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Tuesday, August 16, 2005

~*~Result nr 5~*~

Your power is: Super Speed align="left">
Explanation: Your power has made you
move faster than any living thing and it gives
great advantage in stressful times. The power
could however make you want everything to
happen at once and you tend to get bored with
people easily that way. In good purposes the
power could save those who are e.g. falling of
a building. In negative purposes however they
can do almost anything (steal, kill etc)
without being seen.
As a person you show the world a cocky side of
yourself. You act as if you're the greatest
thing God has made and like making rude and
sarcastic comment to peers. However you can
also be fun to be with and bring an easy
atmosphere as well as a tense one. You are
tough and don't give up easy and is somewhat
self centered. That does not mean you don't
care for others. You want to be recognized as a
smart/strong/talented person that you strive to
be. You have insecurity inside that you don't
want to show, but you are independant and want
to do things on your own.
Negative aspects: People could get
easily annoyed at you if you show your cocky
sides more than your good side. You also have a
I-don't-care attitude that could push people

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