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Saturday, May 5, 2007


hey guys, I'm posting from Shader's house. since my birthday was yesterday, she treated me to Spiderman 3(I'll give my reveiw later) and a trip to wally world.

She picked me up around six, and the movie started at 9:40 so we hung out at wally world with the guy she is in like with until nine then shader, Marty (a big black dude) and I piled in Shader's car. Marty was in the back seat, witch was really funny, imagen a tuna fish stuffed in a sardeen can. lol! after the movie wich was great, artistically beautiful, and plot wise, but it took a long time to get to a point. anyway, after the movie it was raining a bit and we had to drop marty off at his friends house and two other boys decided to join him. Okay, guys, now take that tuna fish in a sardeen can and add a lobster and a carp and you've just about got the idea! then the windshild started fogging up because guys give off more body heat that girls so we had to roll the windows down and turn the AC on just so Shader could see to get us ten minutes down the road to the guys house.

After our death-defying stunt (lol) we came back to Shaders house and ate because I hadn't had anything but a yougurt since four and I was starving, then we watched Invader Zim then Shader passed out on her bed and I got on the internet. But I'm going to sleep soon!
"You won't fool the Children of the Revolution" ~Moulin Rouge

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Friday, May 4, 2007

   despite the fact

despite the fact that it's a dreary overcast day, I'm happy. My older brother landed in Cali yesterday and my dad gor home from St. Louis...wait, I never told you he went to St. Louis, did I? I'm sorry, I ment to. My dad works in a factory that makes cans. He works in waste removal, or something, he cleans the water before they send it to the treatment center. Anyway, My dad had to go on a bussness trip to St. Louis (where the company headquarters is) to learn how to use a pump he had apparently been using for four years. *tilts head to the side* doesn't make sense dose it?

Anyway, he got home yesterdy and we had my birthday cheese cake (LOVE cheese cake!) and my brother landed in California, thats why I changed my avatar, because he is safe! ^_^ so i had an excelent birthday. I didn't get any presents, but thats okay becuase I embarased my little sister. :D I'll tell you the story.

Last year for my bithday card I got a paper pickle, it's a card painted and cut to look like a pickle, I think my older sister picked it out. I asked my mom what she got me for my birthday and she said "a pickle" so I went and got my last year paper pickle and hid it in a drawer in the kitchen and when I opened the card I said, "A paper pickle? I think I've seen this before." and I went to the drawer and pulled out the paper pickle. You should have seen my little sister's face (she picked out the card) it was red as blood!

anyway, who all is going to the spiderman 3 movie? I wanna go, and leagaly, since I'm 18 now, I don't need my moms permission to go out with my friends lol!

well, I'll let you go, because I'm sure you have much better things to do on your friday that read my ramblings!
"You won't fool the Children of the Revolution" ~Moulin Rouge

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Wednesday, May 2, 2007

   hmmm, ammused? no, not really

hey guys, guess what! tomorow is my 18th birthday! whoot!!! *dances around the room* that being said, I was singing the Oscar Mayer bologna song...you know, "My bologna has a first name, it's O-S-C-A-R..." yeah, and I reflected on how strange it was to be 17 and 30 days old singing the bologna song...but, I don't really care, I'm going to hold onto my inner child for as long as I can. *begins watching Bugs Bunny*

There is this show on BBC called Robin Hood. Guess what it is about? well, Robin Hood, of corse! I love the guy who plas Robin, he is so cute so my usual daydreams of being a character in an anime have halted and Sherwood Forest have taken their place! ^_^

anyone out there in net-land, if you can see a picture next to my post, please tell me because I can't see one and it's making me angry. I might have to get the computer teacher to figure out whats wrong with the code.

okay, well, I'll let you get on to the rest of your day, happy wendsday!
"You won't fool the Children of the Revolution" ~Moulin Rouge

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Monday, April 30, 2007

   smiling at school?

Prom was saturday and is was really awesome! well, I had lots of fun and I will have pictures up just as soon as I get them! My dress did get finished (only because I took over and did the hem) and I wore my last year prom shoes because mom didn't want to go out to look for shoes. >_<

In other news my older brother who is a marine and is in Iraq gets to come home tomorow! That means that my avatar gets changed soon! (I had it the marine symbol as a kinda tribute to my brother while he was in danger) Though I wont be able to see him for about another month because he needs to go back to california for a bit, then he gets leave!^_^ *dances around the room*

in other other news, I still havn't figured out whats wrong with my post box yet.

okay, guys, I've given you two goods and a bad, now you need to leave so I can put the wookiee back into the closet! bye!!!
"You won't fool the Children of the Revolution" ~Moulin Rouge

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Saturday, April 28, 2007


*DR22 looks shiftly around the room, sees her dress with the fraying edges and runs out crying*

~D~ Your friend Dragon Rider22 is...incapasitated at the moment. *sobs come from the bathroom* it is the day of prom and her mother still hasn't finished her dress and she has no shoes to wear.

~DR22~ Where is she! where is my mother? *DR22 comes out of the bathroom dragging Alucard massive black pistol, the Jakle.* I said I would shoot someone if it wasn't finished!

~D~ can you even lift that thing?

