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Saturday, November 24, 2007

   happy thanksgiving!! and my birthday!!
my thanksgiving was really awesome!! we had turkey,homemade stuffing,and mashed potatos!! actully evrything was made from scratch lol! we didnt have pumpkin pie this yr though:(( i was sad its like my favorite food!! lolz!
oh this friday morning was black friday^0^!! haha i went to bestbuy with my dad at 3 didnt feel like waiting in line for 2 hours(store opens at 5 lol) and the line was soooooo long!!! it went all around the store!! so we just went home cuz no point! there wasnt really anything i wanted there(except for an mp3 2gb by sansa for only 37$ but watever^^) so i went home went to sleep for an hour and half lol then at 5 we drove over to target got there in a half an hour waited in line for another half an hour and they gave out these bags filled with free stuff!!! it had the target dog in a winter jacket as a stuffed animal!! its so cute^^ so we get into the store and i got the digital camera i wanted!!!(8.2 megapixal by kodak) it was for my bday from my dad^^ later i went to school and my bff had the mp3 i wanted!! so i phoned my dad(well my sister tweettweet101 did lol) and told him that they have a huge tub of them and if he could go to get a red one(for me) and a black one for her! so when he came to pick us up he said "they were out__*add suspence here*__ of laptops!" haha so he ended up getting it^^ but cant get it till the holidays! lol so thats all for black friday lol! (i slept all saturday!!)

oh guess what!!! MY BIRTHDAY IS THIS MONDAY^0^!!! november 26!!! im gonna be 17^^ yayz! lol (thats wat the camera i got on black friday^^ its a bday present from my dad^0^)

soo how was ur thanksgiving weekend?? did u get anything on black friday??

oh yeh check out my newest pics!! oh and if anyone is able to tell me how to not have the little pieces of prisma pencil dust get all over the place when drawing (it makes the pic look all messy and not neat!)i would appreciate it soo much!! (and if i didnt explain it well here i think i explained it better on my marshmallow and cocoa pic^^ lol and i finnally got 300 votes^0^ yayz!

Girls By River^^

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Hot Cocoa And Marshmellows

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well have an awesome day^0^

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Tuesday, November 13, 2007

   my favorite pics^0^
Wow I haven’t posted in awhile^^’ and I want to thank everyone who commented on my last post^0^ so now I get to post ur art work on my site^__^ sooo here’s my favorite pics from ur portfolios^0^


B-day Art Trade (drummerfreak017)

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Kibaxhina Puppies

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Prize For Doggirl

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Katami's Contest

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Demon Black

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Green Haired Mermaid

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Tentenxneji 4eva Conetest= Entry

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Neko.lover's Late B-day Prezzie

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Princess Ai

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Evil Chibis

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For Timby! Mew Yume Halloween!

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Mew Mew Yume!

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Faith, Sora And Jake!

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Mystic Kitsune

Mystic Kitsune

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Miss Bella Shino Noelle

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Fruits Basket Finale

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Haru And Rin

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Dancing Blades

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well that’s all^^ and wow theyre all sooo cute and amazing!!!! Tehe
sooo for the other news of my life…lol

school is getting pretty hardXP I have like a test everyday…and termpaper is due next monthXPPPP my topic is the hobbit because it had to be on a britis book^^ and I just loveeee the hobbit!!! The paper has to be 13 pages sooo im gonna have a whole lot of time away from the otaku…L
I slept over my friends house this weekend and it was a lot of fun^^ I saw the movie newsies!! And it was realllly good!! The main character looked very familiar and then when I looked it up it was Christian bale!! You know from batman begins?? Gah it was sooo awesome!! And we went out for sushi on Saturday nite^__^ tehe it was awesome!
I also drew a pic for her yonger sister whos obsessed with zac efron lolz im gonna upload it soon^^ but don’t know if counted as anime so…yeh.
Oh I just got #18 of fruits basketXDDDD im really excited to read it but have to wait till the weekend:p oh ad I got my sister hooked to twilight nowXDD lol she couldn’t put it down like me!!! Lol And im currently reading the golden compass^^ I want to get it done before the movie comes out in December!

