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Monday, February 11, 2008

   JUST UPDATING........
I was just gonna update and see how everyone is. Its been pretty quite around here. Schools just the same as ever so I have nothing to report there. I am definetaly ready to find something new to do because I feel like Im in a rut and I do the some thing every day. I started a part time job at an assisted living home and am really enjoying it. I started working there this weekend and have found out that there is never a dull moment around there. Someone always needs something so its busy but I do like to keep busy so the job suites me quite well in my opinion. For now Im just learning my way around with some odd jobs mixed in. Ive got to know everyne in the house and think that they are nice so I trhink that its great to like the people that Im working with. My horse shows have been messed up because theres been complications and I havent got to go to one yet so thats been hard to deal with. I should have some new art up soon so you might keep an eye out for that. Im as eager as ever to make new friends so feel free to add me if you want. If you private message me Ill be happy to get to know you or catch up if we havent talked in a while.I do appologize for mixing my site up so much lately but I just couldnt find anything taht I liked that much so I finally found something that i can keep for a while (I hope you all like it). I wuld love to get some comments on my site if you get a chance. ill try to return the favor if you do. Any suggestions are welcome at anytime as well. Thats most of the happenings around here and Ill ad another post in the next few days so Ill talk to yall then! ;) ;) ;) ;)
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