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Sunday, August 6, 2006

Not very swell
So last night I broke up with my boyfriend. It didn't go to well...my Otasan told me to get off the phone after awhile and before I left I told Zak..."I love you with all my heart...as a friend so I'm going to call you tomorrow and I would be happy if you answer." then he said "I wont be here tomorrow I'm never going to wake up...goodbye Emily for good" Then just hung up...I was really upset about it...so I called my friend Seth. Seth is someone who likes to help people so he says.Lol. But I really needed to talk to him my mind was saying call Seth so I did. We talked for awhile and he got me to calm down and made me laugh a lot...then my Otasan told me to get off the phone again lol, so I got off the phone with him. Then later on that night my friend Matt wanted me to call him if I needed to talk, my Otasan was asleep so I thought why not, and called him. We talked and he made me laugh a bit, then he had to go. After that I went upstairs and layed down for about 2 hours before I finally went to sleep. I woke up this morning and called Zak...he answer. So I'm happy hes still alive, but I don't believe he ever wants to talk to me again. But anyway's I better get going...I hope things turn out ok. I thank you all whoever reads this..goodbye for now ::waves::

~Nekane Fay Wulf

P.S. Thank you so much Seth and Matt I love you both.

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