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Tuesday, July 4, 2006

I've gone Yuna!! I tried to get a bg for my last avatar but eh...
so i TRIED to get Fruits Basket! But i couldnt find an avatar......
So i saw a really nice avatar of Yuna! And i knew I could get Final Fantasy BG so here we are.
Hope all you ppls like! Comment on it PLZ...if u really dont like it...then be honest! Be harsh! I dont know if its the right bg and such for me...so honesty.
Jaaa Ne~~ ^ ^ *waves*
~ Rae ~ Undecided ~

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Monday, June 19, 2006

Ppl arent listening to me
u ppl really arent listening! visit my myspace T.T u ppl are horrible! Horrible horrible!!!
i shun u all....


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Friday, June 16, 2006

Lonely person here! Visit! VISIT!!!!

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Thursday, June 15, 2006

For ppls who didnt get to see this is my myspace site...
plz visit me ppl T.T if u dont have a site then make one? i can help u pimp it!! im lonely ;_;

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Tuesday, June 13, 2006

in case u ppls wanna know tis is meh myspace
^ ^ have fun wit it...add me as friend on there......im lonely

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Friday, June 9, 2006

   {------------- Lord Kaho's Face....
My mom got to call the cops today b/c our xbox was stolen...and a bunch of games!! My brother(Jean Starwind) and Katelyn (his new gf) left it outside the apartment COMPLEX door for "jus a minute" and when they came back it was gone...the idiots left it outside...in the open......a bag...with an xbox...and games...in the open............................................................-sigh- the funny thing is ... i was at the pool when other brother(Lord Kaho) came to get me, and when i got back (Marla was with me) and mom had this dark look on her face, and she said that she had some bad news...she told me to walk Marla to her place then come back and she'd say the news...when we walked out the door, Marla and i looked at eachother and we thought either my mom was pregnant or Katelyn was pregnant XD So after I walked her to her place (which is at the other end of the complex) I ran home and when i got there they said slowly "We left the xbox by a door FOR JUS A SECOND and next we saw it was gone!!" I was mad but I thought it was so funny... When I walked in they wouldnt tell me right away, so I jus blurted out "Either she's pregnant" *points and Mother* "She's pregnant" *points to Katelyn* "Or he's pregnant" *points to brother* But im still pissed as hell... they not only took the xbox and about 8 games...they took my DDR UltraMix 2 game AND my dance mat...-sigh- im gonna go scream and throw things at my brother... Ja ne~ ~ Rae ~ Of the Depressed ~ Quote of the Month: "Nananana nananana QUEEFMAAAAAAAAAN~~~!!!!!!!!!!!!!!"
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Thursday, June 8, 2006

   Quizzes Quizzes I love Quizzes *heart heart*
I actually got happy-go-lucky or w/e its called.
Which im so not....so i went for this one on purpose ^_~ I think its a lil more like me and besides...I like this picture

What is the REAL you like? (Girls only - Beautiful anime pics and Detailed Results!)

ConfusedYou find most aspects of your life difficult to understand. Your mood probably changes quite a lot and you spend most of your time trying to find out where you belong.You tend to dwell on your problems and probably have tendancies to get upset when you are by yourself.Although you would love to be understood by others, you appreciate time alone to let out your feeling with something creative.You probably find it easy to connect with people who are like you and want to find themselves.You're not a bad person at all - in fact you are most likely a caring person - you just find it hard to show your feelings.
Take this quiz!

Quizilla |

| Make A Quiz | More Quizzes | Grab Code

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Saturday, June 3, 2006

Msn is really pissing me off right now...
Im thinking of leaving my online msn life.....all my so called friends are REALLY starting to piss me off.........im only gonna talk to ppl i actually know in real life on msn...and i prolly have to change my msn UN ... again...

-sigh- ja ne...
~ Rae ~

P.S. Kitsune...PM me (or comment) if u actually use ur msn...

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Wednesday, May 31, 2006

I havent been on much have i? Srry bout that...but they just opened up the pool at my apartment ... place and i havent stopped swimming yet! I even made a really good friend on the first day!! Her name is Marla and shes a blast! My mom even likes her ^ ^ Since we were going out to eat I invited her and there was pizza...laughing....it was so fun =D Then we went grocery shopping...(when we go shopping we split up and search quicker...yada yada yada) and whenever we would find something and get back to my mom shed go around the corner and say "We found it mommy" my mom kept cracking up...at first she said she was 13 and her birthday's in july ( mines in august) so i thought she was older...then she told em that actually she was turning 13 in july...so i AM OLDER THAN HER HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHHAHAHAHAHAHHAHAHA!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Zat's all for now =3

Ja Ne~ ^ ^
~ Rae ~ Has new friends but will always cherish her sisters ~

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Sunday, May 28, 2006

Im trying to be a good person...I try to make ppl laugh...or make them smile. My friends online are really getting depressed lately...and im trying to cheer them up. But, lately...I feel like nobodys listening. I can feel my words move right through them like water. I really do try to make them happier! They keep saying their life is stressful and how depressed they are, i keep telling them that life could be a hell of a lot worse, and i tell them about the bad things in my life and tell them that they should be happy about what they have! I try...I try every time...but no one listens to me.....i say all i can and they keep being negative. They keep saying theyre idiots and stupid and theyre always hurting others, what they dont realize is that when they talk like that it makes other ppl sad. They arent the only one who isnt listening, whenever i tell them about the bad things in my life to make them happy it reminds me of those bad memories. And it makes me sad...
~ Rae ~

Title of the day: "Sadness of a Peacemaker"

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