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Thursday, July 19, 2007

Negima Vid

First i'd like to say that i made a negima video. nothing really speical but be great if you can watch it. I made it myself :D

Now to my acutual post!

Hey everyone!!! I'll try to drop by everyone's site soon today to those who actualy comment mine and update theres. I'm first gonna make a formal point on my site. You comment mine then i comment yours. And of course the lenghtier your comments are the lengethyer my comments can be on yours. assuming you have something to talk about. I really dont' mind if you dont' comment everyday. But i really do appricate them.

*Note: if you write like an essay i'm not sure i can match to that. My comments are usallly alot but theres a limit to how far i can go ya know?

I'm not sure if i said this aready but i scored a 1450 on my SAT! which is an improvement to last week's 1400. There isn't really any new anime i've been watching except Fan-subs for Episode 20 on Negima 2(aka remake) as released so i got to watch that. I found Nodoka in that episode to be soooooo kawaiiiiiiiii cute! and how she asked Negi to read a book to her

So i'm sorry this is a short post but i'll try to make the others longer in the future


1. When Negi pulls a suza card for Nodoka, she turns into an animal. What animal does nodoka turn into? Take a fun guess at this and don't cheat. and madarame2 i hope u get this right

2. Do you guys ever actually listen to my music?

3. Who plays Maple Story!!!

4. What's the most recent manga you bought and how was it?

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Monday, July 16, 2007

Hiya People

Sorry for the lack up date people, i've just been busy these past few days. I see that a few people are having a problem seeing my post? I'm really sorry, i'll try to fix it by getting rid of the menu to the left and have picture links. I'll be doing that as soon as i get pictures and HTML codes that let me do that. I remember Colette123 told me but i forgot about it -_-''. So anyways on Saturday i bought Negima Vol 12. Personally i found that book to be a little disapointing. All that book had was just pure all fighting. Well i'll be buying next vol until i can't get anymore (as in not released). Then i'd think i'll boost up my DVD collection with getting Negima 401 The special edition one. Madarame2, you better get the reason why i'm buying this one XD.

@ LystikinenaXP, your wallpaper are really becoming some great for my site. They are really great and everything :D but honestly after, i my eyes and fingers were like. Destroyed, with mass touching of cardboards.

@ Madarame2, DAM MAN 130?? i only got sumwhere around 10-15 mangas and 2 DVDs. (Negima 601 and Kenshin) Well i actually am playing Mahou Sensei Negima for GBA, and i gotta say it's fun and you should import it from Japan for GBA if you can. Of course though the game is all Japanese. So it's a bit diffcult but i think if you have Nodoka as your 2nd slot for party, you get scenes with her. ;p

@ Colette123, hmmm yesturday i went to thantos and nearly died like 8 times XD, those things really know how to make daamge on ya. Well i'll be going to train my char or a bit now, if you need equips, be sure to ask me.

@ WolfGoddess00, lol cats are also cute but like, they look at you as if they are like. "lets pwn his head" his being me. But hey no one lets getting chased by dogs. *not sure if i said this* my friend once had his dog chase me for 6 mins. And dam it wasn't fun, i can only run for like 10 mins straight in my best condition. HAHAHA o silly me XD.

To everyone else, i really do enjoy your comments on my page. I'll be sure to return the favor if i can. I am really glad that you actually read my lenthy posts. :D

Questions ( i though i'd do em like Madarame2)

1. What are your top Negima girls? If you watch it.

2. Do you like my background or do you think i should get a better one? plz be honest.

Jan ne Minna-san (yes i actually do know Japanese)

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Wednesday, July 11, 2007

Many new things i guess!

Wow, so today i started community service for my school's CSF (a club at my school) So anyways i had to work at a retirement home thingy with old people. DAM IT WAS SCARY, and they had me pick out the 4 corners of puzzles in a 500 puzzle piece. WTF that's a 1/125 chance of getting the right piece and they want me to get it 4 times? jeez. I also had to do some organizing but that was okay.

OMG AFRO JONES IS BACK!! Well he is just one of my friends who is the only one who i didn't erase of my Friends list for commenting soo many of my posts and i rarely posted on his so i feel soo guilty about it.

