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Tuesday, June 20, 2006

hey guys ^^ wow...it feels like it's been forever!! but it hasn't!! XD

I jsut decided to psot *wasn't gonna* I really have nothing to say o.0

ummm..hmmm..YAY MIFFUNS!!!..

Oh yeh ^^

I'm working on a fan fic ^^ like..Chrno Crusade season two ^^ I couldn't stand to see the first season end like that..and since there was no unmber two...i thought i'd make one LOL

if you guys wanna read it tell me, if not then don't. some may not undertsand it though because they haven't seen the anime all the way trhough, but oh well xD

oh yes ^^ other news...by the by..in this IMing thingy..I'm Yuki

Yuki: OH MY!!!
Yuki: my mom told me about a couple hours ago..
Yuki: that my dad called and said that he may be living in Germany for 2 years!!!
Yuki: and then she said he said..
Yuki: that he might also go to Texas instead, but if he goes to texas i will have to wait because he will have to be deployed!!!
Yuki: so i'll get to stay with him!!!
Yuki: but..
Yuki: my mom can't last that long without me

yep ^^ didn't feel like typing it. what do YOU guys think I should do?

Oh yeh..the reason i would rather go to Texas is because of ADV and i wanna start working there. ADV is the production here they make anime if you didn't know, well the voice for the anime. here' the website..they voiced like Chrno Crusade, Keleido Star, Elfen Leid. and much more!! ADV Films

and i also rented more anime!!

Fullmetal Panic
Elfen Leid
Angelic Layer

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