have a great day^0^ and thanx for visting my site^_____^

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Saturday, October 13, 2007

   top 10
ok. so for the first 10 people who comment on this journal, im going to feature my favorite 3 peices from your gallary on my site. issnt that awsome! i think its a great way to share other peoples art. but the rule is that you also have to do the top 10 feature. so comment, and then ill pay a visit to your gallary. tehe^^

i got #7 of kagetora this week^0^ it was soooooooo good!! if u never red it u should!! lol jk its just reallly awesome!! if u want to read the first 30 pgs heres the url:
tehe its reallllly good!! its about a ninja sooo yeh^^
i also got twilight^0^ cuz i have new moon and eclipse but never ended up getting twilightO.o but now i could reread the series over^^ its an aweosome series!!XDD

i have soooo much homework this weekend!! i have to rite an essey for languge arts and a whole bunch of other stuff for chemistry,spanish,and history:p grrr i hate hw>.<

oh iv been working really hard on my manga lately^-^ tehe im not posting it till i get the first chapter done...its gonna be 15pgs or so and im only on pg 5 :p but i like how its coming out^__^ oh and im gonna be drawing 2 new pics this weekend^0^ theyre both for neko.lover^^ ones a request and the other is a giftie^^ tehe

oh and im finnnnnallly learning html^0^ thanx so much to neko.lover's new site^^ tehe hope u like the new changes^^ i tried my best soo tehe^^

well have an awesome day!!!! and thanx for stoping by te read my post^____^

oh and heres my newest pic^^ well i said i would put my newest pic up^0^ here it is^^ its a giftie for neko.lover for being such an awesome friend^-^ i hope u guys like it^0^

Giftie For Neko.lover

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Wednesday, September 19, 2007

hi how do u do? im doing pretty well^^ school is annoying and all but im getting use to it...the worst was the first day, i was just really annoyed i couldn't sleep late^///^

im realllly happy cuz last nite i finnaly read eclipse^0^ it was soooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo good!!! im in love with it^^ now i want to draw bella and edward so badly!!! im gonna try to do it..even if it takes me forever^0^ i also read emma last week^^ it was good^^ i liked it!! so i bought pride and prejidce to read next^0^

i was a little sad today cuz my tire on my bike popped so i couldn't ride it to school ...but my brother is fixxing it now^^ yayz

oh um forgot to say..tentenxneji 4eva is having a contest and she realllly wants people to enter it!!! so if u could get a chance please go to her site for details^^ thank u!!!

im sooo excited^0^ i went to barnes and noble to get hibikis magic#2 last week,but they didnt have it so i ordered it and it should be in soon^0^ its such a cute series^^

i have some pics i drew so im gonna post them tommorrow^^ hope u like them!!

well have a great day^0^ and thanx for reading my (long) post^^

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Monday, September 3, 2007

   school starts tommorrow.......
uhhhh im so not excited for school.... i start tommorrow (september4th)
im gonna be in 11th grade so this year my school decided to give my class chemistry o.O its suppose to be really hard....its math and science combined into one subject....*sniff*
but in some ways im excited...ill get to c all my school friends that i havent seen all summer^^ so thats a plus!!

i still havent finished my summer reading...i had to read emma....im such a procrastinator(sp?) that ill be stuck reading it all nite tonite:( its a pretty goood book though im already half way thru^^ but i cant start my other book(eclipseXD) till i finish emma...*sigh*
i bought eclipse the day it came out and its been sitting in my room since....I CANT WAIT TO READ IT!!
well thanx for stoping by^0^
have a great day !!

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Thursday, August 30, 2007

   tag you're it^^
i got tagged....
The rules are:
1. Post these rules.
2. Each person tagged must post 8 random facts about themselves.
3. Tags should write a journal/ blog of these facts.
4. At the end of the post 8 more people are tagged and named.
5. Go to their page and leave a comment telling them they're tagged.

My random facts:

1)im an insomniac(aka nite owl)
2)i did a 1500 pc puzzle by myself
3)i one time went to school with 2 diffrent shoes on and didnt notice till lunch time..
4)im scared of cars
5)i have 3 cats and a dog
6)i have blue eyes
7)i cry during sad parts in movies and books..
8)my room is purple^^

i tag....
tentenxneji 4eva

my first post^^ (neko.lover taged me^^)
i painted my room yesterday purple ( its lite purple and one random wall is dark purple and then the trim is white^^) i painted it with my sister and fallenangel1617^^ it was alot of fun^0^
have a great day^^

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