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Tuesday, March 11, 2008

   They say you've got a hold on me, and I won't disagree...

DS Time: 2:45 PM
Rockin' to the Sounds of: I Won't Disagree - Kate Voegele

Physical Science Professor: With the Permian Era came reptiles. And in order to wholly separate themselves from the water even further, reptiles created/invented sex.

Me: ...Now we all know who to thank for that.

Oh come on, you know you all were thinking it too. >__>;

Also, is it wrong that I snickered when someone said the word 'undulate' in my Irish Lit class?

Oh LiveJournal, what have you done to me? Though I suppose most of the blame goes to the people I RP with. I've no doubt they take that with pride. As they should. xD;

I love Ren & Hao.

What about you?

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Friday, February 22, 2008

You've been down so long you can hardly see...

DS Time - 10:30 AM
Rockin' to the Sounds of: Nothing~

Mmm, two mid-term exams, an explication paper, and lit questions due were all due this week. Suffice to say my brain is FRIED and DEAD. But thankfully I've no classes on Fridays so I get some time to recharge with less scholarly and more fun things. The day is mine! >D!

Meanwhile, today would be my eldest brother's birthday. He turns 28 years old...which just reminds me that I'll be turning 23 in July. Wow, we're getting old. When did that happen? O_o;

I love Ren & Hao.

What about you?

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Monday, February 4, 2008

   Last semester was a PAIN...let's get it ALL out...

So...I haven't made an update since September. Ehehehehe, oops. ^^;

That should tell you how busy I was with my FOUR English courses last semester. But in all honesty, nothing much has been going on with me anyways, just living the life of a typical college student. Not really that much else to me than school and home. And I'd rather not bore you all (who still pay attention to this page) with that.

There's been some things going on with my family involving my dad. Suffice to say, after five years of being divorced from my mom, the guy's STILL an ass. What's worse is that I actually started to believe that he had changed. Tch, I'll never make that mistake again, that's for sure. A girl can only take so much before she's just gives up trying to hope that her father will become someone she always thought him to be. So that's it. I mean, I'll be civil with him because he IS still my father. But...I'm done.

Yesterday I got something in the mail. They were announcement packet order forms for graduation. They sent a sample announcement with it too. It was then that I realize that I'm so close to taking that final step into the real world. And I am freakin' out. It's a long time between now and December when I expect to graduate, but still...time these days seems to fly by so quickly. You don't realize these things until life literally just starts staring at you in the face. I need to start getting my act together now.

And on that note, we move on to a subject that has been bothering me for the past month or so. Don't get me wrong, I'm a little more upbeat about the whole relationships (or lack there of) deal than I was two weeks ago. I mean, the loneliness that I felt will always be there. I don't think that sort of thing really goes away completely because really, everyone just wants to be loved and find someone who will care for them. It makes the world less scary to face knowing that there's someone there to support you through the ups and downs.

But...I'm gonna hold on to the belief that there is someone out there for everyone and just let it happen when it will happen. If these guys that I've been friends with all this time can't seem to open their eyes and see the great person that I am, the potential that I have...then they're just not worth my time.

So to them and the hope that they would simply get real and see me, I just say goodbye. I'll always be their friend and help them in any way that I can, but I'm done hoping for something more from them.

Now, on to what's been going on this semester...

The school scene itself seems to be working well for me this semester. There's a lot of reading as there always is, but I'm finding my way around pretty good. My professors are, for the most part, easy going, though my Intro to Poetry teacher is a bit...off. There's really no other way to describe him, and I suppose it's not necessarily a bad thing. He just creeps me out on some occasion. But his free use of sarcasm makes up for it.

And speaking of being off, my professor for Modern and Contemporary Irish Literature is crazy. I'm serious. Every class period, he acts like a kid on a sugar high, running and bouncing around the classroom like he does. One of these days he's going to pull a muscle. And the irony of it is that he's actually British. A Brit teaching Irish Literature. Interesting indeed.

I'm really loving my Concepts of the Ancient Hero course, though, and was kind of sad that the class was canceled last Thursday (which in and of itself tells you how much I like that class). At the moment we're reading The Iliad and plan on watching the movie Troy after we're done. Next we'll be looking at a novel about the Spartans and watching the movie 300 when we're done. So you can imagine the sort of fun a nerdy bookworm/ancient cultures geek like me is having in this class.

I don't think the other classes are really worth mentioning; they're just general courses that don't really mean all that much to me (although I am enjoying discussing Astronomy in my Science class).

So that's the 411 on me, and an actual update on the matters in my life as of right now.

PS. Anyone going to Naka-kon this weekend...I might be there (MIGHT being the operative word). Wow, possibly my first anime con experience. :O! I'm somewhat excited.

I love Ren & Hao.

What about you?

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Wednesday, September 12, 2007

   ...Jiminey Crickets...

