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Sunday, December 9, 2007

(The time is 2:57 am. Aaaah!)


Uhh...I feel like I probably would have been forgotten by now. *looks around for friends* I've been away, aaah, I am absolutely out of the loop!


Should, should I talk about life? O____O
That would be fun! But, I'll talk about art first!^^


I've been doing obsessive amounts of art >>>Visit Misata's ART!
....although I still need to put up my realism. And keep adding more art. Fuuuu!

I'll give links to my myOtaku updates, to make your life easy I guess! (But DA has MUCH more stuff.) My art on myO isn't too popular when I don't talk about it, haha, so please go check it out! My manga's doing okay though...X3

Balloons, The Happy Time.

Hosted By theOtaku.com.

Request For Nana-chou, V 1

Hosted By theOtaku.com.

Request For Nana-chou, 2nd Version!

Hosted By theOtaku.com.

And, dah dah dah!



On to life! Today after Japanese class I went with a girl from class and tried on some gothic loli dresses in Chinatown, hehehe, I am ridiculously cute. X3

Umm, also, here are some important hightlights from the last few weeks!

* My crazy friend (uhhh, who needs an alias because I dont have one for him), came over to my house and broke my chair! He is twice my size, since I am tiny, and have tiny furniture, so it was fate. But the thing SMASHED. And then my mom came into my room and asked my friend if he just broke the chair and she started laughing because he looked really sad while my chair was lying there dramatically, split down the middle.

* There was a dance. The music was so bad. It was so fun! :D

*I can eat strawberris!!! .*dances*

*Drama club has started up again this year, I have a small role this time...last year I was the lead! I played a crazy girl, huhuhu. This year Im a fangirl rocker chick, sooooo yeah....And guys at my school were already calling me Misa, this doesnt help! The guys at my school are weird. Ahhh!^^

*I got sick with random flu-like things, over, and over, and over again! *dies a little bit* Winter is mean to me. :(

*BIGGIE: Its become winter! :O

Im one of those people who whines when they feel cold air, so people anywhere near me are going to be pretty fed up with me by spring! Haha.

Oh, and I know its months and months away, but Im trying to decide who to cosplay as for Anime North this spring! The choices are Ritsuka, or Mello, or Misa. If Im Ritsuka, Id be cute and my friend Rini might be Soubi, but she says shes scared of cosplaying as someone creepy...awwww. Then if Im Mello, Nekkyo-chan would be Matt, and Id look good and already have the hair. And if I was Misa, I would look one hundred-percent like Misa. O___O And chair-breaking friend would also be L. ....I have no idea what to do!


Oh! If youve read all this way through, thank you for your patience! Just a reminder, since I am back now, Ill start commenting again. If you comment on me Ill get back to you for sure, or you can hit me! *eek*

I hope that you all have a beautiful, wonderful, toasty warm, wintery and inspiring...ish day! Eat gingerbread and muffins and such, and stay happy. See you later~~~~~~~~!

♥, Misata

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Monday, November 19, 2007

The I'm not dead post!
Unnnnn! I love you people! :D

I'm really busy with stuff right now, this is my "I'm not dead post"!
I should be back sometime soon when I have met my goals with certain things! I'm being a very good, productive girl, yay~~~~~! X3

Angel Zakuro if you are reading, I have been avoiding you until I can give you a very late birthday prezzie....It's really awesome if I may say so, but giant and elaborate and taking way too long! ^^"""

So, I can't stick around generally, it's crunch-time for everything! I love you all and hope you're doing well and such! I shall return~~~~~~~!

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Tuesday, November 6, 2007

A Warning! Doctormister's very long, detailed and random post which I hope interests you! >:3
Hmmmm so I guess this is my re-done post, as in, not spam-ful and conceited post. Ahaha...:3

(In case you missed that post, let me explain: Misata made new art...adores new art and wants you to vote for new art. Well, I still am thinking that way so...I am unforgiveable! *bows* *pauses* *bows again*)

But now onto...other things!^^
....It stills feels awkward for me, but I think I'll try to take Angel Zakuro's general adivce and try to...talk about feelings and such? But I shall still talk quickly! XD

I usually just summarise things so that people won't get sick of listening to me.
And lately, the number of comments I get has gone waaay down, so I should probably be feeling more self-conscious but...
Although I'm confident in real life, on here I am starting to feel like every time I open my mouth I chase a few more of you away...^^'
I guess I should warn you, I love giving attention... but I love getting attention so much also! I guess you probably noticed that already!!!


