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Wednesday, January 23, 2008

I Laugh at Your Puny Bytes

I outsmarted the bastard this time. That's right, through the magic of my DVD burner I made backups of nearly everything I cared about before my hard drive corrupted itself again. So, while on one hand I'm annoyed that my hard drive has all but failed, I got to laugh at its corrupted ass knowing I avoided being screwed over by it again.

Right now it's sitting unformatted after eating itself. It's a 250 GB drive (which means it actually holds approximately 232 GB since hard drive manufacturers are scammers and use the strict SI definition of GB as 1,000 bytes instead of 1,024 bytes like computers use) but when I look at it in the disk management utility it shows up as being 128 GB. It seems to quite literally be half dead. I'm curious what would happen if I formatted those 128 GB and put files on the drive but I haven't cared to try since I wouldn't trust it even if it worked.

In other news, I bought Guitar Hero II recently. I've been rocking out and have managed to get five stars on all of the main game tracks on medium difficulty in only a few days of playing. I have eleven of the bonus tracks left to get five stars on but I haven't played those eleven at all yet. Moving up to hard seems like it's going to be a huge jump in difficulty compared to going from easy to medium but the awesomeness of the game (and wanting to impress people when I play together with friends) drives me to improve.

Yay, five stars on all tracks at medium difficulty. The song Six, by All That Remains, was coincidentally both the last song I played and the hardest one for me to get five stars on. It required a fair bit of time to build muscle memory.

Next time I play will be on hard and I have a feeling it's going to break my streak of never having failed a song yet.

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