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Monday, December 19, 2005

   Of latex and coke O.o
Mood: HAPPY!
Music playing: The faint-southern belles in london sings
Time: 05:05 PM

Wow i have not posted in years (talk about over exaggerating) i've been trying to go to everyone's site but for some reason it is going amazingly slow. other the next few days i'll try and see everyone;s who updates. I've also put new art up. One of Kai, and i unleashed my um...how can i put this...personality into it (it's all black and red and what not) and one of Bryan cause i have been itching to draw one of him for ages. But my evil scanner attacked and it's kinda wacked now. T_T. MERRY CHRISTMAS AND HAPPY NEW YEAR TO YOU ALL!
My brother is finally home from the navy, i'm so glad he's back! I had to stop my self laughing earlier because he came into my room to show me what he was wearing. He's gone cycling (he's a very athletic person, he completed the hardest P.T.A course in about 20 years in the navy) and he's wearing cycling shorts and it's pratically latex! He had these weird tights on under neath and they went all the way up his leg. Needless to say i was cracking up inside. [hence a 30 minute break because he decided to come into my room again and check his email] And once again he's posistened my manequin into an unbelievable stance, look's like the poor wooden thing needs to have a crap O.o Yeah anyway have a great holiday!

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