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Welcome to my quiz results page. This section features the results from every quiz I've ever taken. 10 quiz results are listed per page, in reverse chronological order.

Result Posted on 07/26/05:
i love that seto quote: hmm using magic powers to control plls minds. i bet u still believe in the tooth fairy!!! XD lmao! that was sooo funny!

Congragulations! You know your quotes well! You
must be a Yugioh freak like myself! You know
almost every single quote to each episode, and
you memorize them and use them whenever
possible. Sometimes you drive you parents nuts
repeating lines off of the same show every
night at the dinner table, but that's ok,
you're just expressing your unique self. It's
okay to be obsessed! ^__^

How well do you know your Yugioh quotes?
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Result Posted on 07/26/05:

You have Seto in your head! Ok...your a little
un-socialible...people often shy away from you
on account of the fear of being yelled at.
Maybe you should try and become a little
softer? Get a nice puppy...BUT none-theless!
Your extremely smart, ambitious, and your a
killer gamer at thought games!

Which YuGiOh Male character Lives in your head?
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Result Posted on 07/16/05:


Name / Username:

Name Acronym Generator
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Result Posted on 07/16/05:
only 77%? but if i knew his real last name it would've been like 99%

samantha drummond
seto kaiba
Love Level: 77%

Name 1:
Name 2:

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Result Posted on 07/16/05:

Quiz Result Provided By: theOtaku.com.nn
nWhat Wolf Are You?n
nHosted by theOtaku.com: Anime. Done right.n

Result Posted on 07/16/05:
yay!!!! kiba!!!!

Quiz Result Provided By: theOtaku.com.
What Wolf Are You?
Hosted by theOtaku.com: Anime. Done right.

Result Posted on 07/15/05:
chibis rule!!!!!

You're Chibi Kaiba!!!

Which Yu-Gi-Oh chibi are you?
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Result Posted on 07/15/05:
woooo! way to go! i was told this guy is funny... larka, AKA kibalover88 made this quiz, go her!

Who will your Wolf's Rain mate be? Add How will it go? Girls only!!! by Kiba Lover 88
your name
date of birth
fav color
Your mateHige
How long you two have been togetherYou just met him today.
Will it last3 days at most.
How much he loves you: 34%
How much you love him: 53%
How cute you guys look: 57%
How many people want to be you59
How many pups will you have11
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Result Posted on 07/15/05:
lmao, that's funny

Attempt to Communicate with Seto Kaiba by Akumu-Seiki
What He Says:You want my autograph? Then take it already.
What He Does Next:Twitches.
What You Do Next:Follow him around and poke him continuously.
How Much You Annoy Him:: 12%
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Result Posted on 07/15/05:

you and seto kiaba's date by darkgothgirl
WhenAugust 9, 2006
where you wentfancy reasturaunt
how much he spent$174
how much you liked the date: 13%
how much he liked the date: 51%
possiblity of another date: 64%
whyhe thought you were rich
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