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Welcome to my quiz results page. This section features the results from every quiz I've ever taken. 10 quiz results are listed per page, in reverse chronological order.

Result Posted on 06/18/05:

Seto look down
100% Seto's Sera: you're just like me! That's
pretty scary. Seto Kaiba is the man for you,
nobody else will do. When Tea yelled at Seto
for being mean, you got pissed. When Pegasus
stole Seto's soul, you screamed and cried. When
Seto declared Battle City officially open, you
cackled right along with him. He is Seto and
you are Sera. You two should be joined at the

Are you the match made for Seto Kaiba? 20 questions long
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Result Posted on 06/18/05:

Wow! You know a lot about Season 3 and Kaiba. Are
you one of my friends, who has to put up with
me talking about this endlessly, did you go to
the site I mentioned earlier, too, or did you
go to another site and learn this stuff? Or do
you watch the Japanese version of the show? Or
did you read all the questions before you took
the quiz? Or are you just a lucky guesser?
Well, regardless of how you got this result,
check out www.hostultra.com/~yami/site.html
It's a really cool site. The image gallery is
awesome. Congrats on this result. Hope you like
the adorable chibi Seto piccy!

How Well Do U Know The Kaiba Family and Season Three of Yu-Gi-Oh! ?(WARNING: Spoilers!) Pics now up!
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Result Posted on 06/18/05:
wouldn't be funny if in one of the eps of ygo, seto came running out from his room in his boxers!!! :P

You are Seto's belt You proudly bear the Kaiba Corp logo and hold up
those leather pants, if it weren't for you,
Seto would be in his boxers, I don't thank you
for your job but a belt is good in bondage
dreams *Drool*

What article of Seto Kaiba's clothing are YOU?
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