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Wednesday, April 13, 2005

oh god!!!!!
im so board!i cant find anything 2 do im so board its sick!i guess ill just sign more gb's!pm me ppl if any1s on!

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Monday, April 11, 2005

i have school 2day!no uniforms i cant take it anymore!ohwell i hate school damn it i might not go 2 school 2day im still sick and if i dont get better soon i dont half2 go!!!!!!!!

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Sunday, April 10, 2005

so board
im in need of a pm ! im board like every other day !

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today im still sick but justins taking care of me so im a little better!hes so sweet he dose anything i ask him2 !the only good thing is no trip 2 london tomarro yay!when i say that i mean that i go 2 school in london but my house is in cambridge

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   Damn it
im still sick so i cant g2 the movies with my friend justin damn it this sux well sick + Nami = no school on monday yay no uniform!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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my poem : Love
Love is like being sick u cant make it stop . Love is like a music box no matter how cheerful the music is it always comes 2 an end . Love sux I dont know y any1 wants 2 love or be loved it always ends 1 day . Love is so fucking rong it feels like ur happy but at the same time it feels like ur so alone I dont understand y it is like that! I wish i could make it stop but its always there in the back of my mind it reeps horror on me and makes me sick yet i cant get over the fact that I do love and i will always love no matter how much i try 2 turn it away it will stay there and never leave .

I think it sux but oh well it was something 2 do!

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Saturday, April 9, 2005

I hate life I realy fucking do!my damn sisters wont leave me alone i hate my mum I hate everything damn it i realy do!if i could pick life or death i think i would pick death!what the hell is rong with me lol i must be so fucked up in the head!

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today is bloody freakin hell im so sick its horror im going 2 kill my sister N-nami in about 3 sec. shes driving me bloody fucking mad!anyway im board again so pm me!

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ok im board so im trying 2 think of a subject 2 post about but i cant think of any thing! um i know ok ill need some time 2 extend my list so dont freak if ur name isnt on yet!ok i want 2 say how much i love all u ppl so im going 2 make a list of all my friends and tell all of u y i like all of u so much!
ok here go's!!!!!!

Akayo kanachi :...um theres a little 2 much 2 say about u lol so ill shorten it a little bit!um u r like 1 of my best friends on here and ur so sweet!*Hugs and love*

Akara : I dont realy know u 2 well but ur still my friend!*hugs*

Angel kitsune :...um i realy dont know much about u but ur my friend so ill still add u!

Animegirl-11 : ...lol ur my friend and ur site is realy cool!um i cant rember if ur avatar is the 1 i like but i think it is!um *hugs*

Animegrl 101 : um theres not a lot 2 say about u but ur a good friend and i love ur site aswell as everyone else!

Bloodyshadow : ...um i like ur site and i dont realy know u but ur sites realy cool!*hugs*

Captain ironclaw : um i dont realy know u but what ever um ur sites cool!*hugs*

Chaosangel 75 : um lol i dont know u and i dont rember what i was going 2 say about u but i like ur site!

Cream rose : i love ur site and ur a good friend!um i like u alot ur nice!*hugs*

Crying goddess : i dont know u but ur on my list so ill put u on as a good person!*hugs*

Dark girl : um i dont realy know u but ur on my list so ill just say ur a good person and um pm me so i can get 2 know u a little better*hugs*

Darkangel501 : um i realy dont know very many of u guys but i dont wanna hurt any1s feelings so ill still put u on!i like ur site*hugs*

Demonsprite : i like ur site and i like a lot of ur quizes*hugs*

Glacial drake :theres a ton of things 2 say about u so ill do like i did on akayos!um ur 1 of my best friends and ur such a freak lol but i like u i guess thats y were such good friends!*hugs and love*

Hentaifairy : lol such a BAD girl name!ur sites realy cool and eventho ur name is so bad ur site dosnt reflect ur name lol!*hugs*

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Friday, April 8, 2005

hate hate hate
i hate being board and thats what i am! oh my god i freakin hate it so please pm me so im not so board!!!!!!!!!!!*hugs*

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