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Thursday, April 5, 2007

   the play is the thing

I think I told you guys about the play I'm in this weekend? well, the opening night is tomorow. one of the guys doesn't have any of his lines, I have a monalouge thats not all there, and our main character cannot remember all her lines. *shakes head* we have an after school practice till six today, dress rehersal. I'm worried, well, we have three and a half hours or so to get it. *nodds* yeah. okay...

so anyway, that's whats going on in my life so far, well, I got to go now and work on that poster, bye guys!!!

Random thought If a person is playing a schitzoid in a movie and he gives a speech, talking to himself, is it a dialouge or a monalouge?

"You won't fool the Children of the Revolution" ~Moulin Rouge

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Tuesday, April 3, 2007

   did you know?

If you put a bunch of male frogs togeather, they will start changeing gender? thats funny.

anyway, I've been meaning to mention this, but I keep forgetting. have any of you see that show on G4 called Ninja Warrior? It's hilarious, think American Idol, except the people arn't singing, they are trying to get through this obstical course. It's great, and so funny. the first stage is where everyone makes fools of themselves, second and third decide who goes on to the final stage, they have thirty seconds to scale this HUGE tower, it's great!!! I want to train and compete in it!!!

anyway, I have a project to do, because the dude teaching needs to put in grades. I need to make a poster using a quote, I thnik I want to use the quote "Thoes of you who think you know everything are annoying to thoes of us that do." with Alucard and Jan and Luke Valentine from Hellsing. that would be GREAT!!!

okay, got to go, bye!!!
"You won't fool the Children of the Revolution" ~Moulin Rouge

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Saturday, March 31, 2007

   good afternoon!

this morning I went out to the fabric store to get fabric for my prom dress that I'm making, it's beautiful fabric, it's blue with only a little bit of green and...hold on, let me just get a picture!

Image and video hosting by TinyPic

isn't it beautiful? *dances around the room*

I still don't have a date, but oh well, if all else fails, I'll go back to my old stand by, D!!!

*D* "I went last year, I will not go again."
*Looks at Alucard*
*Alucard* "I also went last year."
not with me!
*Alucard* "but I danced with you, all the same."
*huff* fine! I'll go alone, and so be it, if I get date raped because you two weren't there to protect me, well, I don't know what I would do, I need time to think of somethign horrible for a vampire and a vampire spawn!

anyway, I got the costume for the play I'm doing, Little Women, but I dont' know if it will work... I dont' know!!

well, this post is long enough as it is, I got to go, bye!!!

:EDIT: I also uploaded a new picture!!! please go check it out and tell me what you think!!!
"You won't fool the Children of the Revolution" ~Moulin Rouge

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Friday, March 30, 2007

   thoes were GREAT answers, people!!!

HOMYGOSH! okay, last time I posted was...wendsday morning, right? well, wendsday after noon there was a casting director for a movie called "dance of the dead" looking for Zombie extras. I signed up for it, but I don't know if I will get it...

and remember the ex-boyfriend who stood me up? no? oh, well, he got the Oroborus tattoo(from FullMetal Alchemist) tattooed on his wrist. *shakes head* it's crazy. *nodds*

and yesterday there was a group of people from (and I know I'm going to spell this wrong) Uikitada, Japan. WE HAD JAPANEESE PEOPLE IN OUR SCHOOL! it was so WICKED awesome! They are from our sister city in Japan, and I think the school should sponser a cultural exchange to Japan, you know, if someone visits your house, you should go visit them ^_^ but the school is cheap so it's never going to happen. but once I'm a sucsessful Nuromuscular therepist (massage thereapist) I'm going to go to Japan and China and Asia and learn techneques and bring them back state side. and I might stop in England on the way home. *nodds*

*bows* Thank you to everyone who answred my question yesterday, they were awesome answres and they made me laugh!
"You won't fool the Children of the Revolution" ~Moulin Rouge

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Wednesday, March 28, 2007

   the guys...agian, I love thoes guys!

the guys who went to momo con with out me are trying to get me to go to Dragon con...I REALLY want to go, mom wouldn't let me go last year T_T (something about being in atlanta with two 18 year olds...) Anyway, this year I'm going to be 18...and in college, AND I'll be going with guys (and girls becasue Shader and Aqua are making me go) so it's going to be really AWESOME if I can get the money... >_< I hate it!

anyway, I'm in a random mood so, I'll ask a random question and I expect a random answre.

