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Hey! I'm Demonskiss. I tend to change the theme every so often (around every month or so) So visit often and enjoy, don't forget to visit.
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Sunday, July 6, 2008


Guess who got a skyrock blog? I did!!!
But seriously, it's for this banner ocntest i've entered, needed 3 diferent places where my banner is to win, but now i have 4 and i cna't chose which ones.
I also decided to use my blog to revue various mangas I have read. So far their are 2, Hana Kimi and Missile Happy.

And I hope you all had a super happy 4th of July.

Oh and 1 more question..... who know how i can add wallpapers and such?
Ja ne!

Island In The Sun - Weezer

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