one person who's arms you feel safe in:not available
Do your friends know you?Yes and No, but no is more then yes....
Friend that lives farthest away:Kim T_T
Love and All That
Do you consider love a mistake?No
What do you find romantic?Uh something from the heart doesn't matter what
First kiss?not saying
If someone u had no interest in had interest in dating u how would u feel?indifferent
Do you prefer knowing someone before dating them or goingbefore
Have u ever wished it was more socially acceptable 4 a girl 2 ask a guy outyes, males are no superiour then females
Have you ever been romantically attracted to someone physically unattractivno
Do you think the opposite sex finds you good looking?i wouldn't know, i'm not them am i!!!
What is best about the opposite sex?They don'tgo all girly on you
What is the worst thing about the opposite sex?Most are sex mad maniacs who you can't have a proper talk to
What's the last present someone gave you?a very speacil ring off my nan and grampi
Are you in love?no
Do you consider your significant other hot?n/a duh!
Who Was the Last Person...
That haunted you???????????????????????????????
You wanted to kill?tasha
That you laughed at?well i laughed WITH kim
That laughed at you?kim laughed WITH me
That turned you on????????thats plain gross
You went shopping with?..............uh.........dunno
That broke your heart?n/a or no comment
To disappoint you?tasha
To ask you out?no comment
To make you cry?kim, with laughter
To brighten up your day?kim
That you thought about?kim cause i just wrote her name above DUH
You saw a movie with?i think it was my father......
You talked to on the phone?Angharad, and she ran my bill up to!
You talked to through IM/ICQ?Angharad
You saw?Mother
You lost?Shainaid
Right This Moment...
Are you going out?No it's 2:08 AM
Will it be with your significant other?NO get a clue already!
What are you wearing right now?pervert
Body part you're touching right now:pervert plus
What are you worried about right now?that this quiz will never end
What book are you reading?the saga of darren shan
What's on your mousepad?funny thing, its called a mouse
Use 5 words to describe how you're feeling:bored, tired, depressed, ill, bored, awake (have insomnia)
Are you bored?YES U ASS!!!
Are you tired?yes moron
Are you talking to anyone online?No its 2:11 AM no one is awake
Are you talking to anyone on the phone?same as above
Are you lonely or content?indifferent...opps that wasn't an option ah well you got an answer be happy...
Are you listening to music?Linkin Park: it's easier to run

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