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Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Wow sorry for my super uber late absence and i havn't posted up on myotaku lately within the past month or 2 i've been getting alot new stuff. I got more maple story trading cards which i dont play the card game often but i do use the codes online and its kinda fun but trainning is a complete distasious pain.

LIKE OMFG I GOT NEGIMA VOL 17 THATS RIGHT MADARAME2 VOL 17 AND TO TOP IT OFF I GOT LIKE a super huge negima thing, its kinda like a wall paper but its hung on a wall not sure wut its called but its dam huge the lenght and height is like god dam bigger than my door. O_O

I was also able to obtain Love Hina's Hinata Girls Song Best 2, i personally love all the musics on it and it was completely worth my money.

New Topic: I R TEH RWARS

Thats right i got SUPER SMASH BROTHERS BRAWL, i've aready completed the adventure mode in 2-3 days ;p (total addict) i usally play online often which is fun except when you have some idiotic person lagging like a stupid noob so that completely pisses me off.

Damn this has been a fine week for me i'll be updating my myotaku soon again i hope with a new background and some other coding stuff i'll try to work on. Anyways i'll visit your myotaku.


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