*looks at pistol; shakes head.*

Okay, guys this is your friend dragon rider, typing to you with really long fake nails. they are uber pretty but hard to type in. but my dress is not finished, I don't have shoes and I have little over 12 hours to get it all done. in other news my keayboard is got marshmellow in it an the 2 and the 3 key are stuck togeather. stupid little brother! anyway, I hope you guys have a good day filled with... cake and...armadillos!
"You won't fool the Children of the Revolution" ~Moulin Rouge

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Thursday, April 26, 2007

   no, there is nothing wrong with your computer.

Tuesday I tried something on my site and it didn't work, thats why there is no picture over there <---. there is nothing wrong with your computer.

in other news...well, there is no other news. Oh! yeah there is!!! the play that I was talking about two weeks ago was it? anyway, we did it again for the student body tuesday and Mr. Principal said that his wife (who works in the middle school) wants to take the eigth graders to see the play. wich is fine and dandy for them, I was just hoping that it would be over by now. T_T

I dont' know....um well, i'll let you guys get going to whatever you do while your on the computer! bye!
"You won't fool the Children of the Revolution" ~Moulin Rouge

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Tuesday, April 24, 2007

   wait, I'm in school, why am I smiling?

well, it's back to the old routene, for five more weeks then I graduate!!! WHOOT!!!

Prom is this weekend, I hope my mom finishes my dress soon, because if she is working on it saturday, I'm going to have to shoot someone!

not really.

I'm going to start working on a background for my site, so I need some imput please!

what size resolution is your monitor? If you know off the top of your head, that is ^_^ okay, thank you!!!
"You won't fool the Children of the Revolution" ~Moulin Rouge

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Sunday, April 15, 2007

wow, a post at six oclock at night

I'm on vacation in New York/Jersy....okay, let me explain. my grandparents live on the new york new jersy border. my aunt lives on the new jersy new york border we are statying at my aunts house and it's my grandparent's 50'th aniversary party...last night, we got back here...oh, yeah, I'm posting from my aunts laptop becuase little sister is on the desk top...anyway...ok, I'll tell you all about everything.

I'm on spring break this week and thursday morning we left for New York. Notice at that point I wasn't off school, we skipped. we stopped somewhere in pennsylvania late thrurday night, and we were in the car for forever friday, we skipped school again. finaly Friday afternoon we got to New York and visited with my grandparent's for a while until my parent's felt crapmed because grandma and grandpa live in a converted chiken coop. Raised five kids in it, so they knew how to make the most out of a small space. Then we went to my Aunts house and spent the rest of the night there...

The next day, yesterday, we helped set up the party, wich was AWESOME really fun, I loved it. I danced alot, and I am still exausted because we got in at about one, fell asleep at about two (this is AM, people) and then we had to get up becuase there was a breakfast at the place we had the party at this morning at ten...then we went to church, kinda unerving because they did mass differently. anyway, then we went to my grandparents house again. then we came back to my aunts house and my sister took over the desk top and my aunt let me use the laptop. so we are talking to eachother on AIM from the next room.

well, I guess it runs in the family because my dad told a story last night about my grandfather and uncle skippy (his brother) HAM radioing eachother from the next room. lol.

don't expect anymore posts this week, guys, sorry but we are either going to amish town or myrtal beach. for the rest of the week. yeah, an actual vacation!!!

I really beleive that goofballyness is hereditary because my dads whole side of the famliy is insane, really, just get ten or twenty of them togeather in one room with a bar, *shakes head* but it was fun. s

but, to put a damper...it is rainy and nasty. oh well.

well, this post is long enough so I'll let you go do what you do! bye!!!!!
"You won't fool the Children of the Revolution" ~Moulin Rouge

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Wednesday, April 11, 2007

   *rubbs eyes*

*DR22 sits in the computer chair in first block, exausted. her fingers hover above the keys. suddenly and without warning the dragon rider's head falls back and she is alseep.*

The one writing this post is D, the captive Dhampir. You may be wondering why Dragon Rider fell asleep. She would come up with some story, probably involving a strange colored animal and a chariot race. The true story is that her father put in a movie called "Ben Hur" last night and she didn't realize that it was getting late. *looks over at DR22* She is so sloppy.

*Alucard materializes out of nowhere* Hello, my half-vampire friend.*grin* Tell me, where is it that our sleeping friend keeps her blood stock? *Alucard holds D's shoulder and takes him away to look for the Rider's blood*

*In her sleep DR22's hand falls and hits the ENTER key and her post lives on in infamy*
"You won't fool the Children of the Revolution" ~Moulin Rouge

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Monday, April 9, 2007

I have some good news, and some bad news

good news is the play went great and we all had fun and it's finaly all over.

bad news is my older sister is pregggnadamt...preddddasifat....um...with child. she is 19, still living at home, and not married, yet. anyway, her fiance is looking for houses and a full time job, and then when she gets really bad pregnant she is going to quit her job and stuff like that...anyway, it's all really just very confused, but, yeah, I'm an aunt. *shakes head*

anyway, since I don't want this post to be too depressing I'll...tell a joke...

okay, during the time when Clinton was in office someone peed on the snow in front of the white house. he wrote "clinton sux" Bill put his top forensics people on the case and they came to him a week later and said "Mr. Presedent, I have bad news and worse news. The bad news is it's Vice Presedent Al Gore's urin. The worse news is it's Hilary's handwriting."

okay, guys and girls, have a good day!!!!
"You won't fool the Children of the Revolution" ~Moulin Rouge

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