I am sort-of caught up on my homework! Although my homework made me...miss Halloween!!! TT.TT I shall never get over it, aaaaah I was freeaking out that day, I came home early from school and was just dwelling at home doing homework and thinking, 'there is still time!' But I missed it. But it was all in the name of midterm marks being counted. So now I am happy! :3

Ahaha, that took me until Friday, homework and such...even though it was a PA day Friday and there was no school. I needed to run there anyways and drop work off to teachers! My art stuff came during my homework frenzy, so as soon as I finished most of my work I coloured that TMM fanart as practice. Am currently working on more art. I finally have a consistent style, woo!

Then Saturday, I chilled...I went to Japanese class, went to the gym, then came home and wore pajamas all afternoon! I felt so comfy, teehee. :D

And Sunday...was funny. I helped my parents with grocery shopping, went to the gym (me= gym )and went to my friend Nekkyo-chan's house to scan my art piccy. She just got a digital camera, so I spent the couple hours I was there escaping candids as I was trying to... compute, haha and swivel in her swivelly chair!(Me= swivelly chairs FTW!! >:3)

Speaking of umm, Death Note now, well, Near- being-reminded-of, my mom randomly bought me a white wig. Eeeeeh! XDDDD

Well, yeah. I want to cosplay at this year's Anime North even more now that I missed Halloween....I'm trying to work out more so I'll look more scrawny in case I decide to go as a guy, Ritsuka particularly...although I'm actually pretty scrawny already, I'm consistently getting scrawny. Not skinny exactly, but as in I take up very little space! (Hard to explain...) I'll hopefully be able to get a table to sell my manga this year too. Well, next year, well, it's in May.

Well, that was my, er, week! I want to thank Magnus Lenshurr for the headache wishes, I do feel better now! Although I missed this morning's classes with a headache/stomachache but then I slept more so yay.

I'll be submitting this post after midnight I think [EDIT: it was written at about 7:30], because otherwise I might not get noticed after already having an update today. I'm so picky, ahaha! X3

I love you all, have a beautiful, gorgeous, er, good day! =^..^=

, Misata!
Accompanying this post are Nekkyo-chan's efforts to photo-shoot me. *ducks as shots are fired* Haha, a story of swivel-chair-by-the-computer usurping or something starring me!

Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket

Bai now~~~ =^..^=

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Monday, November 5, 2007

Hello everyone, ummm, I have a small request! :3

Oh that is sooo not begging...

Please look at my new art!

Mistranslation? :3

Hosted By theOtaku.com.

It's practice after I got my new selection of copics, so that my art will be amazing for the fanart-colouring...please don't shoot me!

But it's...despite the TMM-ness which I don't care too much for, my favourite fanart ever!!! I like the cute joke that I put in and the art quality. So far, there are only two votes...*tear*

I ask for votes so it can be more viewed and have a higher chance of being seen later...don't know if that makes sense...will replace this post soon as it's spam and I've got a headache eeeeeeeeeeeeh

Thank you for your time :3

Real post shall happen sometime after sleep, I am dying of headache...and begging with the very last of my happy incoherent strength!!! *collapse*

Bai bai~~~


Again, it's:

Mistranslation? :3

Hosted By theOtaku.com.


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Tuesday, October 30, 2007

This is a different kind of post for me...
Hi there!

I just feel like talking...I miss the days when people commented! I have to admit, I adore attention...^^' Please forgive me!


So, I'm sick now...I hope I get better by tomorrow, since it's Hallowe'en...*eeek!* It's so funny, I'm fifteen and I go trick-or treating! I love it. I'm going as a dead girl...

