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Monday, January 28, 2008

Hey everyone!
I'd thought after a long break i've come back to myotaku for a bit. I've had a good run of anime while i was gone. My new personal faveorite now is Love Hina, and for those who know its the same author as Negima. I've just finished reading all the manga and watched all the anime including the OVA. Personally i love Naru Narusegawa compared to the rest of them. and personally i like her better than Nodoka.(no offense to the nodoka fans out there) i just like Naru because she can be sweet yet indecisive. Motoko is probably my 2nd fav.

I've also did a few other anime and manga

I've started to read Bleach, its pretty interesting, Ichigo is pretty funny and a badass with his slayer skills.
I've also watched Chobits, its pretty fun and good except i hate it when wut's his name the main character goes like "youshi" (the word for like all right) it just pisses me off like crazy stuff.

Tsubasa has been a fun good run, i'm on Vol 15 or 16 i think, the one with Kamui. I'm a bit short on time today so i'll be looking for a new Love Hina background and some love hina box chats.

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