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Sunday, February 17, 2008

   I hate working sundays
uhg! I had to work this morning. I really don't like working on sundays... I also really need to get my priorities in line.

Friday I spent the night with my friend Shader. we had fun, tons of it, she made me watch "The Mummy" and "The Chronicals of Riddick" and yes, I know I spelt that wrong. anyway, Friday night I had a dream about Riddick. Riddick got lost and ended up on Earth and him and I were in the Wal*mart parking lot and I was making him put all his guns and weapons in the back of my van under a blanket. When I thought I had all of them, someone bumped into him and he pulled out a gun and pointed it at him and I said "I said All your guns!" Then we went to Wal*mart becuse he needed pants and Shader chose that moment to start talking to the cats. I love my friends.
Shader and her dad gave me a copy of KH2 because they had two, pretty cool, huh? and I finished watching season two of Stargate: Atlantis but I forgot to borrow season three. >_< annoying, is it not?

Sorry for the long non update. I should check in every day to assure you guys that I am still alive. well, ttyl, guys!
"You won't fool the Children of the Revolution" ~Moulin Rouge

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