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Thursday, February 16, 2006

   Well if you wanted honesty that's all you had to say...
Mood: Ok
Music playing: Give 'em hell kid!-MCR
Time: 11:32 PM

Ha! Yeah baby! Finally i have new art up! and it's of Bryan, he finally looks like how i've always wanted him to! All Russian-y and smexy muhahahah~! I've been randomly happy today O.o don't know why. Sorry i haven't been around your sites but i've recently grown a disliking to the computer! Really, i hated it for a couple of days, i'm not fond of it now but meh.
So what's up? Anyone else getting sick of this same-thing-different-day thing or is it just me? Everyone has times when they are bored but dude, recently i've found life boring, just life itself. But i'll get over it, yep. I've got a ton of Art coursework to do, and i'm making a manga for English Media (that class kicks ass) and some random math and history shit in there too. I am also currently obsessed with MCR, i love their songs! Especially 'you know what they do to guys like us in prison' and 'i never told you what i do for a living' i'm now wondering if any of you know what the heck i'm on about.
Anyway, the living room floor has just been varnished, so no one can sit in there otherwise we get high ^^. My brother is away on ship on PTI or PTA or something in the navy and he just played against a top international italian game, hasn't stopped bragging either.
Man, i am so bored........b..o..r...e..d
Oh i have found the wonder of Kingdom Hearts! I <3 that game! And Devil May Cry of course, heheh. ::dances:: booorreeed. One question anyone here know what a hott baguette is? (smirks)just wondering....
yeeeeeeeessss sssssooooooo that's all i can think of to write which is good since i'm bored ith this already. >.> yeah.

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