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Sunday, December 3, 2006

today is sunday.

today is sunday, wich means I won't expect many people to come by today, wich is fine by me.

I'm not bitter, just hungry.

I'll cook me some eggs.

or something.

anyway, I'd like everyone to know that I got an offer of $5 on my pot that was in the fair. if I fake my own death, it might go up to $10. just kidding.

I'm going to go and get some apple cider. mmm, apple cider!
"You won't fool the Children of the Revolution" ~Moulin Rouge

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Thursday, November 30, 2006

   Thoes stupid birds

Prince of Persia Update. The level I'm on is stupid, I keep dying and then I have to fight the stupid birds all over again. I hate thoes birds.

other than that I'm pritty good.

At the parade this guy who was driving a police car with a huge megaphone on the top (my mom says its from the Blues Brothers) was flirting with me. come to think about it, alot of guys in cars have been flirting with me. *giggle*

ummmmm... I guess thats about it. Bye Guyes!
"You won't fool the Children of the Revolution" ~Moulin Rouge

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Tuesday, November 28, 2006

Prince of Persia...The Sands of Time

I've never been a gamer, but Shader lent me Prince of Persia to play and I like it. I'm three hours into it and I'm only 14% fninished with the game, but I look foward to working on it tonight, it'll get my mind off of other things.

in other news I'm reading MoonPhase, somthing else Shader let me borow. It's cool. She let me borow a lot of stuff, lets see, Furuba 10 and 11: MoonPhase 1, 2, and 3: TrinityBlood 1; Vampire Hunter D 3; and Prince of Persia. I love Shader, she keeps me entertained!

The Christmas Parade is tonight, I don't know if I'm going, though...

check this out:

Man Shoots Doe With Rack of Antlers

MICHIGAN, N.D. (AP) -- When Carmen Erickson dropped a deer with a single shot in a cattail slough south of here, he thought he'd downed a nice buck. Unlike his shot, he was a little off. The deer was a doe.

"It's got no male utilities," said Erickson, who lives in Minot. "It has teats ... it was pretty unusual."

Six hunting partners with Erickson witnessed the doe with a 4-by-4 rack.

"I'm sure this story will be around for 10 years," he said. "At least in our group."

Erickson notified the state Game and Fish Department and received a voice mail from a biologist who said these types of deer often are bucks whose testicles haven't descended or for some reason are castrated. Erickson said that is not the case with his deer, however.

"We couldn't find any male genitals on the deer," he said.

"We turned it over, and I got a lot of heat over that. Like I was supposed to know," Erickson joked.

Gary Rankin, district game warden in Larimore, said he has seen a couple of antlered does over the years, but for a doe to have a well-developed rack is unusual.

It is not the first antlered doe to be reported in the region this year. A conservation officer for the Minnesota Department of Natural Resources reported seeing a 10-point antlered doe shot near Robbin, Minn., during that state's firearms deer season. DNR conservation officers in other parts of Minnesota also reported a handful of antlered does.

Erickson said the antlered doe is a first for his crew, which has been hunting together for 25 years.

"It definitely was a keeper, he said.

"You won't fool the Children of the Revolution" ~Moulin Rouge

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Saturday, November 25, 2006

   Todays post brougt to you by Wicked.

*Walks into the room with a turkey and stuffing sandwich.*

I hope everyone had a good Thanksgiving, I did, eating turkey and cranberry sauce till I popped. mmmm. If you dont' celebrate Thanksgiving, shame on you. I'm kidding, I hope you had a good Thursday, anyway.

Anyway the break is almost over, wich means Monday I have to go back to school, phooey. Well, it could be worse, someone could be sawing my leg off. ;)

I have to get my Algebra grade up one more points before my parents will let me get a job, I guess it's in my best interest, I got to get that Scholorship.

anyway, I'm goining to post a video of Defying Gravity from "Wicked" I hope you enjoy it!!!!

"You won't fool the Children of the Revolution" ~Moulin Rouge

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Thursday, November 23, 2006

   I'm sleepy

so, it's 1:12 in the morning right now. I'm about to go to sleep but before I do I want to wish all americans out there a happy Thanks Giving!!!!

to everyone else from other countrys I wish you a happy November 23rd.

on a compleatly seperate note has anyone read Wicked? I'm reading it now and let me tell you it is AWESOME!!! there is a musical out in NYC, "Wicked: the Life and Times of the Witches of Oz." based on the book "Wicked: The Life and Times of the Wicked Witch of the West." so, based on the title, I'm guessing you can guess what it's about. Elphaba the wicked and Glinda the good were...well, I'll just let you read it for your self, I thougly recomend it. It will change your image of the Wicked Witch of the West and Glinda as well as you get to see how they were as teenagers.

so, have fun eating turkey or ham and try not to get squished on Black Friday.
"You won't fool the Children of the Revolution" ~Moulin Rouge

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Wednesday, November 22, 2006

origami sucks

*bangs head on table repeadedly* I hate oragami right now, nothign worth making can be made.

and my mom wants to teach me to sew...yeah, fun. riiight. *rolls eyes* I'm going to because I dont' want them (my parents) to think i'm anti socal. wich I am, but thats another rant another time.

well, I'll let you go, no quotes today because I'm in a foul mood.
"You won't fool the Children of the Revolution" ~Moulin Rouge

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Tuesday, November 21, 2006

*dances around in circles*

toaday is the lastday of school before thanksgiving holidays!!!!

so, I'm thankful for the fact that my first block teacher on b days is a compleat buffoon.

