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Monday, April 30, 2007

:( x10
I found a sweet Music video from Do as infinity. This is one of my best favorites. It's called tangerine dreams and I think tomoko should be my wife...woops, I shouldn't gone further. Anyways I hope you enjoy this becasue I did.

One little flaw from the video was that two-bridged acoustic guitar thingy. It was driving me nuts because I never see the guy use the top part. It drives me crazy! Nonetheless, it was a great video :D

Today is the last day of the semester and i'm finished with all of my exams. I did fairly well on them. But i feel so sad because most of my friends are going home and I'm still stuck with my family's with no internet. I'm sad...but since I'm taking summer courses I'll roughly be back at myotaku in a month or less. I love you all. Especially you hisakata chan ;)

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