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Saturday, June 21, 2008

Summer Break is here!!!
Finally through all the finals and stuff school is over for most of us. For me it was last week so i got to enjoy a bit before postin it up. I know i havn't been online much and i didn't comment on most of your guy's myotaku but i really tried when i could. Anyways i recently got a PS3 and been playing TotA again. Thats tales of the abyss if you dont know. And i've been playing mario kart and owning at that game. For those who acutally play online Regionals are soooooo much easier and i currently have ~7100 VP somewut so i'm accepting challenges for it from +5500 VP players.

In other news MAN I GOT alot of manga since the last times i posted. I recently went to little tokyo that took like a hr's drive god dam. I was able to get Negima Volume 20,21,22 and Negima Neo!? Vol 2. It was really worth my $ even if it was in japanese i could understand part of it which is real decent. But for english i finaly got Negima vol 18. yay i officaly own VOL 1-22 missing 3,4,7, 19(japanese only) but its looking good for my manga collection. And i just learned i've totaled about 500 dollars on anime/manga stuff crazy aint it. Well thats all for this week probably so PEACE OUT.

*fyi- my Mario Kart Wii ID i go online is by Cless7 just in case you ever meet meh.

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