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Sunday, March 26, 2006

The Life of a Wolf.
I came into this world
helpless and blind.
I drank mother's milk,
my brothers and sisters alike.
Soon we ventured out,
out of our dark den,
into the big bright world,
where on our family we must depend.
With my siblings I play,
exploring the world around me.
Not caring what's to come,
because my spirit is free.
I learn how to hunt,
by watching the pack.
They bring back dinner,
and will forever watch my back.
I see many generations
of pups go by,
but not once did I think,
that my pack would start to die.
It started out slowly,
then started to get fast.
Pretty soon my pack was gone,
and only I was left.
I'll never know what happened,
I only know they died with a bang.
I hope the bang gets me next,
so I can be with them and sing.

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