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Friday, March 21, 2008

*--+--* Blue Eyes *--+--*
Music Controls: _^*^_ ChIbI WoRlD _^*^_ (the land Created By Demon Dragon)
Hey friends!
:O Where is everyone!? I only got six comments the day before XP
Guess you're just all too busy, in general and for the Easter break.
I know why my friend was ignoring me now. It was because she felt as if I was taking her best friend away form her. I would never do such a thing! Those guys are great together and everything! Gee xD
We've been fighting a BIT, but hopefully it will clear up in the near future!

Nothing much has been going on at all today. I slept in until 12.30pm. Such a lazy thing I am, haha.
I have holiday homework, but it's good holiday homework. For an art project, I have to find a real life scenery with water in it and paint it ^^ So that is going to be interesting.
I have no idea what to say..

Oh yeah! Can you guys subscribe to me on TheO? I've already added all my friends on it, so it would be nice if you subscribed to me back! Haha.

See ya!


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