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Saturday, January 19, 2008

   I got bored and took a quiz!

Dark Angel quiz (for girls, many lovely pic results)

Punk Dark Angel You'd get along great with the Broken Free Dark Angel. You are wild and uncontrollable sometimes. You have political views and try your best to rebel against whatever system you can. You don't follow the normal rules or conventions around you. You attract others with your carefree and spontaneous actions. You are a barrel of laughs until someone ticks you off or the cops are called. You are pretty self confident and still discovering yourself despite how together people may see you. You get in over your head all the time, but don't let it hurt you. Nothing can keep you down. You're a tom-boy with pushy ways and a stubborn streak worse than a donkey. All around you're a trend center for cool shit and new things. You like out of the ordinary things and need a man who can challenge you, because boring people you can't stand. You should use all that energy towards a good cause that doesn't involve violent actions. You'd make a good protester and activist.
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