My room is freakishly clean since, amazingly, I finished cleaning it. It's so peaceful, I can sit at my desk doing nothing and still feel accomplished, my study space is so intense. There's also Japanese-ish "GO! GO! STUDY HARD!" posters I made. Yay!

I feel really...emo...because I'm sick and behind in homework. My courses this semester...suck...so it's really hard to stay focused on them when I just want to make art and learn Japanese and work out...but I need to straighten out my priorites...but I like my priorities...Still, I don't want people to think I'm a slacker.

To focus on studying and time mangement and my master-plan to accomplish everything (exercise, art, Japanese and math/science) I confined myself to a low-key "study uniform". Well, actually it's not low-key...but it is generally, my stripey shirt or my skull tank top, with leggings or jeans and combat boots. (Yeah, it's weird...)That's because I can't allow myself to be distracted by aesthetics, so I remove the element of decision when it comes to unimportant things like what I'd wear. I'm very complicated that way...I just over-analyse small things.

If you read this post, thank you very much. If my commenting schedule seemed out of whack from last week, that's because of the days this site wasn't working, so don't worry, I'll visit!^^ Also just to keep you posted, there is no new art up because my copics and toner are still sitting in some mailroom somewhere and I need them...sigh!

I would love to read some comments from you even if they have nothing to do with this post. I like...comments...I'm so needy! X3

Talk to you later! Happy Hallowe'en! I will put up some Hallowe'en photos here later, probably.


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Thursday, October 25, 2007

The start of Update Season...
Hi everyone! :3

It's the beginning of art update time! Tadaaa..

I have two art updates from a few days ago that are here now! They will be followed by a bunch more! Please visit these!!

The first update is a conceptual page for Second Emotion! This was drawn so that I could get a feel for the comic, and give you a glimpse at my emo catboy...a male character! (A first, almost?) I'm reaaally proud of my improved style! :D
*gasp* Sadly it only has 3 votes...

(Click image for full view)
Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket

Secondly is a...different...piccie by me...it's an Inu/Kags request for Black Daze. I'm not sure I like it, but it's...different! Here you are:

Request For Black Daze

Hosted By theOtaku.com.

So, what do you think? :O My style had changed alot for manga I've noticed...I think it's more polished now. Although, I was looking at Nine Lives today, and it's not as bad as I remember it being...I guess I worked on it too hard at the time to just enjoy it! I'm also surprised that it had...readers...who knew Suki's name and wanted to know what would happen to her! That actually made me so happy, I'd totally forgotten...Well, I've gotta get my new comic up soon! >:O

Eeeeks! I'm sorry for the long art rant! X3 I visited some of you guys today though, did you notice? :O Angel Zakuro...my comment was long...

And...it's 3:30am! O____O

I'm going to sleep I think. But pretty please check out the stand-alone comic whatsit if you can, I love it!^^'

Have a beautiful day guys~~~!

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Monday, October 22, 2007

Please read! Doctormister's Policies? Eeeeh! X3
I'm baaaack~! *super-huggles everyone*

Just to get started, I want to...doom doom...address this absolute issue of my repeated disappearances! X3

Yeah, myO presence with me has been very...not. It's really overwhelming to feel that I have to visit all my friends, every day...O_O

1)Starting now, I promise anyone who comments on me will get commented on, within a day or so. :3

2)I should get to everyone's sites, at least once a week. I usually have about 40 friends who post each day, and that's just not possible! DX It makes my computer die~~~

3)Any requests I already promised will be coming within the next week. Blackdaze, I have one for you... If requests need copic markers then they will get finished when my art supplies order comes, myu. *nod* I will PM you when your request shows up!

4)If you want me to look at your art or anything, or anything else, PM me please! ^_~

5)Oh, and if anyone else has DA? My name is doctormister there too, I hope we can be DA friends! XD The thing about DA is, it's good for my non-anime art...(which I need to make more of!) Haha, if you've noticed I'm always playing with photographs in my layouts here^^'

Umm. So, yes! I hope that I still have all my friends here...cuz I love you guys...!

So, I'll post again later.
See you soon~!

