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Thursday, June 15, 2006

Hey guys ^^ what's up? Well i've beend oing good ^^
I got more anime!!!

Chrono Crusade 1-7 *all the disc*

DNAngel 2 and 3

I cried at the end of Chrno Crusade, but I won't spoil it for you guys ^^


well as you cans ee ^^ I changed my theme..to Chrno and Rosette ^^

I love that anime and as of yesterday, it's number 1 on my list hehe LOL

Summer vaca has been fun I guess..

I've jsut been renting anime LOL
I rent 8 dvd's and have 5 days to watch them...then on the 5th day..i go and rent 8 more LOL..i've been doing that the past like 5 weeks :P it's really fun ^^ I've finsihed 2 animes, Kaleido Star and Chrno Crusade ^^
probably mroe, but I forgot LOL

hmm..don't really have much more to say...but I cried alst night *or this morning since that's when i went to bed*, fell asleep crying, and woke up crying, and was crying later on today...yes..I know it's dumb to get so worked pu over an anime, but when I watch anime's I get INTO them..like I feel like a character..and so when IT happened..it effected me greatly..

I really really recommend you guys watch it ^^ or if you have already started, then continue ^^

well that's it for today!!!

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