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Wednesday, June 22, 2005

New Theme and Story
Well, yeah, I've been obsessing about Wolf's Rain. It's just that my other friends have already seen Wolf's Rain and that I have NOT!!! O.O

So I bought the first two DVDs. Five more to go!

Oh! I had so much fun IMing! It seemed that the whole time I was talking to someone else besides the person I thought I was talking to. Confused? I don't give out names unless I know they're in MyOtaku. I learned so much about my good friend! ^_^ It's amazing. And, I cry when I learned about how sweet he was. No, really! I was sniffing and crying!

Ah well. Anyways, read this and see if you're interested:

Young Miharu is a student in her high school with a tough life. She rarely sees her older brother because of his work. Her classmates ostracized her because of her abnormalties and constant daydreaming, and none of the teachers try to help her. With no one to turn to, her dark and deepest emotions bottle up inside. Then one day, a destructive tree sprouted rapidly in the center of the school, engulfing Miharu into its body.

Years passed and Miharu's older brother, Setsuhen, returned to visit the tree that destroyed the school. There, he finds his younger sister, reborn from the flesh of the tree itself. And as a newborn Miharu, she knows nothing.

The story of A Chance At Rebirth tells of how Setsuhen tries to re-educate his reborn sister about the current world.

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