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Monday, January 7, 2008

One born of a Desbreko, bearing darkness and light...

As I look forward to Final Fantasy IV's DS remake, I've just played Final Fantasy IV Advance for a second time. Today I finished up my long overdue project of posting videos for FFIVA's hardest bosses. Thus, I give you the playlist:

Even though I'm playing with the ATB system set to active and on the fastest battle speed, I make it look easy as always. That's because, while FFIV is one of the harder Final Fantasy games, there are almost always strategies you can use to pull through against seemingly overpowering enemies. In that way the game really rewards resourcefulness and forethought.

Also, now that the FFIVA project is done, I'm finally going to start turning that Super Metroid recording into videos. I just wonder if I'll have enough hard drive space to capture raw video of the entire thing and then split it up into segments all at once, or if I'll have to alternate between recording, splitting, and encoding to free up space.

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