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Thursday, October 4, 2007

Gone fishin... I.E. Hiatus, uwah
Hi everyone!!!
This is just a quick post to say I'm banning myself from the internet! Except for art updates.
Cuz I have some stuff to do.. :3
I'll keep posting art and manga, but otherwise, I shall not be on until the 19th.

Bai bai everyone!!!
I will miss you! See you then! XD *huggles*


¢, Misata

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Tuesday, October 2, 2007

Posting in the wee hours of late afternoon
Hi dudes! XD
I NEVER post this early....I'm scared! O.O

You see, it i because I am an astounding insomniac!!! I had to stay home from school today to sleep cuz I couldn't sleep until after 4 a.m. last night. Grrr! D:

Oooooh! :O

I have amazing exciting upcoming news!!!!
I have multiple Second Emotion pages that are absolutely ready to scan!!!
I should have them up by Friday, because of scanner-access-ness. You can expect around four or five pages. Hmmm maybe more pages. The storyline this time round is much weirder in the way it's told, so please have patience with the first chapter, there are like, 4 flashbacks and the pages layouts are very strange also...but I like it! ^_____^
I was having such a bad artist dry spell thingy. Now I'm not!!! Yaaaaaaaay~~~~!
Also! The requests for Charlie Manson, BlackDaze, and Artichoke will be also coming with the comic pages!!! (Other peoples' requests are coming soon too, don't worry...)
It will be an update extravaganza! XDDDDDD

Well, lol, that's all I really had to say, since I just posted yesterday....

Oh! Right! Follow-up!

My kitty is on antibiotics for what she had, so she is getting better! Thanks you for your good wishes. It looked really bad there for awhile though...O.O

And PurpleHaze! Soda is bad for you! Lol. V8 is delicious though. The kind of sugar I eat is okay, I need it since I don't can't eat fat or anything without getting sick. High fructose is bad!!! Yaaay weird response-ness on my part...

Sayonara everyone!!!! Haha cheesiness...Staring a post saying dudes and ending with sayonara...X3

Bye! (Here are some questions)


1) Did you read my last comic?
2) Are you actually one of those people who reads their friend's comics, or likes hearing them talk about it? (Don't be shy!)
3) Please think of a question! Don't tell me what it is. Now, answer it! X3


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Monday, October 1, 2007

Did you notice how in that second pic up there I look like a chicken? I did! :D Did you notice I got a haircut? Yaaay I hacked it off all by myself!
Hey everybody!!!

I know I'm not quite there yet, but I have been getting to some sites! Yaaaay! And I'm sorry if I haven't gotten to you yet, I will come! :D

So, so. Do you like my new theme??? :O
I know, I dressed up in my chicken sweater just for you!!

PURPLE HAZE: I was working on Elimination and word problems that involved charting relationships betwwen equations. And as far as I know, there isn't a way for students to vote in my area! Although I would be NDP. Nya!

Gyah. My weekend was UBER-busy! I spent time with my dear friends Rini and Muffin-dono! X3 Then I went to an all-night contemporary art thing, yaaay! Literally, that is what is was called. Yaaaay!

And the emo plague is over!!!! :D
Although to clear things up, I contradict myself alot!^^' I mean, I'm emo and in reality that means that I just...care alot. So happy emo feeds off happy energy to an amazing extent! But sad emo is the only emo people ever seem to notice, and I over-generalised last time. In this very paragraph I am a hypocrite!!! Oops! O.O

Sorry, sorry! *bows* Lol!

Yow. Time passes so...X3 It's two in the morning! I must sleep! My eyes hurt! My cat is sick!! :O(Oh, that's true by the way.--Not the cat we found though, I have four cats, but--Please wish her well!)

I'll be back tomorrow I think!

Conversation starter: I pretty much...only eat sugar. Let's discuss it!

Now here is a picture of Muffin-dono (her name is Nekkyo-chan really) being huggled by Rini and J!

Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket

P.S. My friend Evangeline Resonate is new here! Her site is blacksesameseed , and she's put up some amazing art! So please look if you have the chance!

Have a cool day everybody! Fall is so romantic, because your feet are always cold. Bai bai! =^..^=

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