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Monday, October 18, 2004

Long Day Ahead
Hey everyone. Just letting you know that i am ok and that i am sorry i dont post very often anymore. I know i dont visit much anymore either, but i will try my best to do better.
And now i have a few things to get off my chest:
To Rayea-
I do not appreciate the comments made to me in this e-mail;
My beloved friend, i am sorry, I am no longer the one you knew, no longer the one you can care for, and the one who wouldnt want it now anyway. Not now after what happened. Why? I love you, How? I hate you, you disgust me, do i know you? That hurt, why did you do that?Your choice, not mine. I dont care, I go.

Well, you got my response. Now i can go on and be happy.

To all my friends on My O-
Thank you all so much for standing by me even though i havent been the most reliable person in the world. I hope you will continue to be my friends, and i will try my best to see that i do better here on myO.
Take care everyone.

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