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Thursday, June 8, 2006

My summer has been sooo boring! ><


When I went to the mall i got one of those huge fans to hang on my wall and a Saiyuki wall scroll with Goku, Gojyo, Sanzo, and Hakkai all without shirts on! YIPPEE!!!!

I rented 8 anime dvd's on monday!

3-6 of Kaleido Star
1-2 of Ah! My Goddess
1 of Princess Tutu
and 1 of Genshiken

All of those anime;s were awesome and tomorrow at lunch time my mom is taking me to go get some mroe!!! YAY!!! This summer will be anime filled! lol

Now some of you asked what Kaleido star was about so I willt ell you. Well actually I will copy and paste what I found on Absolute Anime LOL

Absolute Anime:
Sora, a young girl with a dream, has gone to the USA to try out for Kaleido Stage. Even though she was late for the audition, and not allowed to try out, she still managed to get in somehow.

Now, despite all the obstacles thrown in her way, she must overcome and persevere. Sora, and her friends Anna and Mia, must work hard and support each other so that someday they can become great stars of the Kaleido Stage!

Absolute Anime 2:

Sora Naegino is a sweet, funny, and energetic 16 year-old girl who wants to become a master gymnast at the Kaleido Stage, which is in California. She runs late on her interview and Leila, master gymnast of the Kaleido Stage, gets all in a dither and won't let her come join the Kaleido Stage. But then Kaolos, the manager (a minor character) spares the expense of her tardiness and let's her join.

The spirit of the stage, Fool, which is seen only by master gymnasts, is kind of a pervert and likes to see Sora, but is a nice guy. Sora can see him (of course). We find out later in the show that Leila can see him too. Fool may be a pervert, but this show is appropriate for all ages. Parents will love the fact that in some way, it teaches kids to follow their dreams. Also, this show is very entertaining, you'll share many laughs and some cries.

Hope that helps, I put up two.

the Kaleido Stage is somewhat of a circus only more dangerous. It's a mixture of gymnastics, ballet, and performance. You tell stories with movement.

Maine Characters:











Here's the opening of the show ^^

well there's a bunch mroe but if i keep going i'll spoil something LOL so if you have any questions about the anime jsut ask ^^

k bye guys ^^ have a great thursday!

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