DS Time - 12:32 PM
Rockin' to the sounds of - my keyboard while I type

Well, damn. It's been a LONG time, hasn't it? Apologies to all those who still stop by this account. I had a really busy summer and things have gotten even more hectic since school started. So, shall we get the extremely watered down version to save us all time and space? Alrighty, here we go~

Well my eldest brother had knee surgery back in June and I stayed with him for a few weeks to help out cuz he had a one year old kid and a pregnant fiancee who was about six or seven months along. My job was to take care of my nephew, Khai. The surgery went well and the good news was that it wasn't as serious as they first believed. Still, we had a crippled brother, a hobbling pregnant woman, and a little one year old boy who couldn't be held by either of his parents because they were both incapable to do so without making their conditions worse. So I still came over to help out til the new baby came.

My little niece, which they ended up naming Mia Rae, was born 5 lbs and 2 oz on July 24th 2007, but about a month early so she came out with underdeveloped lungs. But Mia only had to stay in the hospital for an extra week. She's perfectly fine and healthy now, though a little on the small side. I got to hold her for the first time about two weeks ago and she's about the length of my forearm and hand. Tiny little thing but oh so adorable. They're a gorgeous family, I'm almost jealous.

And now we move on to the issue of school. My first day back was August 20th though I only had one class which started at 7:00 PM and ran til 9:45 PM. Seriously, three hours of Brit Lit in a row is NOT fun. But it's a requirement for my degree and the class was not scheduled for any other time. Sometimes you gotta do what you gotta do. I have that class Monday nights.

Tuesdays and Thursdays, I have four classes from morning to evening, roughly from 9:45 AM to 6:45 PM with a three hour break from about 1:45 PM to 5:30 PM (and this is all Central Standard time that I'm talking about). So I have Wednesdays and Fridays off though it's not much of a break because I spend most of the day doing either reading or writing homework.

That's another thing. My insane self thought it would be fun to take a total of 4 English courses this semester...I think I just might die by the end of the semester, that is if my hand doesn't fall off before then. Meh...I think I can handle it. It's just all the boring essays that I have to write. But then again I guess that's what the Creative Writing classes are for, to make things at least a little fun.

Well, that's the quick 411 on me. Just wanted to drop by and assure you guys that I'm still alive. Just really busy with school and pre-occupied with RPing over at LiveJournal. You guys should check it out, the people and fandom communities there are pretty great. Seriously, they are. To be honest, I think you'll have a better of chance catching me over there than you will here.

PS. In the meantime, huggums to all of you~ <3

I love Ren & Hao.

What about you?

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Thursday, May 24, 2007


DS Time - 10:37 AM
Rockin' to the sounds of - Silence (I seem to be rockin' to that a lot lately xP)

Right, it was brought to my attention just how long it's been since I've been around. The end of April was pretty busy for me what with finals and all that. Plus that whole mess about the people in the advising office losing my student file. Luckily they found it by the time I went up there to sign up for classes. Good thing too cuz I would have been one pissed off girl. >/

Anyways, I've been done with the semester since May 4th and things have pretty much cooled down a great deal since then. For the moment I'm getting ready to celebrate my nephew's first birthday on Saturday.

I can't believe it's been a year already. Where does the time go? I'm already old, I don't need the years to pass by so quickly. And my brother is expecting a girl in August, so that's a niece on the way.

I still can't seem to wrap my head around the idea that I'm at that age where things like weddings and babies are possible. It's a weird feeling going to your friend's wedding reception or celebrating their kid's birthdays. And why the hell does everyone feel the need to ask me when it'll be my turn when I don't even have a boyfriend? xP

PS. ...Cute Asian girl, 5'3" and 125 lbs, looking for a boyfriend?...Lol, I'm just kidding. -huggums-

I love Ren & Hao.

What about you?

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Wednesday, April 18, 2007

   Doesn't even matter how hard you try...

DS Time - 10:37 PM
Rockin' to the sounds of - my silent screams

The incompetence in my school's filing system is astounding. Seriously, you would think an institution of higher learning would handle things better than this.

What's going on, you ask?

Well, yesterday I went to the advising office so that I could meet with someone and see what general education courses I had left to take. With all this talk of graduation, I wanted to make sure I was getting in all my required credit hours and such.

...Those bastards spent about half an hour just passing around my sign in paper asking each other if my name looked familiar because apparently they couldn't find my student file...


Yeah I kind of need it when I sign up for classes next week. And this is my third year of college so don't you fuckin' tell me that I did all that shitty ass work just for you to lose it all. Seriously?! How screwed up is that? I was having such a nice day too. I had just gotten out of a good poetry class. Earlier that day I spent a good hour or two talking to a friend who I hadn't talked to in a while. And that just...ARG!!!! -bangs head against the desk-

PS. -sighs- ...why does this always happen to me?

I love Ren & Hao.

What about you?

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Friday, April 6, 2007

Another poem coming your way...

