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Wednesday, August 9, 2006

So today I went to a youth group thing for church. I got there and I was on the phone with Seth wondering where I was suposed to go and hes like "Turn around" so I did and opened the door and he was trying to hide behind some clothing, it was funny. Seth is the best ever and he made me laugh a lot today, with all his comments to differen't things. Lol much fun. Audrey and I were on the basketball court playing blindfold basketball it was funny...we kept losing eachother and we were like "Audrey where did you go?" "Emily I'm over here." One of the kids was going to pass the ball to someone and hit them in the face with the ball, t'was GREAT! Tyler *Audrey's boyfriend* Shot the ball and made it lol after about 5 trys, I would have never thought he would do that. ::shrugs:: Seth just continued to run around in circles on the court, lol I was going to trip him but I though "Never mind he might get mad." Well anyway's. It was time to leave after 2 hours of hanging out and having fun. Seth came over and put his arm around my shoulder and it scared me lol then I gave him a hug...which was what he was shooting for lol. Well I had better get going, I shall talk to you all later. ::waves:: Buh byes ^-^.

~Nekane Fay Wulf

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