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Saturday, February 2, 2008

   Bored without INternet!!!
Phobia of the Day:
Amathophobia- Fear of dust.

That's gotta be a hard phobia t live with! Oo Well anyway... HI.... I don't get much news today./ Actually, the only news I kinda have is a bit... Bad... Wlel on my part!

Monday.... Our cable, Phone, and Internet got turned off. So now I don't have internet. IT SUCKS TOO! I was just getting abck into the swing of things! I started up on my gaia avi making thing again, not to mention I just started talking to all my online friends again. IT FREAKIN SUCKS! I'm on the library computer right now, do that's how I'm posting. I'm not gonna be getting on very offten. Maybe once or twice a week (If I'm lucky!). I'm gonna at least try to get on every othe saturday, but I can't make any promises. My mom said we're gonna try to get the internet back, but that might not be for awhile.

Well I gotta go for now... I have a lot of things I have to do. I only get an hour on the computer.... Bye BYe... T.T


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