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Saturday, December 22, 2007

   ightt asshole.
i hate guy problems.
with a passionnnnnnn.
the kid that i've had
a crush on since
august told me a little while
ago that he likes
me and that he wants us to be
friends with benefits again.
but he's lying to me; he's saying that
so he can pass his time, he would be
calling me if he liked me, and he would
be actually showing it.
whatever. i hate it when he tries to lead
me on but he knows that he can't.
im through with his shit.
it makess it even worse that he's a man-whore.
so he knows pretty much how a girl acts
and what they want. plus their breaking point.

the thing that sucks the most is that
he'll always be one of those kids that i'll
always like. and just seeing his picture
makes my heart flipp out. so.
i hate him for making me this way.
and i seriously.. want to forget every memory
i have of him.
completly forget he exist.
i guess things will be better now
that he's dropped out of school.
i pretty much won this battle.
but not emotionally..

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