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Saturday, March 25, 2006

Wolf Howl.
My golden wolf eyes can see
Everything you hide from me.
No secret is safe from me.
This by right I decree.
When I see you as my prey
I assure you that there's no way
To escape from me.
Death is your destiny.
Never cross me, unless you wish to die
A very early, very painful death;
Never trust the wind's vague sigh
For with it your smell upon me is bequeathed.
When you hear the wolf howl,
Then is the time to hide.
For even if you conceal your fear,
My golden wolf eyes can see what's inside.

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Friday, March 24, 2006

   i change my site around way too much.
ok yes poeple I know I keep changing my site around. I've changed it around like about a million times! This is the last time im changing it. I swear!!!

.p.s. If you all have any requests for anime music videos to put on my site. Just let me know and I will put them on my site.

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Wednesday, March 22, 2006

   OH MY GOD !!!!
OK people I just got my book to help me study to get my temporary drivers license. Im sooooooooooo nervous! im afraid im not going to pass the test. im afraid to drive a car. I mean I know im going to have to drive a car.
Im just really nervous and afraid.

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Wednesday, March 15, 2006

You Understood.

When there were none
Who quite knew my solitude,
You understood.

When there was a night
When I likened the falling stars to tears,
You understood.

When I needed a friend
But kept my utter silence,
You understood.

You understood me,
Even when I said no words.
You understood me,
Even when I turned you away.

When I felt a longing
I didnít know was there,
You understood.

But do you understand
What your understanding means to me?

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I seek the temptation of desire,
But must it lead me astray?
Do I not see the way you see,
But even though it is that way?
Though it is the way it seems,
I have betrayed forever so.
I have lost what little I have had,
But must desire look so heavenly.
What must I do, for you to see,
That a little part of me is so.
That deep inside is my emotion.
That has longed for the time to come,
My heart, is set up on my goal.
That in this time I see myself.

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All That I Have is Gone.
All that I have is gone
The things that I held dear for so long;
How the days have become lonely
These scars that I bear burn me.
Now I am alone
And unto no one am I owned
Given the name of Hanyou
They thought for sure in a demonís path Iíd follow
But half of me is human.
Half of me longs not to be alone if I can
But I shall leave this cruel land
Leaving my small footprints in the sand
All I have is gone
The things that I held dear for so long

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Tuesday, March 14, 2006

Alone I stand upon a cliff
The wind playing with my mane
My eyes scan the valley below
Protecting as I search in vain
Long searching I have been
For others like me
For lonely I have become
But never one do I see

They left me as I did them
But for them not by choice
I was bitter and sad when I left
Now I yearn for their voice

Turned on their Protectors
The humans did to us
Killing both Unicorns and Dragons
Because two bad seeds killed their trust

Yet even now, immortal, I do not despair
Though I am alone and the Dragons sleep
Their children, though changed, still walk the worlds I see
And forever in my memories will their faces I keep

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Demon Blood.
Give me back what's rightfully mine.
Give me back my birthright.
The weapon you hold is deathly divine--
To hold it you have no right.
Tousan, my Lord, what have you done?
Did you forget that I was your heir?
Ototo, remember, in the long run,
I am the rightful heir.
Even though you hold it now,
And I cannot,
I swear that I will get it somehow,
And in Hell you'll rot.
My demon blood runs true in me--
And only halfway in you,
But until now I still cannot see--
Why did my father choose you?

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Monday, March 13, 2006

   Hello every one ! ^-^
could you all go see my new friend Liberi Fatali's site.Its soooooooooooooo awsome!^-^
It kicks total ass!^-^
Please and thank you!^-^

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Sunday, March 12, 2006

   Hello every one!^-^
Please could you all go to my friend anime sorceress,site. Please!^-^Her site is sooooooo totaly awsome!^-^Please and thank you.^-^
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