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Tuesday, January 22, 2008

   sweet holy hairs of mose's beard.
nothing exciting is happening right now.
but alot of drama.
and i've never ever ever ever
had to deal with this much. but im just laughing at it all.
Here is a list of everything that has happened this month:

Two friends are in the most bullshit immature fight.
Friends that are dating, broke-up and are dating again. but arn't telling anyone. I'm the only one that knows.
i have some more guy problems..again.
mom and dad are being dicks to me.
i'm having some problems with myself.
one of my best friends refuses to talk to me.
i'm finding myself to be more scared about alot of other things.

all i know is that October and January are going to be the sucky months.
im not really effected by all of this.
that much.
but im laughing it all off, right now.
i'm not bitching about it all.
i'm just typing this down and when i get older.
i'll come here and i KNOW i'll laugh at this
then =D

ee shibbbbbby
dramatic bullshit is funny.

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