To Madarame2, man i'm sure i'd lose in the Manga contest :D also i heard that the site that gives the Retelling of Negima is going to stop the new video. >_< so that's gotta suck for me, since in that one Negi actually likes Nodoka and her cuteness. *my background was actually from the OVA of it*

To WolfGoddess00, i must say i just don't have great luck in my life. And i've been chased by many dogs so it's just my obersvation, i'm sure ur dogs won't bite me or anything ;p

To Shizuka, yes all of the novels are in Japanese, but it's a pain for the TotA novels have no Furigana so i have no idea. But since i learned some Kanji it makes understanding easier. Like i can understand what spells they are using and Techs and a few basic kanji.
My favorite part: Luke and Tear meet to fight the Liger Queen

Tear : Lets go! *starts incatation for Nightmare*
Luke: *runs up*
Tear: *use nightmare*
Luke: *same time* SOUGAZAN!!!(Fang Blade in English)
Luke: stares at the liger queen as she is not affected.
Liger: *Smacks Luke and sends him flying*
Luke: (not sure about this) Dam that thing is strong. then something with Sensei Van or something
* da da dum! Jade arrives*
Jade: some thing i can't read, here is the Romaji for those who understand it.
(some kanji) ketesashiagemashou
Jade(with a cool hyper like aura): Rock Burial ( I think that's Stalagmite in English version)
Jade: * pwns the Liger Queen*

Also i'm doing a friends sweep, so people who don't comment will be erased from my friends list with a few exceptions and those who have not signed my GB i will erase my entry in theirs.

CHOW and have a great Tuesday everyone!

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Monday, July 9, 2007

Nothing new today

Well as title says nothing new today folks so yep just same old same old stuff. I'm too lazy to go to my folder and get the HTML code to box this up so yea. COMMENTS ON MY PREVIOUS POST would be nice.


*you can go to his myotaku through my friends*

So yep just comment on my last post would be nice. *points down*

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Saturday, July 7, 2007

New Manga!

Well today like 10 mins ago i just bought Negima Vol 11 (6:40PM ish) so yea i'm excited about reading it and proably finish it no time. So anyways I SCORED 1400 on my SAT it's a huge improvement for me since my last score was 1270. I also oddly wanted to show my mini anime collection and how huge i am as a Tales fan. So i'll be sure to drop by people's sites to comment them. ^^

I also added a few new music from Negima but i'm trying to find Love Sensation for it. For those who watch Negima it's the 2nd OVA one.

Image Hosted by ImageShack.us
Shot with X250,D560Z,C350Z at 2007-07-07

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Thursday, July 5, 2007

New type of box

Requesting LystikinenaXP who made this picture i decided for this to be another type of boarder. God i love nodoka soo much :D so anyhow. How was everyone's 4th of july? I got to meet up with cousins and we ate. i ate sooo much krn BBQ. Even though i'm not krn it's still fun. So we went to the beach and played Volleyball but dammmmmm it's was blazing hot out there. But overall it was fun. Fireworks were amazing as well so i'm glad i had fun with that. But anyways i'm going the anime store tomorrow to see if they have Negima Vol 15 to be sold yet. Even though the manga has been released i can't find it. So have fun everyone!!

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Tuesday, July 3, 2007

Hiya people! Not much today for me, well anyways i went to a bookstore and Read Negima vol 13 and 14. Grr to Izumi, she took Negi away XD i mean Negi should ask out Nodoka XD. So anyways i thought i'd go and replay Maple Story again, lawls it's soo fun to see my friends again and i was able to meet Colette123 from my myotaku friends! So it's off to study for SAT for me now people have fun!

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Monday, July 2, 2007

Anything new?

So how is everyone today? i havn't really got much upgrading but at least i got these nifty boxes of nodoka. Well my next goal would proably to make my own button or get those cool headings that people have that totally look different. Like those pictures that are links. I still am doing SAT studdies. so taht's kinda fun. I'm trying to get a smaller picture for the club and still working on that. And i just got Megaman Zero: Z3 a few days ago and it's kickass fun. So everyone have a great day and i'll update more tomorrow.

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Saturday, June 30, 2007

Yay it works!!!

Well it finally worked after 3 long annoying days. Well first i'd like to thank Mimi-mako,WorldDominationX,and WolfGoddess00 for the code and the help they have given to make my myotaku look better and more kickass then before. well i start my SAT studies today and damm i gotta learn like 200 words per week ugh this is gonna be a huge pain. I mean i'm staring at a piece of paper with questions i have no idea wut the answer is for 3 hours. But other then that i'll still be trying to decorate my myotaku even more proably with Pictures of negima in a side motion. But that will be another day because i still would have to upload the picture then the code then apply the code. Anyways i bought my 10th manga of Negima and man it's great. So anyways people have a super great weekend.

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Friday, June 29, 2007


Can someone please tell me how to get those box like format like Mimi-mako has on her site? Help would be nice.

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