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Friday, June 2, 2006

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Hey guys! Today I was with wolfwod! Well..actually..I spent the night at ehr hosue yesterday :P we went to the mall and i got this emily the strang comforter and pillow cases and this really huge oriental fan to go over my bed!it looks real nice :P

well today we were watching anime that we had rented (scrapped princess is getting good :D) and I saw Kaleido star for the first! since i'm a cheerleading *not a prep dammit LOL* i got really into it, because those of you who have watche dit know that it is like gymnastics. also..YUIRI IS SOOOOOOO HOT!!! LOL

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SEE!!!! Look at that and tell me he is not hot! LOL :P..YOU CAN'T! XDDDDD

Well anyways..me...let's think..I don't think there is much more to say...hey ROBOT CHICKEN IS ON!!!!! WOOP WOOP!

we also watched..tengyo..tengjo..tenjo...we watched something LOL it was like the 4 disc sso i had no clue what was going on! it was good too :P

well that's it ^^ have a great friday guys!!

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