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Saturday, June 21, 2008

Summer Break is here!!!

Finally through all the finals and stuff school is over for most of us. For me it was last week so i got to enjoy a bit before postin it up. I know i havn't been online much and i didn't comment on most of your guy's myotaku but i really tried when i could. Anyways i recently got a PS3 and been playing TotA again. Thats tales of the abyss if you dont know. And i've been playing mario kart and owning at that game. For those who acutally play online Regionals are soooooo much easier and i currently have ~7100 VP somewut so i'm accepting challenges for it from +5500 VP players.

In other news MAN I GOT alot of manga since the last times i posted. I recently went to little tokyo that took like a hr's drive god dam. I was able to get Negima Volume 20,21,22 and Negima Neo!? Vol 2. It was really worth my $ even if it was in japanese i could understand part of it which is real decent. But for english i finaly got Negima vol 18. yay i officaly own VOL 1-22 missing 3,4,7, 19(japanese only) but its looking good for my manga collection. And i just learned i've totaled about 500 dollars on anime/manga stuff crazy aint it. Well thats all for this week probably so PEACE OUT.

*fyi- my Mario Kart Wii ID i go online is by Cless7 just in case you ever meet meh.

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Tuesday, April 15, 2008


Wow sorry for my super uber late absence and i havn't posted up on myotaku lately within the past month or 2 i've been getting alot new stuff. I got more maple story trading cards which i dont play the card game often but i do use the codes online and its kinda fun but trainning is a complete distasious pain.

LIKE OMFG I GOT NEGIMA VOL 17 THATS RIGHT MADARAME2 VOL 17 AND TO TOP IT OFF I GOT LIKE a super huge negima thing, its kinda like a wall paper but its hung on a wall not sure wut its called but its dam huge the lenght and height is like god dam bigger than my door. O_O

I was also able to obtain Love Hina's Hinata Girls Song Best 2, i personally love all the musics on it and it was completely worth my money.

New Topic: I R TEH RWARS

Thats right i got SUPER SMASH BROTHERS BRAWL, i've aready completed the adventure mode in 2-3 days ;p (total addict) i usally play online often which is fun except when you have some idiotic person lagging like a stupid noob so that completely pisses me off.

Damn this has been a fine week for me i'll be updating my myotaku soon again i hope with a new background and some other coding stuff i'll try to work on. Anyways i'll visit your myotaku.


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Tuesday, March 4, 2008

Bah only 1 comment?

Nothing new to report today folks, but i'm hoping that since there was a mytotaku check that you didn't ditch me out so please go read my last post.

OMG OMG OMG OMG 100 GUEST BOOKS SIGNATURES FUN COOKIE POINTS FOR EVERYBODYYYYYY. Btw if you guys are wondering why my box is soo messed up the artwork in my HTML code is jacked up because it's Lys artwork and theotaku is down atm so until it comes back up my boxes will look like crap

In all seroiusness please do comment my last post :D

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Sunday, March 2, 2008

It's March!

Well not much to post up on my site but alot has happened to me in the past week. But i'm completely lazy so i'll just key in the focus points.

First off my week has been a completely crazy project after project week. For Math we had to build a Solar powered Hot Dog cooker in a group using Parabola and stuff. What's halrious is when we were supposed to meet up. I went to the wrong street but the house # was the same so i rang the doorbell.

Me: *presses doorbell*
Some Lady: who is it?
Me: I'm Taylor's friend(a guy in my group)
Lady: What was that can you repeat that?
Me: I'm here to work on the solar powered hot dog cooker for math
Lady: Sorry we aren't interested
Me: *o crap i have the wrong house*

Except crap was replaced with the S!#@
Eveually I called my friend and we evenutally got into our groups. We havn't tested it yet so idk...

Project 2: buliding a Trebuchet
Class: Physics

Personally i have no idea why we are buliding one from popsickle sticks and this shows almost no real physics just having stupid pieces of wood shoot marbles. This finished and we got ours to go about 4meters. These seriously teaches us nothing about phsyics. And our teacher can't teach for crap literally. So thats just BS

And yesturday I TOOK MY SAT, personally i found it to be okay so it wasn't that bad. But the day before... wow complete tension with TESTS in all my classes so it's like study mania. A 50 word list vocab and spelling test, Math Test dealing with Hyperbola, ellispce, circles and parabola. History test on events in US durring WWII. And a physic's test on Work, Energy, Potenial/Kinetic Energy. God it sucked seriously

But about my social life... On wesnesday me and 3 friends though we'd go to an anime store from school by walking. I got Negima Vol 5 and Vol 8, and they didn't have vol 4 GOD IT WAS THE ONE WHEN NODOKA ASKS negi to go on a date with her and the god dam store didn't have it...but in other news for negima VOL 17 comes out in 2 days woot!!! I aready know wut happens and stuff but i still like to read them.

My construction is still in process but feel free to give comments on it's outlook. Personally I wish someone could help me with this HTML and and coding. Credits would go to them. As for the TotA club i'm gonna work on a new picture thats alot smaller(hopefully less than 200X200. Well thats all for today folks!!!