anyway, today's post will be short, because nothing much has happened.

last night I made rice pudding and with the leftover rice I made two Onigiri (rice balls) with cheese in them. I ate one at breakfast and it didn't hold to geather too well, the second one is better formed and I'm hopping it will hold better. *crosses fingers*

anyway, The Anagram for today is R.T.F.M. "Read The Friggin Manual"

The Quote for today is brought to you by Fruits Basket:
Kyo Sma: One of these days, I'll make you say you're sorry!
Yuki Sma: [looking bored] I'm sorry.
Kyo Sma: Dammit! That's not what I meant! Don't you have any shame?
Yuki Sma: [still looking bored] Yes, I'm ashamed to be seen with you, shouting in public.
Kyo Sma: Oh that's it! We're taking this outside!
Yuki Sma: [still looking bored] We ARE outside, you stupid cat

Well, that's all for today, Bye guys and have fun today!!!
"You won't fool the Children of the Revolution" ~Moulin Rouge

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Friday, November 17, 2006

   today is friday!!!!!!!

let me hear you say whoot! *echo* whoot whoot whoot whoot

anyway, enough foolishness. today is friday, which means tomorow is saturday, for wich I have planned a compleat and thourough cleaning and re-ranging of my room.
Alucard: You are very confusing you dont' like to clean, but here you are, cleaning your room deeper than anyone can hope for.
I'm only doing it because it will make my mom mad. (she hates when I deep clean because I take everything out of my room and leave it in the basement) besides, my room smells funny because I have a half Vampire living in it.
D: I do not make your room smell.
you do too, your a boy and boys smell!

anyway, time for anime quotes!!!
Todays quotes brought to you by the Anime, "Spiral of Destiny"
"After all, there are no idiots who would drop somebody on top of a truck if they wanted to kill them." Ayumu Narumi
"The melody of logic always plays the notes of truth"~Ayumu Narumi

Ayumu: You're dead set on making me out to be the bad guy here.
Sonobe: Sorry you feel that way, son. I just told it like I saw it.
Ayumu: Then I'll do the same. And soon, everyone will know about you. I will figure out what kind of trick you pulled yesterday.

Eyes: So little Narumi has tasted failure and now wanders the playing field ever the loser.

Ayumu: All I can do now is pray. I beseech you O'Lord, hear my prayer. Save this pitiful sinner!
Rio: There's no such thing as God.
Ayumu: Are you so sure? Look, my Godess has arived. My prayers have been answred. Haleluja.

Well, that's all for now, guys and girls! have fun and be safe today!
"You won't fool the Children of the Revolution" ~Moulin Rouge

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Wednesday, November 15, 2006

   Secret Agent man, Secret Agent man, they've given you a number and taken away your name

my pants smell like gravy.

yes, they smell of gravy. White pepper gravy, to be exact, and it doesn't smell good. it's nasty and cold. oh, I haven't explaned what happend. okay, imagen a lunch table and a rather clumsy friend walking towards you with a plate of warm gravy. then imagen a milk carton that you knew was yours sitting on the plate. then imagen another friend, distracting the clumbsy one with candy as you grab for the milk. what you get is a lap full of gravy. nasty stinky constantly cooling gravy.

and that was my morning.

I have no creativity left, guys, I have writer's block and potter's block and drawer's block. *sniff* It's all gone.

anyway, todays Anime quote(s) is(are):
"Don't talk, it make you sound stupid"~Yusuke Urameshi, Yu Yu Hakusho.
"Thats it, my head as a trampoline is where I draw the line!" Kuwabara, yu Yu hakusho.
"Your entire nervous system leaves something to be desired."~Hiei Yu Yu Hakusho.

if you haven't noticed, Yu Yu Hakusho is my current obsession.

well, I'll leave you, as usual, with a bit of random ness.

"I am but mad north-North West, when the wind is southerly, I know a hawk from a handsaw."~ Hamlet
"You won't fool the Children of the Revolution" ~Moulin Rouge

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Monday, November 13, 2006

monday monday, don't look at me.

It's Monday agian, wich means I'm stuck in this prison with stupid people agian. the only good news is there is only four and a half weeks left until christams break.

on a colder note it is freezing in here, any typoes I blame on the fact that my fingers are going numb.

I watched Naruto saturday night, or tried to, I couldn't understand what was going on. something about a huge toad.*shrug*

I re-read FMA, 1-3 I wanna get four soon. *cries*

anyway, I hope my fingers don't fall off from frost bite.
~Alucard~ Humans are so weak, they leave their comfort zone just a little and they are complaing like babys *sips blood from a travel mug*
Hey! that's for my coffee! don't put blood in it, you can't get the taste out!!!!!
~Alucard~ you can't get the coffee taste out either.
So why use it?
~Alucard~ Becasue your father took the red sports bottle.
...*tear* my coffee.

anyway, I like doing randomosity so I'll continue to post random things unill I get tierd of it.

todays randomostity is a quote from Monty Pyton and the Holy Grail.

"What is your name?"
"King Arthur of Brittany"
"What is your Quest?"
"To seek the Holy Grail"
"What is the Air Speed Velocity of an unladed swallow?"
"What do you mean? A European Swallow or an African Swallow?"
"Eh? I don't know that!" *old man is then launched, screaming off the cliff into the pit of despare Mahahahahahaha*
"How do you know so much about Swallows?"
"You have to know these kinds of things when your a king, you know?"

much loves~

"You won't fool the Children of the Revolution" ~Moulin Rouge

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