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Sunday, April 9, 2006

Mood: Meh-ish
Music playing: Loves me not-TaTU
Time: 8: 39 PM

Ok, every bloody plonker on this site is dead.
Seriously i remember when the otaku used to be buzzing with comments and updates.
Now it's just dead...vultures swirling above and whatnot. So i have to ask
Call me a hypocrite (i'm never on here anymore) but have all of us just stopped coming here? I miss so many people T_T XD!
::crickets in the background::
Goooooooooooood it's so dead.
I have easter break now so i'm at least going to try to make my site come back to life in the fortnight i have off.
Even my beloved silver-stream is never online (albiet it's also my fault cause neither am i) COME BACK DAMMIT!
(stops being possesive and pokes screen)

Is anyone out there?

oh and btw have any of you got pennames on fanfiction?
Farewell, whoever might be there XD

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