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Tuesday, July 31, 2007


Wow its been awhile huh people? Well i've been pretty busy myself, i just scored 1420 on SAT so thats pretty bad since i scored 1450 as my best so far :( i'm really sorry for those i didn't have time to comment on cause my internet is being a complete pain for me. ANYWAYS i recently bought Negima Vol 14. I must say it was a good book. It mainly deals with after the tournament, a day with Ako Izumi and something drastic happends with Nodoka and Yue. So you can look foward to that madarame2.

Otherwise this week has been normal week and I do appriate your comments. And i hope you enjoy my video it's a bit lenghy i know but it just shows my gameplay. And oddly i've started to play Soul Caliber 2 again, i just love that game. I usally do team battle with using Talim, Mitsurugi, and Link. LINK FTW!!!

And to add to that my sister got me a new t-shirt. Its Link from 4 swords, and god i gotta say it looks kickass, i'll proably show you guys it later. So with that i'll be taking and until next time people!

Question of da day!

In a clash of anime who would win, Naruto, Ichigo(Bleech), Vash(Trigun), Edward (FMA)

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