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Sunday, March 2, 2008

It's March!
Well not much to post up on my site but alot has happened to me in the past week. But i'm completely lazy so i'll just key in the focus points.

First off my week has been a completely crazy project after project week. For Math we had to build a Solar powered Hot Dog cooker in a group using Parabola and stuff. What's halrious is when we were supposed to meet up. I went to the wrong street but the house # was the same so i rang the doorbell.

Me: *presses doorbell*
Some Lady: who is it?
Me: I'm Taylor's friend(a guy in my group)
Lady: What was that can you repeat that?
Me: I'm here to work on the solar powered hot dog cooker for math
Lady: Sorry we aren't interested
Me: *o crap i have the wrong house*

Except crap was replaced with the S!#@
Eveually I called my friend and we evenutally got into our groups. We havn't tested it yet so idk...

Project 2: buliding a Trebuchet
Class: Physics

Personally i have no idea why we are buliding one from popsickle sticks and this shows almost no real physics just having stupid pieces of wood shoot marbles. This finished and we got ours to go about 4meters. These seriously teaches us nothing about phsyics. And our teacher can't teach for crap literally. So thats just BS

And yesturday I TOOK MY SAT, personally i found it to be okay so it wasn't that bad. But the day before... wow complete tension with TESTS in all my classes so it's like study mania. A 50 word list vocab and spelling test, Math Test dealing with Hyperbola, ellispce, circles and parabola. History test on events in US durring WWII. And a physic's test on Work, Energy, Potenial/Kinetic Energy. God it sucked seriously

But about my social life... On wesnesday me and 3 friends though we'd go to an anime store from school by walking. I got Negima Vol 5 and Vol 8, and they didn't have vol 4 GOD IT WAS THE ONE WHEN NODOKA ASKS negi to go on a date with her and the god dam store didn't have it...but in other news for negima VOL 17 comes out in 2 days woot!!! I aready know wut happens and stuff but i still like to read them.

My construction is still in process but feel free to give comments on it's outlook. Personally I wish someone could help me with this HTML and and coding. Credits would go to them. As for the TotA club i'm gonna work on a new picture thats alot smaller(hopefully less than 200X200. Well thats all for today folks!!!

*fyi- i'm gonna work on that Nodoka picture and do an Ink version and color it in and sumbit it so look foward to it!

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