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Wednesday, January 30, 2008

Quotes? what kind of post is this? me so weird. lol
not much to say i just wanna show u some of my favorite quotes:

~Smile it confuses people.
~shes my best friend, you break her heart i break your face. XD
~yes, u have the right to your opinion, and i have the right to think your stupid.
~ive used up all my sick days, so im calling in dead.
~it takes 34 musckes to frown but it only takes 4 to stick up your middle finger and say "bite me"
~yeah, well your mom thinks square roots are vegetables.
~if you cant laugh at yourself ill be glad to do it for ya.
~i smile b/c nobody has found the bodies.
~people say that hate is a strong word but so is love and people throw it around like its nothing.
~never frown........you never know when someone could be fallin in love with ur smile.
~due to lack of interest tomorrow has been cancelled.
~the average woman would rather have beauty thatn brain, cuz the average man can see better than he can think. lol
~its cool if you hate me id be jealous if i were you too.
~dont try to outweird me.
~if your gonna do something tonight youll be sorry for in the morning......sleep late. XD

well, thats nowhere near being all of them but thats a lot of them. i have a whole book full of them. of course i got them from my friend katie. well, my day was good i guess. well, its getting late, so i guess ill call it a day.ttul. gotta bounce.<3

~dixigirlnikki ^-^

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