If blue Hippos ransaked Jack Sparows Ship, would llamas speak in toungs?

my answre? No, because purple monkeys swim underwater.
"You won't fool the Children of the Revolution" ~Moulin Rouge

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Monday, March 26, 2007

   monday monday!

well, my first spring break is over >_< I hate it because that means that I'm in school for another three weeks before I get a break.

saturday I walked with leeniaHellsing for about two miles, she was complaing the whole way "I'm gonna die of heat exaustion!" I was fine, 'corse I excercise almost every day...oh well.

Sunday my dad put me to work digging holes. he did this to my older brother, too. I don't like digging holes. So I was outside almost all day yesterday and got a little sunburned, but just a bit, it went away. sunday night I didn't close my window so my room this morning was FREEZING! not really, but it was cold, I didn't like it. and for some reason when my alarm whent of at five thirty I thought of naked dancing fairys...I have a sick mind. *flash to picture of DR22's brain in bed with a thomomiter in it's mouth.*
Oh, that's good! I got to write that down! *wirtes "sick mind" under "gangsta Pair-a-dice"*

well, I'll leave you guys and gals for now!! bye!
"You won't fool the Children of the Revolution" ~Moulin Rouge

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Thursday, March 22, 2007

   in todays post

today was fun, I got to RP with the guy... I can't tell you his name but it was fun. We were on a beach and swimming with sharks.

anyway, after that I had to get off the computer to go with my mom to help set up the clear the tables after the dinner. (my mom is the religious ed cooridinator) anyway, I did bupkis. ~D~Bupkis?
ja, you know, zip, zilch, jack, squat, nada!

anyway, yesterday, meaning the day before yesterday I watched "the mask of Zorro" with Antonio Bendaras (really hot) and that old dude that played in silence of the lambs, Anthony Hopkins! it was good!

well, it's midnight and I promised my mom I wouldnt' stay up really late so I have to go to bed now. I really dont' want to but I'm about to fall asleep.
"You won't fool the Children of the Revolution" ~Moulin Rouge

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Monday, March 19, 2007

   I'm laughing at the guys

I'm laughing at the guys, you know, the "gamers" and such that went to momo con yesterday? yeah. apparently it was ended early because someone snuck in fireworks. I find that hilarious. but shame on the firework people.

last night I played KH but I still couldn't beat RikuII everytime I've almost got him, I'm almost beat, then he gets me before I can use Cure or a potion! oh well, I'll get him one day.

This morning my little sister brought me a fried egg and a strawberry/bannana/grape smoothy. you may not think this is very strange, but my sister never EVER brings me anything in bed. I said "Who are you and what have you done with my sister?" and she says "I'm *insert sister's name here* and I felt like being nice." so I ate it, and it was good, and there was much rejoycing.

and I'm on a Nickleback kick, 'speaclly "if everyone cared" their new song. it's good!!!

well, I'm going to go because this is a long post!!! bye guys!

oh, yeah, we have spring break this week!!! whoot! okay, see ya for real this time!
"You won't fool the Children of the Revolution" ~Moulin Rouge

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Sunday, March 18, 2007

   ahhh! school has got me getting up way too early!

I went to church last night. that should mean that I can sleep much later today... It's eight o'clock in the morning, WHY AM I UP??

anyway, I was up late RPing on AIM (that was a new experience) but the guys (most of the "gamers" from drama+some others((including my crush))) are going to Momo con wich is a free anime convention. but I can't go becuase, comeon, do you really think my mom would let me go anywhere with a bunch of teenage guys? well, she wouldn't. plus we have to look for fabric for my prom dress. and he won't be at youth today (I was planning on asking him after youth) because he is going to momo con. *sigh* oh well. *picks up rock and chucks it at D* *D pulls his sword out and cuts the rock in half* You know, D, It's really disturbing when you do that! *D smiles*

ookay, whatever! love ya, guys! talk to you later!
"You won't fool the Children of the Revolution" ~Moulin Rouge

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Saturday, March 17, 2007

*sips yougurt smoothie*

*Dragon Rider 22 comes in, reads a few sites then realizes* "Today is St. Patricks day!!! *looks at red shirt and kakis* oh well, but I will post a video for your enjoyment. *rummages through Youtube video stock pile* ah ha! here we go!

Since tonight I expect more than half of America will be getting drunk, I'll post a video about Beer.

"You won't fool the Children of the Revolution" ~Moulin Rouge

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