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Wednesday, July 19, 2006

BoW ChIkA BoW WoW!


have nothing to talk about 0.0!!!


i guess i'll put up the first page of my fan fic o.0


Chapter 1

Yuki quietly snuck up behind the shinobi’s back. She went to reach for her shuriken, when she felt a breeze behind her. “You might as well stop now. How could you, a mere child, think you could outwit us adults?” the other shinobi grinned. Yuki smirked. “What are you laughing at, Kid?” the first shinobi scowled. “You idiots,” Yuki said looking up and grinning. Then there was an awkward silence and the two shinobi’s fell to the floor, dead. Yuki turned around not surprised and walked up. “Yuki!” Hitoshi shouted jumping from the trees and landing in front of Yuki. Yuki stopped. “Yes, Hitoshi?” Yuki sighed. Hitoshi dropped his head. “I’m sorry…I’m really sorry, Yuki…” Hitoshi apologized. Yuki was silent. Hitoshi embraced her from behind, and Yuki turned and their faces met. They stared into each other’s eyes.

“I never meant to hurt you, I swear,” Hitoshi said getting ready to kiss Yuki. Yuki turned her head and scowled at the floor. “But…you did…” Yuki said tearing. “Zanku! Why are you not mad at him? He’s the one who ordered me to do it!” Hitoshi yelled. “Because…I can never be mad at him…He ordered me not to be with you…but I can’t be mad at him…” Yuki said scowling at the ground again. Hitoshi scowled at Yuki. She only smiled at him. “I love you, Hitoshi…” Yuki said turning around. Hitoshi quickly turned her back around and kissed her. Yuki’s eyes got big and she started crying. Hitoshi embraced her. “If I must choose between death and not being able to be without you…I choose death,” Hitoshi said. Yuki’s eyes burst into tears. Then Hitoshi had a serious face. Yuki stared at him.

Hitoshi kissed her one last time and then suddenly his body was thrown against a tree. “HITOSHI!” Yuki shouted. Wanabe walked up with a bloodthirsty look in his eyes. Yuki stared at Wanabe. He picked her up by her throat and held her up to a tree. Yuki grabbed his arm hoping he would release her, but he only squeezed tighter. Hitoshi tackled Wanabe to the ground and he dropped Yuki. Yuki coughed continuously. Hitoshi knocked Wanabe out and then he ran to Yuki. Right before he got there, his blood splattered all over Yuki and he fell to the floor. Hitoshi reached out for Yuki, and then his hand dropped. Yuki’s eyes were big. Wanabe wiped the blood off his lip off and he walked over to Yuki.

Yuki had a dead look and she just stayed there. She sat there crying. Wanabe walked over to Yuki with an incredibly sad face. “Yuki, help me…” He said tearing. Yuki stared at him. Wanabe picked up his shuriken and held it to his neck. “NO!” Yuki shouted jumping up. “I…have to…to stop myself…something’s controlling me…if I don’t stop now, I’ll kill you…I don’t want to kill the one I love…not again,” Wanabe said. Yuki stared at him. Then he sliced his throat and fell to the floor. Yuki’s eyes got even bigger. “You’re next, you know. You look so beautiful stained in blood,” someone from the shadows said. 5 Chinese stars shot out, but before they were about to hit Yuki, a barrier popped up. Yuki turned to the side and saw Zanku. She stared at him with tears in her eyes. He scowled, picked her up, and jumped off. “So she escaped…” the shadow smirked.

They traveled non-stop until they got to the Konoha, the Hidden Leaf Village. Zanku sat Yuki down. “I have already informed one of the Jounin of this village. From this day forward you will be a ninja of the hidden leaf village, ok? You will be a chuunin,” Zanku said. Yuki’s eyes were still lifeless as she sat there quietly. Zanku stared at her and sighed. “Yuki…the only reason I didn’t want you with Hitoshi was incase this happened. You must learn to let this stuff go. Let’s use Sasuke Uchiha as an example, have you heard of him?” Zanku asked. Yuki sat there. “His brother, Itachi Uchiha, slaughtered the whole Uchiha clan, the holders of the sharingon, and left only his younger brother alive, Sasuke. How do you think Sasuke feels? He has no one left. What does he do? He becomes stronger,” Zanku said. Yuki looked up at him.

“I will protect you, Zanku…” Yuki said. He stared at her and smiled. Someone walked out of the shadows. Yuki glared at the darkness, grabbed her shuriken, and jumped whatever was there. “Yuki!” Zanku shouted. “Haha, hold on there. I come in peace,” the person laughed. Zanku smiled. “Kakashi, you look well,” Zanku smiled. Yuki was still sitting on top of him. But when she heard the name, she froze. She slowly turned to see Kakashi’s smiling face. “You must be Yuki,” Kakashi grinned. Yuki blushed. “Goodness, Kakashi. You’re even picking up the younger girls,” Zanku laughed. Yuki gasped and then covered her mouth. She quickly got up and bowed. “I’m so sorry, sensei,” Yuki said. Kakashi pat Yuki on her head. “Call me Kakashi, you are a fellow shinobi are you not?” Kakashi said smiling. Zanku grinned. Yuki smiled.

bah....if i put too much, please tell me and i will put less time (if i do it)..

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