*fyi- i'm gonna work on that Nodoka picture and do an Ink version and color it in and sumbit it so look foward to it!

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Saturday, February 23, 2008


wow ppl no one comments on my last post jeez, you guys are no fun :( anyways i made a new artwork and i personally think i did well on it. I also made 2 other pictures. (Ku Fei+Kaede) and (Negi+Ako) however i wont' be uploading them because I'm too lazy to do so yea please do comment on my picture at least :), btw since the myotaku update thingy is off i guess i'll have to rely on friend's friends to get more GB sig. So i'll be sure to visit all of ya!

Image Hosted by ImageShack.us

And since no one commented last post i'm assuming no one looked at my photos.


Be sure to check it out!

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Sunday, February 10, 2008



Thats my first artwork that i've submitted to theotaku. God i feel so proud *u see some random holy light around me* O_o anyways its pretty much a picture of Motoko the KendoGirl but more or less

HAPPY LUNAR YEAR today i had a party to attend to and gambled and i scored about 3 bucks woot this will go towards my manga $. Anyways i plan to buy maybe some Negima stuff but u know wut really sucks. The store i buy my anime stuff is bought by another company so that really sucks because i have no store to go to anymore :( hopefully this post doesn't bore you much and please take a look and comment on my picture :D

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Monday, January 28, 2008

Hey everyone!

I'd thought after a long break i've come back to myotaku for a bit. I've had a good run of anime while i was gone. My new personal faveorite now is Love Hina, and for those who know its the same author as Negima. I've just finished reading all the manga and watched all the anime including the OVA. Personally i love Naru Narusegawa compared to the rest of them. and personally i like her better than Nodoka.(no offense to the nodoka fans out there) i just like Naru because she can be sweet yet indecisive. Motoko is probably my 2nd fav.

I've also did a few other anime and manga

I've started to read Bleach, its pretty interesting, Ichigo is pretty funny and a badass with his slayer skills.
I've also watched Chobits, its pretty fun and good except i hate it when wut's his name the main character goes like "youshi" (the word for like all right) it just pisses me off like crazy stuff.

Tsubasa has been a fun good run, i'm on Vol 15 or 16 i think, the one with Kamui. I'm a bit short on time today so i'll be looking for a new Love Hina background and some love hina box chats.

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Thursday, September 27, 2007


Sorry for the long wait ppls! My computer has gone under rematting (aka i like 80%) of my data that i stored. And worse off my internet was busted for like 2 weeks anyways i'll be posting up more tomorrow.

*Woot New Wallpaper thx to Madarame2

My classes for the year of 2007!!

0 Period Orchestra
1 Period AP Chemistry
2 Period Algebra 2/Trig Honors
3 Period US History
4 Period (i got nothing woot a double lunch aka 1 hr and 30 mins for lunch every day)
5 Period Physics
6 Period Lang Arts.

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Wednesday, August 22, 2007

So anyways i'm kinda sry for my infrequent posts, but i'll try to look up everyone's posts today, assuming they have updated. I've been pretty busy these past few weeks. Moving on i scored a 1590 on my SAT, which is a huge improvement. Below is a screenshot of the game i play which is Maple Story, and part of my guild and theres me on the far left with the Hearts T-shirt. So i've gotten bak to playing Megaman Zero and so far my code rank is Redeemer ( 6 S*-ranks in a row) anyways i also was quite busy on the Tales Series index and now i'm the creator of the FoF cancel guide. Click here to check out my guide, its mainly for only the Tales of the Abyss players.

Anywho ppl have been saying i should get a new background but i've been busy lately n' havn't found the time to do so. Madarame2 if you reading this mind telling me where u found your old pic of nodoka?

These past few weeks the heat is really pouring down here, it's soo goddly hot i dun even wanna go outside to swim. (be funny is the pool evaporated) anyways myself though i've been watching up a few funny youtube vids so thats about that.


1. Does anyone know how to get those Otaku Lengend/ Senior Otaku titles things? god i've been here for over 2 and a half years n' i dont' have those XD

2. Who would win a this clash? Link(Zelda) or

Image Hosted by ImageShack.us

My MS pic

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Tuesday, July 31, 2007


Wow its been awhile huh people? Well i've been pretty busy myself, i just scored 1420 on SAT so thats pretty bad since i scored 1450 as my best so far :( i'm really sorry for those i didn't have time to comment on cause my internet is being a complete pain for me. ANYWAYS i recently bought Negima Vol 14. I must say it was a good book. It mainly deals with after the tournament, a day with Ako Izumi and something drastic happends with Nodoka and Yue. So you can look foward to that madarame2.

Otherwise this week has been normal week and I do appriate your comments. And i hope you enjoy my video it's a bit lenghy i know but it just shows my gameplay. And oddly i've started to play Soul Caliber 2 again, i just love that game. I usally do team battle with using Talim, Mitsurugi, and Link. LINK FTW!!!

And to add to that my sister got me a new t-shirt. Its Link from 4 swords, and god i gotta say it looks kickass, i'll proably show you guys it later. So with that i'll be taking and until next time people!

Question of da day!

In a clash of anime who would win, Naruto, Ichigo(Bleech), Vash(Trigun), Edward (FMA)

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