DS Time - 2:15 PM
Rockin' to the sounds of - Nickelback

Title: Smoke Addiction
Type: Poetry
Prompt: Pick an inanimate object and make it come alive without using personification.
Warning(s): Um...seductive qualities of smoke? And maybe smoking too. :P
Disclaimer: Poem written by me and should not be submitted stating otherwise.
Notes: I was actually hyped to write this but I got distracted by something else so it feels a little incomplete to me.

Creeping, crawling
Wavering in the air
Dancing your slithery tango
Oh how you entice me

Slinking and coiling
Revolving in your circles
Leaving the scent of your perfume
Lingering long after you’re gone

Trudging through the grey clouds
That make up your being
The burning spark at your roots.
Feeding you

Playing on my lust
For just a taste of what you bring
My chemical addiction
To what you have to offer

Rolling, swirling with the winds
Dancing your intricate designs
With every puff
You put on a show for me

With the red glow at your roots
And the gentle sway of your limbs
You pull me back to you
My one and only obsession

Igniting your muse with a flicker,
A flame. You float away
And with a snap of the thumb
The lighter calls you back, back to me

Into the arms that scream in agony
At your absence
Shaking without your presence
Twitching to touch you again

Written February 13, 2007

PS. I know, I need to do better on the updates. -huggums-

I love Ren & Hao.

What about you?

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Monday, March 5, 2007

   Checking in with a poem...

DS Time - 10:11 AM
Rockin' to the sounds of - Nothing

Title: What an Annoying Interruption
Prompt: Write a about the end of the world and how it would ruin your day.
Warning(s): Sarcasm at it's finest in the last stanza.
Disclaimer: Poem written by me and should not be submitted stating otherwise.
Notes: My professor gave us a list of 20 prompts and we had to choose from them for our next poem. Lots of wtf-ish kind of prompts too, it's great. I'm starting to like this professor. :P

The fires of Hades erupts
Through the ground
Spilling out
Hot, seeping magma drips
Burning the streets without mercy
Sweeping past concrete footprints in the sidewalk

Flames lick the land while I
Turn the pages of my life
Just as I turn the pages of the novel
Outside the masses flee
From fires,
Engulfing, spewing out a dark haze
The world dims in its wake

And as the clouds of ash cover the sun
My eyes lose sight of the pages,
Search hopelessly for the words
Never quite finishing
Unable to complete
The story of a lifetime

I was just getting to the good part

Written January 29, 2007

PS. -huggums to each and every one of you!!!-

I love Ren & Hao.

What about you?

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Thursday, February 1, 2007


DS Time - 12:02 PM
Rockin' to the sounds of - Silence

I realize just now that it's been a very LONG time since I've updated here. Apologies but school work and procrastination in the form of fanficing/writing in general have eaten up a lot of my time. And really, there's not much for me to tell. Nothing of excitement has occurred since my last entry that I can recall.

A new semester has started and I find myself missing the blissful days I had spent just lazing about during the winter break. It was a beautiful thing. I did, however, get a chance to see the Eragon movie during the winter break and I must say...it was a great disappointment.

I say this because I had the privilege to read the book before the movie was even in production. The movie had so many plot-holes and the information they did decide to use were pieced together in a poor manner. My friend who had never read a page of the book was so confused when we left the theater and had so many questions for me to answer.

She has since read both of the books that are out and now anxiously awaits for the third to come out. But she agrees with all the comments I have previously made. The best part of the movie was how the film-makers made the dragon. Now that was amazing. But despite the comments I've made on the film, I feel that I'm obligated to watch the other movies of the trilogy just to see if they improve or just smash the story to pieces all together. We'll just have to see.

As of now, I have a poem to write for my poetry class where I'm to imitate another poet. This should be interesting as imitation can be difficult when your mindset differs from the one you are to replicate. It's a good thing the poem isn't due til Tuesday. :P

PS. Is it just me, or are my classes this semester just not motivating...at all? -huggums-

I love Ren & Hao.

What about you?

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Monday, December 11, 2006

   Wasting time...

DS Time - 9:05 AM
Rockin' to the sounds of - 'Hold On' by Stellar Kart

So, like the subject title says I'm just sitting here wasting time in between working on a paper for Shakespearean Drama. Because I'm at school and my final doesn't start unil 1. Yeah, this would be one of the downfalls of carpooling. But I love my carpooling buddy all the same cuz she didn't have to come get me to take me to school at all. Especially since she was done with her finals last week.

So yeah, nothing much going on with me other than that. I suppose I should do a little studying for my French final too. Cuz yeah, that's today. But like I said, I have until 1 and I don't think I'll take me long to write that one page left that I have to do for my paper.

Speaking of which I should get back to that. The sooner I finish the paper, the quicker I can get to working on my fanfics. ^^

PS. Why is it so exceedingly cold in here? -shivering huggums-

I love Ren & Hao.

What about you?

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